January 28th, 2009

36 years old, wonderin'

Doctors: Power Trips R Us

A short short background: last year I went into the hospital in order to detox off of painkillers, that I'd become addicted to after using them for seven years for chronic pain. My doctor during this time was great help in expediting my back surgery with the insurance companies and prescribing me Suboxone, a maintenance detox drug that staves off painkiller cravings and elevates mood in order to prevent withdrawal.

And now...our tale.

I have to go see this doctor every month to get a refill of my Suboxone, a category III, Weapons of mass destruction type drug that needs an actual paper refill given to a pharmacists in order to fill (so it's not something I can do over the phone, which is a complaint for another time). When I go into the doctor I see him, literally, for about four minutes.

Him: How's it going? feeling good?

J; yep, doing great

Him: any relapses?

J; nope

assorted small talk and he hands my prescription. Here's thing, he's ridiculous with the "running a little late" bullshit that we all get at doctor's offices. He is ALWAYS between twenty and thirty minutes behind schedule. So today I thought I'd be brilliant, find out when his shift started and get THE. FIRST. APPOINTMENT. I was victorious. Not only did I have he first appointment, I got there twenty minutes early. Early enough to SEE the doctor arrive in coat and hat rushing in to start his shift. He said "Hey jess, good to see you" while I sat in the waiting room.

Appointment 1:00

I get sent back to the "littler" waiting room at 12:55.

When did I, first appointment of the day get my doctor appointment? ONE. FORTY. FIVE. THere was no one ahead of me! I made sure of it! I SAW HIM ARRIVE! If he feels that he has to do things like answer voice mails, call in prescriptions, answer emails before taking appointments, I've got a super plan: GET TO WORK F-ING EARLIER. I have to take off of work for these appointments, and make up the time later. I cannot BELIEVE how long I was waiting. I even poked my head out of the room around 1:30 and a nurse said "He's coming".

Great. On the upside, I got out of the office by 1:57.