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January 29th, 2009

A T & T suck

Arrives the bill.  On the bill are several things that should not be there. A subscription to a music service. A purchase of a game., Guitar Hero. Something called "life vs death" that seems to defy description but in any case is not something I have ever seen or heard of, let alone purchased.  Since I have no music subscriptions, don't know what life vs death even is, and don't play games on my phone, I called.

They said they'd be happy to take these things off the bill...except that they were third party billing, and so will take several months to be removed. in the meantime we are expected to pay the $30+ a month these things add up to, and then be credited later.

No. That's like going to the grocery store and having someone put two cases of beer in your cart and then being told   they'll take it out, but you have to pay for it, even though it's not yours, and they'll get back to you later with a refund!

They told me it was my fault these things happened...when I went online to look and see how much music subscriptions cost, and clicked the "preview" button, I was ordering the service. Though I never went near a purchase or billing options screen, "preview" is apparantly the same thing as "purchase", at least according to the person on the phone. As for Guitar Hero, there was a free demon on my phone, and I was bored one day and decided to try the demo. It lasted approximately fifteen seconds and then quit and so did I.
It would seem that the act of simply playing the demo was akin to purchase.

This happens to us every month...we find things on our bill that have nothing to do with us, and then we get a huge hassle when we try to get them taken off the bill.

Right now we're arguing with them on the phone about this nonsense. They seem to feel it's perfectly reasonable to ask us to pay for something we didn't buy, or pay the late fees on the thing we didnt buy if we refuse to pay for it.

Oh, Pepco, how I hate you

This is not epic, but it's still enough to make my head hurt.

It's a sagaCollapse )

tl;dr: Electric company estimates bills for vacant residence, insists they won't estimate bills, estimates anyway, sends us to collections for a bill that we in all likelihood don't owe them.


Surgery Woes

Hi there. First post here. I don't really get a lot of bad service, at least not any post-worthy ones, but this is by far the worse thing I've ever gone through health wise.

Surgery sucksCollapse )

Dr. M moved out of town not long after he did my surgery. So glad I'll never see him again.


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