February 1st, 2009

Leela and Nibbler

I knew this was going to happen

So I got an email this morning from XM Sirius. Guess what? They're raising rates and getting rid of free services.

But oh ho you say, they're not allowed to do that per the SEC ruling allowing the merger of XM and Sirius last year. BZZT! Apparently not. They're not raising the main rates, but they are raising the "family plan" rates $2/mo per radio, and eliminating the free online streaming they've had for years now.

This is a total crock. I'd honestly be tempted to cancel if I didn't have the thing integrated into my vehicle.

This kind of thing should be illegal.
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Super rant...

The Petro-Canada near my home is so going down! It's the 5TH TIME that we go there to get milk and it turns up to be spoiled. We made several complaints and it turns out nothing ever got resolved. So I called ONCE AGAIN this morning because the milk AGAIN turned out to have gone bad! And this IDIOT of a manager that sounds like he's probably 5 years YOUNGER than me takes this very condescending tone and tell me that basically it's not their fault and that the fridge was broken and that they didn't know anythign about it.

.. WHAT?

The fact that the fridge IS BROKEN and that it had NOT BEEN REPAIRED FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME and that milk was LEFT TO SPOIL in it and not removed IS YOUR FAULT!!

The fact that YOU mister manager tell me that I COULD HAVE CHECKED THE MILK before leaving is INSULTING. It's not MY JOB to do that it's YOURS and YOUR EMPLOYEE'S!

I had more than once the displeasure of opening a new pint of milk in the middle of the night to puke it out right away because it felt like I was drinking cottage cheese mixed with cyanide! So PLEASE don't go and play VICTIMS in this. 5 times it happened . 5 times we made a complaint .. 5 times nthing was done. and PLEASE don't tell me that the fridge was broken for a full 3 months!! cause then it's both DISGUSTING and APPALLING that it would be in disuse all that time without repairs! I mean part of the staff,s responsabilities is to check if the fridges are at the right temperature ( I would know . I work in a convenience store before)!! There are around 30 days per month , 3 months have passed and there are about 3 shifts per day. Which gives you 270 shifts.and you're going to tell me that inside of 270 SHIFTS NO ONE HAS REALISED THE FRIDGE WASN'T WORKING PROPERLY?!

.. no of course not .. you people working there are WAY too busy talking to each other and reading magazines instead of doing your job and getting that very mean face when it's passed midnight , that we can't get inside , and you have to get the stock for us waiting outside.

Now you might be wondering why it's such a deal.

Well this place is pretty much the only place that seels food after 9 in the area. and with the schedules everyone have we often HAVE to buy from there.

So we're being stuck with a place that doesn,t take care of their stock!
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Bad/weird Walgreen's service

Standing in line to refill a prescription at Walgreen's, I realized my refills had expired a week before. This had happened to me once in the past, and my pharmacist at the time (at a different Walgreen's) told me not to worry, they'd call the doctor and get one refill for me so that I'd have time to make an appointment to get a more prolonged prescription.

So, when I got called to the counter, I told the pharmacy lady I had just noticed the lapse in refills, and asked if they could call the doctor etc.... She raised her eyebrow at me and said, "you need a new prescription from your doctor." I said I knew, but then re-explained what had been done the last time. This is a time-sensitive prescription (but not a narcotic or controlled substance or anything) and I didn't have the time or availability in the next 3-4 days to get in to see the doctor, so I asked, "can't you guys place a call for a refill request? Isn't that something you do?"

The woman sighed heavily and said, "I'm sorry, but your failure to plan ahead is not our responsibility. Have a good day," and turned her back to me.

I called my doctor's office and first, asked about the one-time refill. The receptionist said "just have your pharmacist call us and we'll authorize a refill. You will need to come in if you'd like refills in the future. Would you like to schedule one now?"

Pissed at Walgreen's, I went to the local pharmacy my mom uses. They were very nice, very helpful, and shocked when I said Walgreen's refused to put in the request for me. They said they'd call the doctor, and would give me a call when my refill came in.

Yesterday, I got a call from the Walgreen's automated system telling me my prescription was in. (weird, right?)

So.... I guess the Walgreen's lady put in the request even though she clearly implied she wasn't going to, I guess? I was just confused, and a little miffed that I had to give the mean Walgreen's my business and not the nice local pharmacy after all of this.
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Bad_Service: If you were off, you'd be gone by now

Some family members and I went to JCP a couple of towns over yesterday because The mall there is bigger.

I am in trying on clothes in the Women's dressing room. I needed a bigger size and so I asked a family member to grab an attendant for me to grab a bigger size (Pair of jeans had no tags and no size on the inside). Not two seconds later I hear yelling outside the fitting room door.

The attendant told my family member "No, I'm off in 5 minutes." Despite still clearly working and wearing her name tag. My family member got so angry and It made me really angry too once I finally got out of the dressing room. I came out and she had found another attendant to help us (Who was wonderful) so I went back to try more things on once I got the bigger sizes.

My family member went and complained to one of the Managers and as we were leaving we walked by and was getting her ass chewed from her manager in front of a ton of customers.

I work retail, I know it sucks when you are supposed to be off soon but you don't flat out refuse to help someone, that's piss poor customer service and with the way the economy is right now, Places can't afford to be losing business. Either suck it up and help them or find someone who will, don't just flat out refuse because "[You're] off in 5 minutes."