February 12th, 2009



Been reading for a while, never had an issue I needed to post about til now.

Being in a bit of a pinch money-wise, and hearing/seeing all the adds for Cricket cell phones, I decided to stop in and talk to someone to find out more about them. Starting out, it's all good, guy seems pleasant/helpful enough, then this happens:

Salesguy: And what made you choose Cricket?
Me: Well, it sounds cheaper than what I have now, and my contract's almost up, so...ya know.
SG: So you're not looking for a second phone line?
Me: *laughs a bit* No, I definitely can't afford two!
SG: Well, you know, with our no credit check and no monthly bill policies, there's basically no paper trail, and a lot of customers get our phones for shady business. You know, stuff they don't want traced.
Me (cheerful): Not me, I just want a lower bill.
SG (joking): So you're not going to deal drugs or cheat on your husband?
Me: Uh, no, I'm not married.
SG: Really? Boyfriend, girlfriend, anything?
Me (no longer cheerful): Er...no.

He takes this as a cue to flirt with me and tell me all the old song-and-dance about how I'm "so pretty" and have "breath-taking eyes" and completely ignore the fact that I want to learn about their phones/billing/etc., NOT get into his pants. With new people, I'm very shy and tend to be awkward in situations like this, so I spent at least ten minutes trying to deflect his advances without being rude. When I tell him I really need to leave for work, he starts going on and on about one of the more expensive plans, holding my arm(!) as he tells me all about it and how we could have unlimited texting between each other and talk all the time...at this point I said I'd have to think about it and that I had to get to work (really didn't, had finished before I went to the store.)

Am I wrong in thinking this was a way inappropriate situation? First, suggesting that their phones are used by drug dealers and cheaters, and asking if I was going to do such things - even in jest. Then, completely ignoring his job to aggressively hit on me. I don't want to be a bitchy customer, but I sort of want to call and complain about him. (I have his card, of course.) Does that sound out of line?
Lost - Hot Pockets

More UPS bullshit.

Here's my first post ranting about UPS. I decided to give them another chance and have them deliver a photo album I made for my boyfriend, with whom I'm currently in a 3500-mile long-distance relationship. Big mistake.

I brought my stuff to a UPS store on Monday. I paid the extra $9 or so to get the package to him before Valentine's Day. They said it'd be delivered on Thursday.

I called my boyfriend today after work to find out if he got it. He said he hadn't. I check the tracking information and apparently they tried delivering it, but...


O... kay...

I call my boyfriend to see if he got a postcard or anything from UPS telling him to contact them. He hadn't.

I call UPS. They say that there is no apartment number on the shipping label. I look at the carbon copy of the form I filled out at the UPS store where I wrote down my boyfriend's name and shipping address and, lo and behold, the address is there! I wrote it down, and the girl at the UPS store didn't put it on the label.

Now he has two options: leave work an hour early (and not get paid for that hour) tomorrow so he can drive the extra distance out of his way home to get the package before the weekend (because UPS locations aren't open on Saturdays) or call UPS and have them add his apartment number to the shipping address (because when I called and tried to do it, they said I am not allowed to due to the fact that I'm the shipper and not the receiver; I'd have to call the same genius UPS Store location and have them do it or have my boyfriend call UPS himself).

So, all-in-all I could have saved myself the $9 for 3-day shipping and paid the normal price for ground and it'd get to my boyfriend on Monday, just like it will now. Great.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I'll never ship using UPS again.