February 14th, 2009


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Hey there, I just found this community and thought I'd post about some bad service my mom and I encountered about a year or so ago.

So it's late, and my mom and I are coming back from some event-forget what, exactly-and we're hungry, so we pull up to the drive-thru at McDonald's.

Drive-thru Guy (DG): Welcome to McDonald's, can I take your order?
Mom: Yes, I'd like (blahblahblah)...

At this point some guy pulls up behind us in the drive-thru with his music blaring. My mom, thinking the drive-thru guy can't hear her over the music, starts to shout.

Mom: HELLO, CAN YOU HEAR ME? I'D LIKE (adds more the order but not all of it)
DG: (sounds annoyed) Yes ma'am, please pull up to the next window.
Mom: But I'm not done-

And DG ignores her. So we sit there for a good 5 minutes with the guy behind us still playing his music, waiting for him to come back. Finally, we decide to just pull up to the next window and my mom asks for his manager. DG looks like he's about to crack up (I still have no idea how he found getting in trouble so funny, wtf?!) while we tell his manager about it.

Eventually we get our food and drive away. I still don't know what that guy's problem was. Maybe he thought my mom was yelling at him or something? It was still a pretty dick move. :l
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Uh... hello?

Propane guys?

Mom, uh... sent you $1600 about a week ago, I mean, you live like one town away, so you should've gotten the check.

Um, and we've been kind of calling you a lot, telling you our tank's getting really really low, so... um.  And it kind of shut off this morning.

...could you deliver some propane please?

It's like 24 degrees fahrenheit out.  D8>

Edit:  Yes, the check cleared.

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Dear liquor store dude,

Thanks so much for not letting my presence interrupt your cell-phone call.  Really, glad my business didn't get in the way of your social life.  Thanks for not saying a single word to me, even after I said thanks!

Not so much love,
A reasonably regular customer