February 8th, 2009

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Um, I really didn't ask your opinion, thanks.

A post a few pages back about a nurse prying about a personal issue made me think of this.

I have pretty lame skin - I used to have horrible acne as a teenager and rosacea runs in my family. I keep my complexion mostly under control but I wanted to go to a dermatologist to see if there was anything else I could do.

I went to a skin care clinic that had been highly recommended and won a "Best of Santa Fe" award from the paper I work for. I went in and everything was just fine, I met with an aesthetician who was kinda quirky but mostly cool, it seems.

Now, I'm a very talkative person. Not to an obnoxious degree, but I like to make friends and I will tell someone -almost- anything they ask me about. Santa Fe breeds that kind of openness, I guess. So the aesthetician asked if I take any medications, and I said yes, I am on antidepressants. And she says....

"Well, you know, a lot of depression is just anger."

Uhhh. Not like I have been in therapy for 15 years or anything, I REALLY don't need you telling me what my depression is about.

She continues, "I used to work at a social worker's office so I saw a lot of cases."

Okay, good for you. I let it slide.

So she's looking at my face, tells me about my massive pores and the old acne scarring and rosacea. Everything is going fine. Then she says, "Have you ever considered laser hair removal on your upper lip?"

"No, I haven't. That's not really a concern for me right now."

So she gets this look on her face like I have a 60-lb tumor that I say isn't bothering me and says, "Huh. I guess some people don't mind facial hair."

UHH WHAT? Let me tell you, I am NOT the bearded woman. The hair on my upper lip is probably about as long as the hairs on your tongue and about as dark as notebook paper. Seriously, it's not an issue.

Needless to say, after my free consultation, I didn't go back.
Dr. Horrible Threatening

110 Brews and 1 Jerk

I was a server for a long time, and I hardly ever complain about food service because I understand how difficult it can be. After a couple experiences in a nearby "Old Chicago" restaurant I feel compelled to.

The first time I go in with two friends, K and G. We had never been there before but wanted to try something new that was close by. Our server is a young dude who's taking care of all the bar tables. I understand he's busy with 5 or 6 other tables. He's pulling the "walk by", where a server kind of yells out asking if you're "okay" without stopping and you have to yell back to stop them before they disappear for 20 minutes. Whatever.

So he does a walk by if we want drink refills, I had just got mine, K says "I'm good, thanks" and G gives a thumbs up, which meant to say she was okay too (she still had half a beer). He swings by a few minutes later and drops off a beer... we didn't order it. G is too non-confrontational so I stop him from walking by and go "Excuse me, we didn't order this beer". He goes, "I figured the thumbs up meant you wanted another"... G sheepishly says no. I get the confusion, whatever, and she politely tries to have him take it back.

He snarls back something about how he was SURE she meant to order it because thumbs up means YES, and she should've been more clear to him. DUDE... you won't stop for more than 5 seconds, if you did you'd see she was not even halfway through her first beer, and she did that while you were already like 2 tables away in a loud restaurant, what do you expect?? I get that you're busy, but dang... get a grip. It was a good 20+ minutes before he even came near our table again... I guess since she didn't want that drink none of us were allowed anything else. Awesome.


A week from that day I come in just with K. We get him again, but I don't think he recognized us (or pretended not to). It was much less crowded this time, only 2 or 3 other tables, but he's still doing the walk by. As he's walking away before we can order anything, I call out "Can I get a happy hour pizza?" and K says she wants one too. He snots back "OH yeah. Of course. Whatever you want. NICE talking to you." ... WTF? We aren't asking you to do rocket science, or even being demanding, just take our order before you run away!

After ignoring us until he sees we finished our pizza, he drops the check without asking if we want anything else. I'm like whatever, drop my card (with my picture on it) and go to the bathroom. He had split the check already so thats easy. I come back and K is like "Wtf... I tried to tell him which card to use for each ticket, and just asked 'you got all of that?' and he goes 'YEAH I think I can understand. NICE sarcasm though!" She is one of the sweetest people ever, and while I might've been sarcastic in that situation, I'm certain she was genuine. Or maybe he misinterpreted her, whatever. Still snotty.

Here's the kicker. He brings our cards back, and he charged the wrong cards. Mine was only $3 more, but still I feel bad making K pay my extra $3. I'm annoyed at this point and flag him down

"Do you know you charged the wrong cards?"
"Hahaha OH REALLY?"
K looks kind of hurt (I have sensitive friends...) and says "Did you do this on purpose?"
"HAHAHA yeah I guess SO huh!! Maybe I wanted to mess with you! HAHA *runs away*"

UMMM..... excuse me?? We were not being demanding, condescending, or even impolite. At all. What is the point of being an asshole server? I ended up leaving him 50 cents as a tip on $10 (K is so nice she even told me not to because its mean...) and also wrote "FAIL" next to his name on the ticket. I almost went to the manager but didn't want to deal with it.

