March 2nd, 2009


Update on the hospital suck from yesterday

I called my health unit today and they put me through to a lady named Shelly, who, it turns out, is the manager of the ER department.  She assured me that this is NOT normal procedure and she would be talking to the nurse in question.  When I asked her if it was normal for there not to be a doctor there she said "Absolutely not," and explained that he might have been taking a nap somewhere or was on another floor.  Technically he's working, but that's his "break time".  She did say, however, that if it was a case like mine where there was potential for something very serious to happen, he should have been notified.

She told me that as an athsmatic herself, she understood how scary it can be, and assured me again that this would be taken very seriously.  So we'll see what happens.

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Bad Service at IHOP

So after seeing a production of Grease the cast, crew and friends decided to go to IHOP. Admittedly we were somewhat loud, but the IHOP was almost empty until we left.  Keeping in mind that it was almost empty my table (our group filled 3 big tables) never got menus. The waiter ignored us even when we tried to wave him down. Three of our group memebers had to leave before the food even came because the waiter ignored us.  When we tried to ask for a box we were ignored. I'm just miffed by the fact that we were ignored in all likelihood because we were teenagers. We were polite and well behaved, just a little adrenaline rushed (for the cast and crew) or sugar rushed (for the rest of us) which lead to us being kind of loud, but that was no reason to ignore us in an almost empty restaurant.

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This happened a few years back but I still remember it because it pisses me off.

I was shopping with a friend and we decided to head into a small shop, which I'll call HC. The male employee shall be known as Guy. It was one of those shops that sold fantasy ornaments, band t-shirts and ornamental swords, etcetc. I had been to this shop a few times and never had any trouble before now.

After browsing through the shirts, I found one I liked and looked around for a price. I couldn't see one so approached Guy at the counter, who was talking to someone, excused myself and asked him the price of the shirt. He told me the price, I thanked him and returned to the rack to browse a bit longer. Guy returned to talking to his friend.

I finally decided to buy the shirt I'd picked out earlier and went back to the counter. Only Guy was at the counter when I came up and placed the shirt on the counter, saying I'd like to buy it. I had my money ready to hand to him and as I did, he said, "Do you want me to get you a bigger size?."

Erm, excuse me? Now, I'm no supermodel, a little on the chubby side. Plus, I know what size I take, thank you very much, having bought a shirt from the same store in the EXACT same size, only a few days beforehand. Besides, if I wanted a bigger size, I'd have picked it out myself. Not hard to do.

I didn't say anything at the time just smiled and finished paying, then left the store as quickly as I could. Now I kick myself for not saying anything or at least complaining.

He may have been joking but it still made me feel like crap for the rest of the day. No one appreciates jokes about their weight made by complete strangers.

(Yessir, I can be very sensitive)
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Another IHOP Suck Story

I'm not really angry about this anymore, but I got some less than great service earlier this afternoon from IHOP which looking back I find more funny than irritating, but I'll share it anyway.

Now, this IHOP in particular has always given pretty bad service in terms of how long it takes to get seated when the restaurant is empty, the wait time for food, or even the wait time for anything else. However, I am addicted to their Garden Crepes, it's the only reason I put up with how slow they are, for the those damn crepes.

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