January 23rd, 2009

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So, I'm a 23 year old college student. Basically, I took two years at one school, took two years off, and now am attending another school. During my time off, I was required to start paying back my student loans. Once I started back at school, I was able to get a deferment on my payment.

Today, I get a notice in my mailbox. The financial aid company has been informed by the National Student Clearinghouse, the degree varification company, that I have withdrawn from school, so I need to start repaying my loans right away. Except that I have not withdrawn. So, I am completely freaked out. I call them, and they tell me to go to my registrar's office and get them to send my student info. They will defer payment for 30 days so this can be worked out.

When I go to the registrar's office, she informs me that this is a campus-wide problem that is the fault of the Clearinghouse. Somehow they deleted all the information for every single student at my school. Every student on financial aid is getting similar letters. She also informed me that it took a good long while for the school to even get the Clearinghouse to admit they made an error. They kept claiming it was the school's fault.

Supposedly, it is being worked out, but still. This is seriously bad service. Hundreds of students are freaking out thinking they have to repay their loans right now because some idiot made a computer error and then tried to blame someone else.
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A friend saw me posting earlier, and she wanted me to post a bad service of hers.

The two of us have asthma, so we frequently commiserate over it. While I have had it since I was five, she only got it in the last couple of years. She was only diagnosed this year. Her previous doctor (she has since switched doctors) figured out she had it (it was pretty obvious as her case is very severe) and prescribed albuterol.

This doctor clearly didn't know what she was talking about when it came to asthma. She told her that the way to use it was to hold it several inches from your mouth. She also told her that one inhaler should last several months. My friend's inhaler ran out after about a month, but her doctor refused to give her a new prescription. She finally had to get her heart doctor (she has a genetic disorder) to prescribe it for her.

This doctor was an idiot. Asthma is not something to mess with. If she hadn't had another doctor to go to, she could have died. She has had days where she couldn't even lay down her breathing was so bad and had to go to the emergency room a couple of times.

Another, slightly smaller suck, came from her new doctor. He realized that she probably needed a nebulizer. He prescribed it, but didn't prescribe the medication to go with it. She called him, and he told her to use one of mine for the night because she was bad enough that it was dangerous. He then tried to prescribe it from a company that would have taken two to three weeks to get it to her. He told her to use more of mine until it got there. WTF? He's certainly better than her old doctor, but still. Kind of dumb.