February 17th, 2009

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20's only!

Y'know what I hate. Weird cashback rules.

I can accept that most ATMs give 20's; that's what they store, most of them don't have the space for smaller bills.

But several of the local corner stores with a cashback option also only give 20's; I put my milk and whatever on the counter, hand over my debit card and say that I'd like, say, $15 cashback or $30 or $35.

Most of the stores charge 50c to a dollar for using the card. I'm OK with that, it's cheaper than a non-my-bank ATM. But why, oh why, do the cashier's say "No, it has to be 20's only."

No it doesn't. You have fives and tens and I am willing to pay for them. Today, I actually did not have enough money in my account (I get paid tomorrow) to GET 20 cashback.

After a "conversation that consisted of several reiterations of "20's only!" and "But, why?" I put the milk back, because I'm nice that way, but I ended up going across town to my bank (good thing I had enough change in my purse for the bus.)

On the other hand, I kind of love self-check lanes at larger grocery stores, because I can do stuff like ask for $14.75 cashback without getting weird looks from the cashier. As someone who takes buses, underground rails and who has to use quarters for laundry, I appreciate smaller-than-twenties!

A Memorable First BBQ... For the Wrong Reasons...

If memory serves, this is my first post. *waves* Greetings.

So, a group of friends and I went for Korean BBQ not long ago, 6 of us in total. I was quite excited, since I'd been hearing so many good things, never having gone before, and I just loves me some BBQ. It didn't play out as nicely as we were expecting...

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But here is the bit that seriously bothers me:

As we were getting our coats, a male member of the staff (manager maybe?) approaches us along with the waitress. We look at them in question.

"You can't leave." he tells us. "There's a MANDATORY 20% tip." I think all of us collectively twitched. I was wondering how he was planning to stop us from walking out. We were already at the door. The waitress added that we were "very rude" and she deserved a much bigger tip.

I was honestly so PO'd at the very gall of them that I muttered "Here's your tip.", flipped the bird and walked out. The rest of the group soon followed, now ranting about the whole experience. We were also sort of annoyed at D, because he actually gave in and paid the tip. I know he really, really hates confrontation, I do as well, but still...

We'll certainly not be going there again.

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Did I kill your cat or something?

Just a short little irk - I was at a fairly uncrowded restaurant a few days ago. The waitress went to the table next to mine and got 7 drink orders I assume she memorized as I don't recall her writing anything at that point and put them in, then came back to me.

I already knew what I wanted to order, she came and asked what I wanted to drink and I said "I'd like a water and a bean nachos" to which she replied "I just asked for your drink order not your food order" then she walked off, cleaned a couple of tables, went and got my water about a minute later, came back and asked what I wanted to eat and I repeated that I wanted the bean nachos. She turned around to put the order in but before she could the cook handed her the nachos because he was near me when I originally asked for 'em.

Seriously though, don't bite my head off for trying to save you the waitress dance of taking my order for drinks, coming back with drinks, asking me whether I was ready to order, potentially coming back again in a minute if I was indecisive, then taking my order and putting it in, then coming back to get my order and deliver it to me a couple of minutes later.
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More Stupid Policy Than Bad Service

I live with my grandmother, and, as of next month, I'm taking over paying the virgin media bill.

We called a few days ago, to try to set up a direct debit from my account.  They said that that wasn't possible right now, and that we needed to pay the bill we currently had, and then they'd be able to do it.  So, we pay it, wait a few days for it to go through (it's currently paid at the bank), and then call again.

They tell us that we have to pay the next bill before they can set it up.

It seems that there is a teeny, tiny little gap between bills, during which a direct debit can be set up.  I used to work in a financial call centre myself, and we were able to set up a direct debit, even with a currently pending bill - we'd just have to warn them that the direct debit would take the next payment, and they'd need to pay the current one another way.