February 28th, 2009

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I met my parents for dinner last night and arrived just a couple minutes after them. I found later that they had to tell the waiter three times that they were going to wait to order until their daughter got there.

So about 10 minutes go by and our waiter finally comes by and says "What do you want?"

In addition to our meals, my dad and I order two sodas ... that we never got. We reminded our waiter throughout the night and he kept saying "Oh, okay" like it was news to him, and never brought them out.

My mom had to ask for a knife about five times before she finally got one, and the unused plates that were on the table when we arrived, sat near the edge the entire time, as did our dirty plates once we finished and stuck around to chat.

Our waiter was prompt in bringing out the bill and running my dad's credit card, but he handed it off to another waiter to return to us. The other waiter started reading my dad's CC NUMBER outloud (instead of his name?!?) to verify that he was bringing it back to the right table.

I told my dad to let me take care of the tip (as I was going to leave a tip appropriate for the service we received) but he signed off on 15% like he does with all his restaurant bills.

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Last night I went out for coffee/desserts with three of my friends to a local restaurant that has great desserts and specialty coffees. We sat down, and two of us ordered dessert and coffee and one only ordered coffee, and the fourth decided she wouldn't have anything, and just asked for some lemon with her water. Our server said that she couldn't have the lemon because there was a minimum charge. The other one who ordered dessert and coffee asked if she could get the lemon, then, and our server said that no, #4 couldn't sit in the restaurant unless she ordered something.
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Dear Tesco online:
I just took delivery of my regular Tesco Online shop (order number [number]) and am very unhappy with the way it was packed. Although I had requested 'no bags', there were no few than TWENTY-FOUR carrier bags included with the order. Only three of these were on products that reasonably require bags to protect other shopping in case of a spill (namely eggs, bleach and household cleaner.)Some examples:

1) A large box of washing powder, which has its own carrying handle, placed in a plastic carrier bag.
2) A single lemon, tied up in a produce bag, which was then placed in a Tesco's carrier bag conatining nothing else
3)A single lemon, tied up in a produce bag, which was then placed in a Tesco's carrier bag conatining nothing else
4)A single lemon, tied up in a produce bag, which was then placed in a Tesco's carrier bag conatining nothing else. No, I didn't duplicate this by accident. That's right, three lemons were delivered in no less than 6 pieces of plastic. Why couldn't they all go in the same bag anyway?
5) 5 multipacks of diet coke...each of them in its own bag. And all my acohilic drinks bagged seperately or two-to-a-bag, as well.

I also have another complaint. I ordered 5x24 packs of Diet Coke. There were none available...fair enough. But as a 'substitution' I received 5x10 packs. It ought to be evident to anyone that if I ordered 120 cans of cola, I wanted 120 cans of cola, not 50. It shouldn't be rocket science to figure out that the appropriate substitution was 12 10-can packs, not 5. In addition. I SPECIFICALLY requested that if 24s were not available the same number of cans should be sent in other packs in the 'substitutions' section. Clearly the pickers do not even bother to read it.

Thank you for your time,

No, you can't have your free sammich

So, Quiznos had their Million Sub Givewaway. I snagged a coupon for me and made my husband snag himself one. (Free food, hell yes!)
We go today to get our free subs, I print off the vouchers 10 minutes before we leave. We get to the store, wait for 20 minutes in line. Finally order our sandwiches. We both wanted to get the combo, since their small is extremely small. I get to the register and have this exchange

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TL;DR : Quiznos doesn't know how to redeem their Million Sub Giveaway coupons and calls me a shoplifter. Good times!

Another ID post

Dear rams head tavern:
A non-expired sideways* VA license with a birthdate in 1984 is valid proof of being over 21. Your waitress agreed that it is, so why exactly is it your company policy not to serve my 24 year old friend for the sole reason that she doesn't feel like spending $20 to replace a perfectly valid document?

Thankfully no one checked our IDs on our way in, since the concert was 21+.

*in va, if you're under 21 when your license is issued, it's printed vertically instead of horizontally, and says "under 21 until (x date)" on it. Along with like 50 holograms, and probably a DNA sample. But apparently, being printed sideways makes their company unable to read a birthdate.