February 25th, 2009

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Card me! But don't be a jerk about it! (Safeway cashier suck)

This is not the worst bad service in the world. It's just been bugging me for a few days, and I'd rant a bit, then get over it.


I do not mind being carded for alcohol. I kinda like it. Makes me feel special, in the "I'm old enough to buy alcohol!" way.

I'm 26. I look 26. On a bad day, I look...maybe 20? My husband is 25. He looks 25. On a bad day he looks 30.


We went to pick up a DVD, and dinner last weekend. I get a couple bottles of wine, because it's on a decent sale. No big deal.

We wander up to the counter. The cashier rings up our bbq sauce, our pork ribs. The she gets to the wine.

Her whole attitude changed. She'd been making small talk, whatever. When she goes to ring the wine, she shut down.

She asks for my ID. It's already out to give it to her. She asks for my husband's ID. (I think this is the law, but it was surprising given that we've actually never both been asked before). He pulls it out and gives it to her. She holds on to them. And stares at them. And sighs. And stares again.

At this point, I'm curious whether she thinks we're underage? It'd be pretty hard to think that. If she just doesn't like selling alcohol?

Then she starts to quiz us. Full name for both of us. Spelling of our name. Birth date. How old we are. Address. "You two live together?"

"....yes, we're married."

Eventually we actually get the wine, and out of there.

Like I said, I don't mind being carded. It was the attitude that killed me. As though we were doing something wrong, and she thought we were trying to pull some kind of con on her. Card me! Don't judge me for drinking cheap wine.

And jesus. It was two bottles of crappy wine. Not several twelve packs, or hard liquor. We weren't even stocking up.

By request: the dentist and eyeglasses stories

These happened 15-17 years ago; I remember them because they're funny, not because I'm still bent out of shape about them.

Story the first: The County Courthouse
The weirdness started the day we got married, when the cashier at the County Courthouse handed me a packet and said, "Here's everything you need to change your name."

"I'm not planning to change my name," I said.

"You do know you can't file joint income tax unless you have the same name, and it will cost you a lot more, don't you?" [Note: this is not a correct statement; I called the IRS to check.]

Cue foreboding music for the next two stories.

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And that, my friends, is when I realized I was living in The South.

ETA: Argh. Okay, at the risk of creating more controversy: I'm going to apologize for that last sentence. It clearly comes across as a lot more derogatory in text than it sounded in my head, and I am sorry. The way it sounded in my head was closer to "And that's when I realized that the culture of the American South had some significant differences from the American Southwest, where I grew up." And a big part of that difference seems to be the emphasis on "who are your people".

an annoying WTF.

I think this is probably more bad_policy than bad_service, Apparently every other liquor store in the state is doing it wrong, so this annoyed me because it made me have to stop at another store after a long afternoon and the guy had major attitude.

My brother (20) and I (22) stopped in at a liquor store to buy wine for our mom for dinner tonight. I put the bottles on the counter and readied my ID (I always get carded since I look like I'm still in high school. I understand, I always have it out and ready to go for this very reason!) and the guy looks at my brother and asks for his ID. My brother says "Oh, I'm not buying and I'm not carrying it out of here. This isn't for us." and the guy goes "I have to card you anyway." My brother says "I'm only 20, I just came in to keep her company." and the guy goes "Then I can't sell to you." I'm annoyed now, especially since he has this tone to his voice like he doesn't believe us, like he really believes I'm buying wine for a 20 year old. C'mon now. I could understand if it was like beer or tequila, but it's two bottles of white zin.

Anyway, I go to put my ID away and the guy tells me I can come back alone to buy, but not today, it has to be another day. I told him that I would not be coming back, I was going to go somewhere else on my way home and that I wouldn't be coming back to this store again. I understand that they have to be careful, that a lot of young adults will buy for younger, underage kids, but seriously. We didn't look suspicious, I didn't give him a hassle handing over my ID, and it was WINE.

Still annoyed that I have make yet ANOTHER stop, I head to the liquor store closest to our house (we usually use that one, but the first one we stopped at has cheaper prices and it was on the way home, so we went there) and bought the two bottles of wine. I was telling the girl at the counter about it and she looks and me and goes "The one in Apponaug?" and I kind of laughed and asked "Yeah, how did you know?" The girl looks up from bagging my bottles of wine and proceeds to tell me that a friend of hers was out doing some last minute shopping before a family party and had her niece with her and that store wouldn't sell to her because she brought her ten-year-old niece into the store! So what, are you supposed to leave your kids in the car now? My parents brought us in plenty of times when we were younger and we were getting things before a party or before a holiday. Nobody every refused to sell because they had a kid with them. I could understand a teenager or whatever, but a child?!

