February 5th, 2009

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Pizza Hut

It's once in a while that I order pizza. Of the handful of times that I've ordered online from Pizza Hut, it's been just this once that it managed to become fucked.

I order online around 8:45pm. For 3 medium pizzas and 1 order of cheese sticks, the ETA is 9:23pm. I'm starving and sick, so I make sure to take note and keep an eager eye on the clock. The clock proceeds past the quoted ETA into the 9:45pm range when I have my brother ring up the store about where the hell our order is.

The girl on the other end proceeds to tell us that somebody called and cancelled the order. My brother made sure she was telling us correctly, repeating our phone number and our address and she kept stressing that one of the three of us at this house (me, my husband, and my brother) called and cancelled. Not a fat chance in hell. For about 5+ minutes, my brother's just back and forth with the girl about how it wasn't possible that any of us called and cancelled and how it definitely was cancelled, respectively. Eventually she gives in to taking our order again and promising an ETA of 20 minutes with an $8 discount. $8 was more than the cheese sticks but less than one of the pizzas - whatever.

I don't know who fudged up and how, but I'll have to tell my mom to keep an eye out for two charges from Pizza Hut on her CC just in case.
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Dear douche who answered the phone at Taco Hell,

It's probably a good idea to make sure you have the phone on mute or get out of hearing distance from the receiver before you start talking crap about my voice. I don't think my voice is particularly high-pitched but you made it a point to tell the manager who I asked to speak to, that my voice was so high you couldn't understand me "I mean really REALLY high-pitched, super high...yeah like really really high-pitched...I have no idea what she was talking about..yeah I dunno...she wants to talk to you." I'm not particularly offended because I know my voice isn't deep but it's not like I sound like a mosquito either. But just in case you make it a habit, it's probably something you'll want to quit doing if you don't want to find yourself job-hunting in this shitty economy. Just a thought.

No love,
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(no subject)

I've been a manager in fast food previously in my life. I know it is certainly not the rosiest job. But I always made the effort to make sure my customers were happy at the end of the day. Because I've done customer service all my life, I'm generally pretty easy to serve - compliant, always polite, etc, to the people who serve me in stores. But sometimes, even those of us who know how painful it can be, well, we can only take so much.

I went to a KFC a couple of suburbs away from my house almost three weeks ago. The meal I got TERRIBLE. The chicken and chips tasted like they'd been sitting there for an hour - the chips were literally hard and shriveled. I only noticed this when I was unwrapping the things in the kitchen, and I was incredibly annoyed. Why? I asked the drive thru cashier for fresh chips, first off, and secondly to make sure the chicken was relatively fresh. I always do this, because I worked at a KFC as a high school student to make some extra cash and I know sometimes things get stale easily.

Not only this, when the guy at the other window was handing me my food, I asked him flat out "Did you guys make sure this is all fresh?" and he nodded and said, "Yep. All fresh." There was NO WAY in hell any of it could have been made fresh - my house is barely 10 minutes from this place. It was without a doubt the worst food I've had served to me in a very very long time.

So, that's sucky. But here's the real suck part I'm annoyed about. I rang them, straight after discovering my food was horrible, and explained my story. Due to the fuel in my car being very low, I really didn't want to drive back. The manager was happy to mail me out free coupons to reimburse me for my food, and told me he'd mail the stuff out the next day. I gave him my address and was happy with it all.

A week goes by, I receive nothing. I figure that perhaps the mail service is being slow, but just to double check, I ring back. I find out that he hasn't mailed it yet, and am REASSURED that he'll mail it that way.

Another week goes by. And almost another full, until I finally get pissed enough to ring back. Now, up until this point I've been very polite and understanding, because sometimes, shit just happens. But now, I'm angry, and I find out that he's lost the letter, my address, and can't find his book with my complaints written down in them. Enough is enough. I crack it and ask him for his head office number, because I knew I was not going to get anything from him.

Seriously, if you flat out PROMISE a customer you're going to reimburse them, you do it. You do it promptly. I didn't once scream, get irate or nasty, or anything of that sort - I just wanted some sort of compensation. I will never go back to that particular store.
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VERY relieved this worked out

(This is a follow-up to yesterday's horrendous experience., because I figure you might want to know if this was ever resolved.)

After it hit the fan yesterday with "Marilyn" and the company that sells collector's knives/weaponry, I sent them an email since the customer service reps allegedly couldn't handle Internet orders over the phone. I never got a response through email, so I called them back again today, using the same number found on their website. I was a little hesitant to call them back, figuring I'd get the same runaround with no help.

I got someone different today; her name was "Ashley." She was much more helpful than "Marilyn" was yesterday. She took my information down after I explained the situation to her and had me forward her the confirmation email that I had received under the unknown recipient's name in my email. After looking into the matter, she discovered that somehow, my account had merged with the other account, because it didn't even look like I had registered an account. She couldn't exactly give me an explanation for this, except that it could possibly have been a computer glitch. But she did apologize for the trouble. She erased my credit card information from their system and took my email off their mailing list. She even offered to ship the same order via 2-day delivery because of the hassle.

I also explained to "Ashley" that I felt the way that "Marilyn" had dealt with me the other day ("We do not handle Internet orders over the phone") was uncalled for, especially if they have a customer service number right there on their website, and "Ashley" did apologize for that as well. She agreed with me, and told me, "We wouldn't have that number up there if we didn't intend to help our customers with stuff like this, and we don't want to lose your business as a valued customer." (Hopefully "Marilyn" gets disciplined and/or fired for her lack of customer service skills.)
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I still want to cry

As continued from this.

My parents (one who has Mastercard and one who has Visa) called today and tried to use their credit cards for the order. Neither of them worked, so we asked for the order to be shipped to the store. American Eagle told us they don't ship to stores, and basically left us with nothing saying they'd tell their technician. I'm going to use my boyfriend's Paypal (as he is awesome) on a new order. Still, they haven't told us if anyone else is having a problem, if this problem just exists with Canadian credit cards, or if something else is going on.

:( And now I can't get the free lipstick I would have gotten as they've run out.