January 25th, 2009


A couple (modly) things

1) Happy Chinese New Year (if you celebrate it... if you don't, Happy Sunday, January 25th, I guess)

2) As you may or may not know, bashou , the creator and longtime maintainer of this lovely community has abdicated his throne and, in case you hadn't guessed it by now, he left me in charge.

2.a) bashou  has done such a great job of setting this place up and keeping it going, I don't expect the community to change much. Hell, you may not even notice.

3) Since I'm just one person, and not nearly as much of a rockstar as bashou , I've asked andalusi  and toodani  to help out (and they've agreed) (so if you've got a problem, challenge, issue, or just feel like emailing someone, you can contact one of us) (how do we feel about my use of parentheses? Too many?)

4) While I already said that I don't expect the community to change and I don't have any immediate plans to revise the rules or any of that stuff, if you've got any suggestions, or any way you'd like to see the community improve, I'm open for suggestions

5) I've never been a mod before, so... try to cut me a bit of slack, at least at first, okay?

5.a) Anyone want to make me a mod icon?

6) I don't have much more to say, but I thought 5 items was a bit brief.

7) Do you think 7 is too many?

8) Was this intro post really necessary?


Bowling Alley Sucky Service

Last night three friends and I decided to go for some moonlight bowling. I wasn't in charge of this get together, my other friend was, we'll call him "W." W found this cruddy little bowling alley for us to go to which has 12 lanes, seems very old fashioned, and isn't in the greatest part of town. Now, we live in a big city, there are plenty of nice places to go bowling around here - why W chose this place I have no idea, and when the service suck started I can't say I was that surprised.

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