February 16th, 2009

Shit - 1 on Dice
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Sucky service from a japanese restaurant

I was at Katsucon this weekend, and excited to go and eat at the sushi place I saw within walking distance of our hotel. I called earlier in the day (about noon) for a reservation that night, which was Saturday (aka: Valentine's Day). I made the reservation for 7 o'clock for 6 people.

By 6 o'clock, we had found out two of the people would not be joining us. We figured it might be a little bit difficult for the restaurant, so we went 30 minutes early.

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TL;DR: Worst service I have EVER had in a restaurant, specially considering the bill was huge for four people.

6000 people, and 2 on livejournal, what are the odds?

I went to the same con as the person below, but this is about the hotel staff. I understand this isn't the worst service in the world, but it really annoyed me.

It was really late on saturday night, and I wanted more hotel cups. We had been there since friday afternoon and the hotel maids hadn't cleaned our room, so it was rather reasonable that we would have run out. I went to the front desk to ask there since I didn't want people woken up at our room, and they had me call the room service number. When I asked for cups the lady started giving me the 3rd degree, asking why she couldn't come to my room and she actually asked why we needed more! She then told me she'd be right up. 10 minutes later, no sign of her, so me and my friend went to sit at the bar which is only sectioned off with a railing, so we had full view of the entire desk area and never took our eyes off it. 20 minutes later and nobody showed up so we ended up going back to our room.

I understand that the maids need to be cleaning the lobby areas overnight and with a con they were rather busy, but I don't want to have to wait 30 minutes for some plastic cups only for nobody to show up. I also know I could have waited longer, but I was exhausted.

Bamboo Palace

My fiance and I are in the process of moving from Seattle to a very small town on the other side of WA. We went to go check out our future house and sign the papers. After we were done we went out to find some dinner.

After driving around for waht felt like an eternity, we found the only place in town that wasn't fast food and/or didn't have a full service bar, Bamboo Palace. First off, all of the tables were dirty. So we sat at one close to the door and cleaned it up ourselves. Our waitress shows up. I don't know if I'm being judgmental but she had a lip piercing and it was a little offputting. I'm fine with piercings at jobs if the job is appropriate, but I don't want her lip ring hovering over my food. Sorry, I was wrong, I was quick to jump to conclusions and I apologize.  We decide to get the Valentine's Special, two side orders, two entrees and a dessert to split. I chose chicken chow mien and prawns, my fiance got sweet and sour pork and egg rolls.

The waitress brings out our food, with no silverware. I also had to ask her for water. It takes her another 5 min to bring out the silverware. Oh did I mention we were the only people there? So we finally start to eat and oh my god it is the worst food I have ever had in my entire life. Everything tastes like it has been cooked in the used fry grease from McDonald's. The "egg roll" is about a pound of Crisco filled with . . . well I don't know what it was. The chow mien had the consistency of microwaved boogers and "prawns" were basically cocktail shrimp rolled in grease.

The waitress drops off our bill without a word about the dessert we were supposed to get. Instead of raising a fuss we just decided to get the hell out. I told my fiance that when we move at least we now have a large kitchen to make our own meals in,

EDIT: Ok, I guess I'm the only one with a problem with the lip piercing. I will be less judgmental in the future.

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Couriers Are A Stamp

I needed transcripts from one of my old universities sent to me so I could get them into an awards package. The awards group specifically said not to have any school send the transcripts directly which is pretty standard for awards applications. My transcripts needed to be signed and sealed - this is also very standard for things (applications, funding, scholarships, etc.) that need transcripts.

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