I think if that's going to be their policy, it should be posted on the door that they will not sell to anyone accompanied by a person under the age of 21. I looked at the door when we left and no such sign is there. If that's what they're going to do, they should warn you ahead of time, not wait until you get to the counter and then say "Sorry, miss, I can't sell to you because you have a child with you."

ETA: Okay, okay, I didn't realize this was law and not individual store policy. When I posted this, I thought it was individual by the store. We're not an ABC state (our night clubs allow under 21 in) and since this is the first time I'd ever encountered this, I thought it was a store thing, not a "Everyone else is doing it wrong" type deal. The more you know. :)
God Bless you, Mr. Vonnegut


Backstory: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, for your reading pleasure.

Gist: Contractors for direcTV royally screw up our installation at our previous house. After weeks of battling and threats, we get it up and running and its been great, until we try to move.

We moved out of that house and into a new place the weekend of February 1st. You ever see those DirecTV commercials that are all, "Just call us and take your shit and we'll handle the rest?" Yeah, no. Apparently DirecTV called Halsted Communications to set up the removal of the dish at our old place. DirecTV told us they'd take care of it, no big. OK! So a week later we go back to the old house to get the rest of our shit and its still there, cemented into the ground in the backyard. We call again. They say they'll give Halsted another call, will make it urgent, and that Halsted will call us back in 48 hours. OK. They never do, and apparently canceled the appointment AGAIN.

We call back, get a ways up the DirecTV chain and ask for the number to Halsted. They said they don't have it, and Halsted has prohibited DirecTV from giving it out. We were pissed - we were trying to get the dish removed becasue the landlord didn't want it there, and we didn't want to be a burdeon on him and we couldn't remove it ourselves. Finally, after talking to our prior landlord he agreed t hat the new tenants could handle it, since they probably wanted DirecTV and when they got their new dish installed (ha ha.. hope they don't get DirecTV!) they can replace the one on the pole and stick up theirs (you can't give someone your dish - its linked to your account).

Luckily, the installation of our new dish at our new place went off without a hitch and has been great. And becasue of all the problems, we pay $50 a month total for 2 boxes, a HDDVR, all the movie channels, etc etc. It was kind of worth it, but what fucking dicks.

Some small pizza troubles

My first post here, so I hope I'm doing it right.

Right now, Pizza Pizza is running a special - a medium pepperoni pizza for $6.99. We know they are, because there are large posters all over their store. This is a walk-in special only.

Me and two friends walk in to the store, and before placing our rather large order, ask the cashier to make sure that they're still running the special. They say yes! So, we place our order, for 14 medium pepperoni pizzas - we even specify, "14 of your walk-in specials." the cashier takes a moment ringing up our order, then tells us the total, which is about $20 higher than what we thought it might be. We figure we might have counted wrong, so my friend pays the cashier and we sit to wait.

I'm examining our reciept, and realize the mistake - instead of charging us for 14 of their walk-in special pizzas ($7 each), we've been charged for 7 twin pizza deals ($16 for two pizzas, making each pizza $8).

Now, this might sound like a small discrepancy, however, when ordering 14 pizzas, it adds up.

So I take it back up to the cashier, and he says that it's cheaper. Oh, really? He says that the $7 pizza is before tax, and the twin pizza deal is $16 after tax, so in actuality, it's cheaper that way. He shows me how he rings it up.

Hang on a minute, with either one, you hit total, and it adds tax. I point this out to him.

Suddenly, the story is different - he says that he is not allowed to put 14 pizzas on one bill because they "won't fit." They he HAS to do it this way instead, so that they will fit on the one page, so there's nothing we can do about it.

Although this stands on it's own as sounding rather ludicrous, I know for a fact that it's not true, since we've ordered that many from them before.

So, I know it's only over $14... but really... I'm not sure what to do about it.

The only reason I left it alone was when my two friends grabbed either side of me and dragged me away, telling me that even though I'm right, I won't always win. The guy tossed in two extra garlic dips for our "misunderstanding."