January 26th, 2009


Grumpiness with a side order of management repair

Note: This wasn't horrific service. I get that. No need to say "oh, it wasn't that bad!"

Took place at Wendy's.

I pulled into the drive thru and heard "ORDER!" in a really pissed off tone on the other end. So I followed orders and gave my order. Not a major order and nothing custom. Then I hear "MOVE UP!" in the same pissed off tone. I'm tempted to speak to the manager just because I've never had a bad drive thru speaker experience at this place. When I got to the window, a manager was waiting for me, and she apologized for the person taking the order -- I guess the guy was standing behind her because there was a grumpy-looking employee in the money taking area.

I guess asshole on the window didn't have enough brains to know that management sometimes wears the headset too.
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Cox Cable bad service

Is it considered bad service if I am paying for a service I am not fully receiving? Maybe the following is not bad service, but it is annoying and making me a VERY unimpressed customer.

Cox Communications is my cable television and internet provider. My service began on 01/02/2009, and I have NOT been impressed so far.

I let it slide when my self install kit was delivered on 01/02/2009, even though I called 2 weeks earlier and was told this kit would be delivered 12/31/2008.

I let it slide when I discovered my internet was not working after everything had been installed. After hours on the telephone with Cox, I finally was told of the exact problem (thanks awesome technical support dude!). I let it slide when the earliest date to fix my internet problem was 5 days later.

However, this is the thing that annoys me the most, since I lovelovelove television.

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Insurance Woes

So, I'm nineteen, and I'm a full-time student. I'm still on my stepdad's insurance.

Well, last fall they told him there was a problem, and in order to keep me on the insurance, they needed a copy of my schedule for that semester. So I printed one out and we sent it along. He called about a month later to follow up and make sure they got it. No, send it again. So we send it again. Repeat several times until December when they finally say, "Okay we got it" and I can remain on the insurance.

This semester rolls around, and he gets a notice saying they need a copy of this semester's schedule. We send them that in, and call back a few weeks later to follow up, and no, they need it again. This time, we send in a paper copy, and I also e-mail a copy. I get a reply to the e-mail saying thanks and they get it and it's all good.

Except now they say they need a copy of this semester's schedule AND last semester's schedule once again for what feels like the hundredth time to prove that I'm a full-time student.

But now, they're also trying to drop me from his insurance because they're saying that by being a full-time student, I'm not covered by his insurance because the school is taking care of me. Even though they've been hassling us about proof of full-time student status to keep me on the insurance.