It sucks because other than that I like their happy hour and beer menu, and the food runners and hosts were super nice. But now I doubt I'll be going back there. Stupid Old Chicago server... stop being an asshole... maybe you just don't like your job as a bar server in the suburbs, but try being grateful you have one in a city with a 9% unemployment rate. For the love of Joss.

ETA: I forgot to say that I actually did write a complaint to the management through their website, basically retelling this story and specifying when I came in and his employee number. Hopefully they'll contact me soon.

SprintNextel can suck a duck.

Yes, duck.  Quack.

So, a bit of backstory.  Back in February of '07 I signed a 2 year contract with SprintNextel via the corporate discount special I get for being an employee of the company I work for.  I wanted the Nextel capability because at that time my husband had one provided at no charge from his work and my sister, who was expecting her first child at that time, also had one.  So want + discount eventually led me to sign up for a 2 year agreement with a free hybrid phone.  (I.e., the phone could utilize both the Sprint and Nextel networks, theoretically permitting a broader range of use.)

Long story short, I went through 3 phones before I found one that didn't burn my face if I talked more than 3 minutes, and one that held a charge for longer than 8 hours.  Yes, 8 hours.  It took me 3 months to get it all resolved, a little over 10 hours of time documented on the line with reps who transferred me back and forth till I was finally disconnected, and 2 seperate stores and their employees looking at my hybrid phone and virtually throwing holy water at it, declaring with a hiss that they did NOT service THAT kind of phone (one even went so far to say flat out that my phone was garbage).

Finally getting things sorted--and making sure to always have a charger near by--as time went on my husband's work replaced his phone with an Alltell, and my sister went to AT&T.  I counted down the months till I could drop SprintNextel like a hot potato.  I used the direct connect feature maybe once every 5 months; the phone itself devoloped a curious habit of crashing and restarting if I were to be texting while another text came in.  My contract was officially up yeseterday, the 7th of February, and I danced with glee.

So I equally gleefully called in today to cancel.  The rep there informed me that Sprint's policy on cancellations is that they DO NOT PRORATE the last month.  So that my cancel would really only take effect on March 4, when my billing cycle ended..  In other words, they expect me to pay for another month of service on a phone that has been nothing but a hassle, and a burden on me for the last 2 years, and that I have no intention of using as I have a new phone and new number already--and of course, had I cancelled before the billing cycle ended on Feb 4th that would have been a breach of contract since the contract didn't expire till Feb 7th, so they would have tried to get money out of me anyway.  

So here I am, livid and filled with rage, with my awesome new Verizon phone, and my shitty Nextel that I'm only barely resisting the urge to fling out into traffic.  Who the hell do I call or contact to have that last month discharged from my bill?  After having so many people transfer me around over the course of my dealing with Nextel, and spending so much needless time on the line with them, I really have no desire to start the cycle over one last time, knowing full well it would only end up in frustration.  Sigh.

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Well, well, well....

Update to this post, one year later.

I was persuaded to drop in there by a friend, and since Friend hadn't been there before....I went, in the belief that forewarned is forearmed.

It was VERY different. Whether the change was due to a change in management or the change in myself, I don't know. (Last time I was wearing work clothes & sneakers. This time I was all primped up in a skirt, heels, hose, the whole nine yards.)

Change #1: We were greeted with "how are you tonight?" and "would you like a booth or a table?" rather than a question about a reservation.

Change #2: When we handed the menus back and said we'd just like a drink, the waiter said "Oh, okay then" and made ready to take our drink order rather than telling us they "only had beer & wine". Furthermore, nobody was asked for ID. (I did have it on me this time.)

Change #3: They do, indeed, have more than beer or wine now--there is a full bar with mixed drinks available. Unfortunately, this seems to have led to a shorter wine list (two copies this time, too).

Change #4: The waiter was attentive but not intrusive, and chatted in a friendly fashion when he came by to check if we had changed our minds about supper/wanted refills. He also promptly brought the check and was quick with [accurate] change, earning himself a comparatively fat tip from my friend.

Dockside Bistro seems to have fixed most of its mistakes. (I had a glass of wine, so I don't know about the lemonade.) I may try another visit dressed casually...to see if clothes snobbery was the entire problem.
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