February 26th, 2009

Rock On

Dear Wal-Mart Deli Workers;

I don't like you. I'm sorry, but you are probably the worst part of my shopping trip. Every week that I go to get my deli items you act like I have outraged and offended you for daring to ask you to slice any meat or cheese.

You make me feel the need to apologize for asking for you to do so for me. Listen, I've worked in a deli, I can cut my own meat, but Wal-Mart wouldn't like it if I walked behind the counter and did it myself.

And let's not ignore the fact that you refuse to slice it properly. If I ask for it by number 1, you give it to me in thick slabs. If I ask for it sliced thin but not shaved, you give it to me in thick slabs. If I have you cut cheese you cut it in thick slabs. Not only that, you pile it in one big pile and throw it in the bag. That's not how you package deli cheese. You guys KNOW that's not how you package deli cheese.

I especially enjoy the fact that when you give me my items and I look you in the eye and smilingly say "Thank you very much", you merely grunt and walk away.

The interesting point is that you are not teenagers, the sort of people generally more inclined to give the sort of service you are giving. No. You are all old women at least over the age of 55.

I do get good service from someone there, but it's from the twenty-something guy.

I know that this is Wal-Mart and many would see I get what I pay for when it comes to customer service, but I work in the fast food industry and I wouldn't behave in such a manner towards customers. And I've been to Wal-Marts where the deli ladies don't act like I've killed their dog.

I've half hearted complained before, but I'm going to be all over it now. I'm tired of being made to feel guilty because I need the stuff you're hiding behind the counter.


When I tell you I want to cancel my account but need to hold on to the domain names I've paid for until I can scrape up enough money to transfer them to someone else, and you agree to downgrade it to a free "domain parking" account, that doesn't mean close the support ticket and do nothing and then send me another notice that I owe you money. I don't owe you money! I asked for you to cancel my account! Argh.

Update: As of today, my site is *still* being hosted by them; Two days ago I opened a second support ticket, saying I needed the codes and to cancel my hosting. They did released the codes to transfer my domain names, and I've paid $34 to another company to transfer and renew one of them (I'm going to have to let the other expire). My billing cycle ends on 3/3, and startlogic still has my paypal information - if they charge me $80+ for a service I've tried to cancel twice, in two different support tickets both marked resolved, I'm going to be very, very upset.