March 3rd, 2009

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Passive-aggressive service at Red Robin

My husband, my son, and I went to Red Robin tonight for dinner. We had an occasion to celebrate, and a bit of extra money with which we could go out. We decided on Red Robin because we like their food and the service tends to be great.

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I understand that it was a crappy night out, and it was dead, and the cooks and manager probably wanted to go home. But the fact of the matter is that we showed up (and left!) well within the posted hours of operation. We would have been gone sooner, actually, had they not screwed up my food in the first place.

We did complain through the form on the website, so hopefully someone a bit higher up will see it.

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EDIT: Update. The leak stopped around 4pm. I was on the phone with the rental division for a while. They kept swearing up, down, and sideways that, although it is from a toilet, the water is somehow clean. Right. Magic toilet? Anyway, I finally got them to agree to cut out the sheetrock, replace it, re-plaster, and re-paint. Yay. But they can't do it until Friday. So that still kind of sucks. However, if they actually do it on Friday (and you better believe I'm going to be here the whole time, watching the workmen like a mold-fearing hawk, and will take my pictures and sample of poo-water to the Health Dept if they try to get away with just painting), I'll upgrade this to acceptable_if_annoying_service. Thanks for all the comments, they were really helpful.

"Your car warranty has expired..."

I doubt I'm the only one in this community getting these calls. I've tried over and over with the "press 2 to be taken off the list" option. So when I got another of these calls today, I press one for a person.

The person comes on the line and asks "What is the make and model of your vehicle". I start to say "I want to be taken off..." That is where I get cut off by him rudely saying "That isn't what I ASKED!!!" and being hung up on.

Frankly, I am sick of these people and the "We may be able to get you a lower interest rate" calls. I wonder if they're both the same group?

Trying to call the number back does nothing so I looked it up on the internet. Yup. It's a scam. Sorta figured. But I went out to the gov't Do Not Call page and filed a complaint.

And I guess I got off easy. Some of the people who posted about getting calls from these people got sworn at or threatened.

No service at all

I went into a small imports shop today. There were two people working there, and they were both pricing and stocking merchandise. I was going to say hello to them but they wouldn't even let me catch their eye or acknowledge me at all. The guy wouldn't move to let me get past him to browse the shelves. The woman wouldn't move to let me get past her to leave the store. Then when I finally was going to leave I stopped for a second to look at something and she brushed past me without saying a word. It was so weird, it's as if they had no idea I was even in their store.

During this time another customer came in and they immediately greeted him, went over to the register to ring him up, and then cheerfully say good-bye to him, then went back to ignoring me.