January 31st, 2009

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  • rayce

Bad Service

So I'm new here! *waves hello* Reading other peoples bad service experiences reminded me of one I had a few years ago.

So I _HAD_ Sprint for my cell provider. When I first got the number, it was an added line on my boyfriend's account. We had been dating 6 years and lived together so it was no biggie. There came a point at 7 years that we realized we couldn't live together. So we decided to live separate, keep dating but to separate our lives from each other. That doesn't really pertain to the bad service, just an explanation of how we go to this point.

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Wellness Watchers.

I hope you will all consider this "bad service", but I apologise in advance if you don't.

I was looking for some medical advice online, and came across a group called Barton Publishing.

I paid $19.95, and have been receiving fairly informative emails about health issues.

They, however, in turn, passed my information, including my credit card details to an organisation called WELLNESS WATCHERS MD.

When I paid my initial money to Barton, in the agreement, I got a 14 day trial with this Wellness Watchers group. In all the correspondence from Barton Publishers, they said that I would be contacted by Wellness Watchers to ask if I wanted to be part of their group, and to receive further medical advice.

I did not receive any correspondence from them. I did not give them my details, or my credit card details. But they have been taking money out of my account for two months now.

I have contacted my credit card provider, have a complaint with then, notified them of the fraud. I have also tried to contact Wellness Watchers several times. However, as I am in Australia, and they are in the US, trying to catch them by phone is difficult. They do not answer any of my emails.

I have had to consequently cancel my credit card. I did use one that I could cancel, btw. As I am a little wary of doing things on the net. (okay all of you can now call me a dickhead for doing so).

I won't do it again, but I did want to warn people not to sign up with BARTON Publishing, as they are deceitful and may possibly sell your credit details to WELLNESS WATCHERS.

I did believe that Barton Publishing was a reputable company and I approached them initially, so I thought I had no fears of being deceived, and I did receive what I paid them for. It was only the fact that they handed my details onto another company without my consent.