February 23rd, 2009

Twilight is crap

No se habla ingles en el Drive-Thru

First, let me assure everyone that I have nothing against immigrants, regardless of legal status, where they're from, or whether or not they speak English. That out of the way, let the story beigin.

There is town, not so far from my hometown, where about 80% of the people are Hispanic (or Latino, if you prefer). Of this 80%, about 75% speak Spanish and about 20% speak little to no English. Yes, I rounded, but the numbers are fairly close. Because Spanish-speakers are the majority, signs and fliers are in Spanish, the products at grocery stores and Wal-Mart are labeled in both Spanish and English, and there are places like La Tienda and Stefan's Supermercado where you are served in Spanish and people look at you funny when you say "I'm looking for a" instead of saying "Busco un". Totally understandable.
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Edited because apparently the US doesn't have an official language. My apologies. That's what I get for listening to a teacher who thought Columbus came over on the Mayflower.
WTF? - Ed
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Is this bad_service?

After a debate with my mother over this situation, I think I need more opinions.

I'm a big girl. I'm about 40 pounds over weight, and I have been trying hard to lose the extra weight. Due to medical circumstances, I lose it at a snail's pace at best. I had been stuck at 153 pounds for a very long time, unable to really get under that amount. I mean, a long time being like... 6 months at least. It is a source of stress in my life, and honestly a source of depression. MANY times I have spoken with my doctor about this, about things to change, to do, how its effecting me...

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So, my question is this: Was it bad service for her to tell me to "not worry" about the most likely side effect of BC (which I now KNOW is the most common side effect after reading up a lot about it after the fact, stupid me), knowing how much my weight already stressed me out... or am I overthinking this to much?

She could have said "Yes, weight gain is a common-side effect and knowing about your past problems with weight, maybe you should talk to an OBGYN about this and find another method?" Or told me about any number of alternative methods that could have helped.

Thanks guys.

(Edit: Thank you, EVERYONE! This community has not only been very helpful, but incredibly uplifting. I plan to speak to my doctor today at my appointment (originally it was Wednesday but I asked for it to be bumped up) and depending on how she reacts, I will be looking for a new GP. Also, I am searching for an OBGYN in the area so that will be taken care of, and we will see what happens! I will update everyone later! ...and hey, look at that, I got tags! ^_^)

The worst hairdresser I've ever had...

Or, Why I Won't Go Back To That Salon!

I recently had an amazing stylist give me a new haircut. It wasn't what I had in mind when I went in, but she and I talked through some ideas, and I went with her suggestion. Best decision ever. I love my hair now! But this good experience reminded me of the worst stylist ever. I posted about that experience in my personal journal before I was a member of this community (almost two years ago), so I have all the details documented.

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boooger..by thetissuebox

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I don't know if this is really considered bad service or not...but its too funny (well to me) Not to post...

It all begins with my bank card. I bank with Chase and my bank card says MISS First name MIddle Name Last name. I don't know why the heck they stuck MISS in there but they did. Oh well, I don't have any issues with it....until today...

I go into my local wing stop to pick up an order I placed. I hand the woman my debit card she swipes it and asks me for my ID. Suuuure fine whatever. She says I can't use my card....perplexed I'm like...what? why? Then it goes like this

WSW= Wing Stop Woman
Me= HI!

WSW: I'm sorry but this isn't you
Me= ...yes it is
WSW= Is this your moms card?
Me= Umm...No ..last time I checked Im the only Renee W..*smile*
WSW= Well who is MISS?
WSW= Your First name is not MISS
ME= No its Renee. Miss is just to tell you tthat I'm not married.
WSW= I'm sorry but you can't use this card. Its not yours.
ME= Okay seriously, let me speak to your manager
Some guy walks up
WSW= This girl is trying to use this card, its not hers. The names don't match on her ID
DUDE=*Looks at both my card and my DL* Ma'am I'm sorry you can't use this card. Its not yours
Me= YES it is...MISS is just something my bank stuck on there. my name is Renee...its on the card.
Dude= Sorry, no the first name on the card is MISS.
Me= Is there someone above you?
*By this part I'm getting a tad bit annoyed. I'm still nice though because I know at my own work sometimes I get blonde moments and then it comes to me*
Manager= Whats the problem?
WSE= shes trying to use this card. Its not hers! The name on it is MISS and her name is Renee! Its not hers!
ME= .Apparently your two employees don't realize that Miss just tells them I am not married...

At this point the manager starts laughing hysterically and just passes me my food.

Okay, it doesn't seem that funny now that its typed out. But c'mon..I mean seriosly! Usually I would just shut up and use another card but as luck goes ALL of my bank cards/credit cards say MISS on them. I have NEVER in my life ran into someone who didn't comprehend that. I mean Yeah, I have met people who it threw them off since you don't see that often on a card.

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No Cheese!

I swear at every McDonald's If I ask for a Two Hamburger Meal:
I'm told "We don't have one of those." Or I'm charged separately for two burgers, a drink, and fries. Or I'm given two cheese burgers instead.
I ask for the Two Cheeseburger Meal with no cheese and I'm told sure, no problem but then I'm STILL given two cheese burgers. Or they give me hamburgers in cheese burger wrappers. (Which isn't nearly as bad as getting a burger I can't eat, but still WTF)
Honestly, these people can't be stupid, but how hard is it to leave out the cheese?