February 2nd, 2009



Why would an employee think it's ok to refuse someone's debit card because it's from Washington Mutual stating "they went under, their cards aren't good anymore"?
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You all may or may not remember my recent bad_service with Origin Energy. Basically, I moved out of a rental property that was being sold on Nov 23. Arranged to have the electricity d/c, they couldn't do it when I asked, this resulted in no-one being home and allowing access to the meter. They never informed me they couldn't access the meter (which is inside), I only found out recently when I called to see where my final bill was.

Since then, I have tried three times to get my meter read. I have had to explain to three customer service agents and two supervisors that the property is FOR SALE, I have NO RIGHT to be on the property to allow them access, and that the landlord/property agent will not wait for them to turn up between 8am - midnight, 8am - 6pm or 7am - 9pm (yes, I have been told all those different timeframes by different people). Since it appears that no one, in this history of being provided electricity, has considered this problem, I have had to deal with the problem as best I can.

One lovely girl offered me the service of being called 1 hour before by the meter reader, which I jumped at. I do still have a key to the old house (naughty me, but it's turned out to be a godsend), and I live 15 minutes away, so I figured when they phoned I'd jump in the car, wait outside in my car and then let them in and out when they arrive, and hopefully no one will be any the wiser.

The first time, the meter reader called me while he was at the property. I told him I couldn't get there for 15 minutes, he told me he would be long gone by then. He also admitted it said to call me 1 hour before on his paperwork, but he hadn't read it until then. Strike 1.
The second time, I didn't get called at all.
The third time, this morning, I got called when he was at the property. It was the same guy as the first time, who admitted to remembering me from that time, and said this time it was written on his paperwork to call me whilst on his way there, because I lived around the corner. I tried to tell him that I live 15 minutes away, and that the house is for sale, etc, but he cut me off and just repeated what was on his paperwork.

So, I've called Origin yet again and organised a final read for Thursday. This time, I'm leaving the key in the fucking letterbox and they can DIY. Yes, it's probably not cool to leave the key in the letterbox, but I plan to leave it there very early in the morning, so no-one will see me leave it, and besides, I literally have no other choice. I've been backed into a corner by Origin and this phoning me beforehand obviously isn't working.

I'm so mad right now!
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I want to cry

So I ordered clothing from American Eagle on Friday. My credit card was recently switched over due to security issues, and I foolishly used the wrong number. Mea culpa. AE calls me on Monday and says there is a problem with the number. I apologise and give them my new number, except the new number doesn't exist. I call Mastercard and I'm told the transaction went through. Then I call American Eagle and find out the transaction did not go through and Mastercard is refusing to let it charge. I'm put on hold to speak with another representative, and then all the line goes dead. AWESOME. So Mastercard insists my card is being charged by American Eagle says Mastercard is refusing to let the charge process.

I do have the give points to American Eagle though. They were incredibly apologetic and nice, and have said they will cancel the order and redo it all over again to figure it out.

Recordings for the blind and dyslexic, and possibly postal bad service as well.

For those of you who don't know, I'm blind. I go to college, and most college textbooks are provided by Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic, if you're in the US. At the beginning of January, my school's Disability Services office emailed me and said, "This is your book for Human Growth and development, it's available from RFBD (Recordings for the blind and dyslexic, order it," essentially. So order it, I did. And I ordered it online, figuring that would be the easiest way to do things. Three weeks later, being last week, it's a week and a half into the course, and my book is still not in my hands. Thank god we had a snowday last week, because that's pretty much my only saving grace at this point. So, I call RFBD, and say "Look, I think this book got lost in the mail, can you send me another one?" It is now a week to the day, from that date, and they're sending me books for a course which I am no longer taking, and yet this particular book that I absolutely need, has not shown up. I would've gotten the book by some other means already, if there was one, but it's not available anywhere else, in any other format.
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This happened in December to a me and a friend

My friend is blind, she cannot see anything and has a guide dog with her.

We were at an Old Navy looking for sweaters and I described something on a mannequin I liked and she said it sounded good and felt the front of it. I found an employee and asked him where the actual rack was since my friend had to pick a size, and we followed him to a rack containing sweater.

Bad Service part?

They were the wrong sweaters.

Wrong style, wrong cut, wrong wool and wrong everything. I told my friend I'd be right back and told the employee that those weren't the sweaters we wanted.

His response was to curtly tell me that "It didn't matter since my friend obviously couldn't tell".

To say I was floored put it mildly.

I'm used to people talking to me when she asks a question. I'm used to telling parents that despite what they think, they can't let their children play with the dog. And I'm used to people treating me strangely because I'm with someone who is 'handicapped'.

BUT to be such a blatant ass about it?

I was shaking with anger and wished I had something snappy to say but apparently my brain fails when people are just... awful and I just told her we'd go to another store. She didn't want to complain because it apparently happens a fair deal but I did call and complain. I've never seen the jerk back at the store
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Some old bad service.

When I first started my job in a phone store (let's call it Phone Shop), I was being trained on the job. The very first contract I processed was my own which I put through on my colleagues name with her and my supervisor standing over me prompting me through it so I didn't cock up. I set myself up with Orange on their Dolphin 35 plan. It's £35 a month and had 500 minutes, unlimited texts.

So I'm happy, leave the store with a new shiny phone and a nice new plan all happy that I'd done my very first contract. The contract went well for the first month and then...

My second bill comes, it's £75something. WHAT?! So I look at my bill and see it says "Raccoon 45". I was in shock. As I'd assumed I'd have unlimited texts, I was texting away with glee. My bill says I only have 100 but unlimited landline calls so obviously I had gone over my allowance.

I call Orange and enquire about why my account was changed without my knowledge or consent. They tell me that Phone Shop for had made a mistake. There's a pause. I say "Are you sure about that?" and they tell me to go back to Phone Shop as I have been missold a contract. "I'm sorry but you're wrong", I say, "I work for Phone Shop and I processed the contract myself." Silence. The call goes dead.

So three phone calls and 45 minutes later, I'm pissed. They are all insisting it is not their fault and I have made the mistake. I have my paperwork with the contract I signed for printed clearly. I can also see the automated email our system sends out to the network with the contract details and it's the contract I signed for. I finally flip out and ask to speak to a supervisor who looked into my account, informs me that a rep from his company had changed the price plan but there are no notes or reasons why it should have been. He refunds me the money that they took from my account and then gave me another month free in less than five minutes.

I cannot for the life of me understand why they could not have done that in the first place and insisted that I had messed up processing the contract.

I know they resolved it but I HATE having to sell their products knowing full well that their practises are dodgy. Nine times out of ten, I will recommend a different network that has the same deal. I'm just glad it happened to someone who was in a position to sort the problem out. If that had happened to a normal customer, they would have come back into us shouting that we'd messed up their contract and been dissatisfied when we insisted it was a problem on Oranges end and not Phone Shops.