February 20th, 2009


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I have very SEVERE dairy allergies - to the point where if you're cutting a block of cheese and then a tomato and I have some tomato I'm likely to have a reaction. That being said - I'm always very specific when ordering food, and when dealing with staff, and am always very clear - Because really, if I'm not clear - and something doesn't come back right - it really is my fault.

So - I used to work at Wendy's - so I know their sandwhiches in and out. (We had to memorize them to work there) anyway - I had just had dental work done earlier that day -and my mouth was finally un-frozen enough to eat.

I decided I wanted a JR bacon cheese burger but with NO cheese - I go through the drive through which was the slowest way - could have gone inside - anyway - drive up - state my order. "yep, yep yep" was my responce - so I clarify (because the rushing thing....can cause people to forget) so I said - and this has NO cheese - "yep, drive foward" -okay. Drive foward - at the window I clarify ONE more time - drive foward - have my receipt - and let the car behind me up - check it - and cheese. I park my car and politely go in and talk to the front couter girl - she calls the sandwhich maker up - he listens to my order - goes back - comes back WITH cheese - *face palm* - This point I'm frustrated - so I ask for a manager - he then had to clarify 2 or 3 times - and finally it comesback right..

The main issue - this happens almost EVERY time I eat there - (which granted isn't often) but heck - still -


Freaking doctors...

This is my third post concerning this office. Funnily enough, it's also the third time I've had Lyme disease. Maybe they just have a grudge against Lyme patients?

I don't have the energy to go and find the other two B_S posts about this place, but here are the teal dears:

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This third time...it's in my personal journal, if you care to look, but it's a novel.
Short and sweet version: The nurse practitioner that saw me made a typo when ordering my prescription, so the instructions read "Take 2 twice daily" instead of "Take 1 twice daily." That's twice the amount of medication needed. Twice a day.

I understand typos, but I don't understand not double- or even triple-checking them, especially when it's for a powerful antibiotic. I also don't understand not checking or changing when the pharmacy itself calls to question the dosage. I had to call and ask why I only had enough for half the time she said I'd be taking it before she realized her mistake. What if I had decided to just call and ask for a refill when I was done with the bottle? Not to mention that I had to call twice before finally talking to her--these people are just AWFUL with communication.

There were other issues, but that was the biggie. She gave instructions for me to take an overdose on a daily basis, and would have never noticed her mistake if I hadn't called in. I'm pissed. And I'm getting a new doctor.

Since I got the scrip after office hours, I took the first (over)dose, with the plan to call the next morning. I then got hit with an awful cold--it seriously went from sore throat to bad chills in a matter of hours. I can't help but wonder if taking a mega dose of a medicine that kills both bad AND good bacteria made it that much easier for the cold to take over? Any ideas on that, oh helpful B_S readers?

Prestige Taxi Sucks

This happened Sunday but I waited to post this because I wanted to give Prestige a chance to make things right before going off about how bad they are.

As part of a project for a class I'm in I ended up on the opposite side of town and needed to find my way back home. I called and got bus information but after searching for the bus stop in a very unfamiliar industrial area of town I decided to just get to a place that seemed easy to find and call a cab. I finally found a business that had a very open front parking lot and the address clearly displayed on the front which was right next to an intersection with obvious street and avenue signs. From here it'll be more of a timeline:

1:00- Called the cab, gave the address slowly and clearly reading directly from the building...repeated it at the request of the girl taking the call. I specifically did not use the abreviation of avenue because it can cause problems. 5-15 minute wait, which is normal.

1:30- Called again to ask about the cab. I'm told it was there at 1:18 and I wasn't so I asked which address. She had 131 street instead of avenue so I corrected her and was told that the address didn't exist. I assured her it did (the st. and ave. signs matched up with the address) and was asked to read the address off the building....so.I.did....AGAIN. Ok, 10 minutes.

1:52- Called AGAIN because this is getting ridiculous and I'm told he's about 5 minutes away.

2:02 (or 04?)- The cab shows up, driver was great, no complaints there.

Is it over? Is the bad service over yet? OH NO! No no no, it's not. I put in a complaint via their website and asked for a response which they say they will do their best to give within 2 business days. Monday was a stat. holiday so I didn't expect it until the latest Thursday. I called today at about 4 to see about getting some answers and the nice lady who took my call transferred me to a superviser....the phone rang and rang and rang and I left a message. I am not happy.


Shysty fly by night cab

I live in New Orleans.  My daughter and her friend regularly cab back from Bourbon St in the wee hours of the morning. Catching a cab is no problem, they orbit that section of the quarter and people jump in and out of them at will. There IS a reputable cab company in town that we tend to use, but when there isn't a United cab available, we're stuck with whatever comes by. NOLA is not a city you want to stand around, alone, at 2 am being picky about which cab company you use.

Last weekend they, as usual, jumped in a cab, NOT a United as there were none to be found, and the driver brought them home. When they got here, the fare was $9. They handed him a 20 and he told them he didn't have change. My ass he didn't have change. They told him it was the smallest bill they had. A discussion ensued revolving around one of them going into the house to get smaller bills. He told them he was just going to have to keep the whole $20. At this point they tried to get it back and he said he wasn't going to give it back because then they'd have ridden for free. They explained to him that they were going to go inside and get something smaller. He wouldn't give it back.  He told them they had already paid him, he had no change, and the $11 was his TIP!  After a lot of argument during which he flat out refused to give them back their money, they  got fed up and said "Whatever" and got out of the cab, intending to take down the cab company name from the car and call them. The MOMENT their feet were on the ground, before they could even get the doors closed, he peeled out and took off. They never even saw which cab company it was.

When I asked them why they hadn't just had one of them sit in the cab while the other went in,  they said he started to argue weirdly about how they couldn't do that, and they said he was acting so sketchy that neither one of them wanted to sit out there alone with him.

He basically charged them $20 for a ride to the bywater from the quarter....walking distance if it hadn't been the middle of the night.

If that's not the shadiest thing I've yet to encounter in this city I don't know what is.
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Old Waldenbooks Bad Service

Up until about a year or two ago, our mall had a Waldenbooks. (It went out of business, and the scenario I am about to give you may help explain why.) The cashiers were usually obnoxious teenagers or college kids. They'd block bookcases for no reason, stopping to talk  (loudly) about a movie they'd just seen or a concert they wanted to go to, little things like that. But what really got me was how annoying they'd be if you happened to have a question.

Me: Hi, I had a question. I heard Blah Blah Blah by Yak Yak was out  - is it in your store, and I'm just missing it, or do you not have it?

Cashier: *Blank stare*

Me: ... :) ?

Cashier: Do you need something?

Me: I wanted to know if -

Cashier: *Impatient sigh*

Me:... you guys have a book called Blah Blah Blah by an author named Yak Yak?

Cashier: I dunno.

Me: You haven't heard when or if Yak Yak's new book is going to be at your store?

Cashier: Like, I dunno.  *Rolls eyes, ignoring computer clearly meant for book searching* 

Every other time I asked about a book, they acted like that. I mean, I can understand if I was asking them where the mystery novels were or something, (in other words, not even looking in the appropriate sections), but is it that hard to be polite when it's a reasonable question? It was very obvious they hated their jobs... and I get that. But don't treat your customers like they're being annoying because of it. I'm sure not everyone at the other bookstore in town wants to be there either, but they never give me "GTFO" vibes when I walk in or have a question.

I'm sorry they went out of business, but I do have to wonder why the management hired people who treated the customers that way.