January 20th, 2009


Oh my God, Best Buy, can you suck any harder?

I bought a gateway tablet two and a half years ago, and it started to act funny in July. We'd moved to Lethbridge from Calgary in the meantime, which shouldn't have been a huge problem, but guess what, huge problem. There'd been snow storms pretty much a month straight, and driving the two plus hours to the closest Best Buy is a huge pain.

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tl:dr: Best Buy has returned my "fixed" laptop for the third time. Runarounds, broken promises, and bad service abounds. All dates, tones, and conversations were fact-checked from my other journal as it was happening.
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What the hell Virgin? What the hell?

I have a prepaid phone account with Virgin Mobile Canada and instead of having pay per use texting I added unlimited texting on to my account. Last week I went to send someone a message when I get a "Hey you! You have no money in the account for that!"

I go onto my account to check it out, because wtf,  and sure enough its on pay per use. So I give them a call and tell them whats up. The tech tells me it was a server issue and my account didn't update but she will fix it. Cool beans no problem.

Flash forward seven days to this morning, I send off a text to someone and the "Hey dumbass you need to put money into the account!!" message. Again cue the WTF and I go on to my account and I see not only my text package is pay per use again but they took out fees for my websurfing pack has been taken out a second time. So I call Virgin and the tech looks on my account and sees no record of my last call nor was anything changed. The last person never bothered doing anything! This tech tells me that is not right and he not only got my texting package on the account properly I got refunded my money for both the text and the websurfing fees for this month!

And sure enough when I checked my Virgin account there is the texting package and the refund!

Yay for happy endings!
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So, can telemarketers count as bad service? I mean, ones that go above-and-beyond the call of suck? (or, in this case, WTF?) If not, I'll remove the entry.

For some reason, my work gets a LOT of telemarketing calls, especially one for selling your timeshare. If I have time, I do my best to get to a real person, and get put on the do not call list.

A couple days ago, we got the timeshare call, and the store was empty, so I figured I'd take the time to wait on hold and get a real person. I listen through the speech, then wait while it rings.

Guy: *spiel about selling time shares*
Me: Can you please add us to your do not call list?
Me:....uh. Ok, but can you add us to your...
Me: Great, but this is a business listing and...
Me: pretty much shocked, he's all but screaming at me Then can you refer me to some...

Dude. I understand. I know that there are big calling centers that take this kind of thing. But yelling at me? And hanging up on me? I swear, I didn't bitch at you. I wasn't -going- to bitch at you. I just want you to stop calling my work!

Also, a question:
If this is some sort of call clearing house, are they still obligated to add us to a do not call list, if we ask? If not, do they have to provide information for how we contact the right people?
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Just an update on delivery problem...

Thanks again to everyone who made helpful suggestions about my problem with deliveries at my door. I did call the UPS hub, and the lady who answered the phone was very helpful. Since I don't always know if UPS will be the carrier, she suggested that when I am notified of shipment (the places I order will usually e-mail and mention how it is being shipped when it is sent out), if I know it will be UPS, to just give them a call and let them know I am expecting the package and need it to be handed to me. She says they sometimes miss the special delivery instructions if the sender does not put them in a prominent place on the outside of the package. I think I will still continue to leave the note on the door, just in case. They actually delivered my package yesterday (who knew they delivered on MLK Day?) and put it in between the screen door and storm door, so it worked out great.

Because this is just ridiculous...

Screw the GameStop in our mall. All the awesome people moved to a different store anyways.

So my best friend preordered Tomb Raider : Underworld for the PS2 a little bit before Christmas. They told her it would be in January X, 2009(I forgot the exact date) and they would give her a call. She got a call from them a couple weeks ago saying they had it in. She went to the mall only to discover they preordered the PC version. Okay, human error. She asked if they had any for the PS2 and they told her they were sold out, but they should have more in the next week. We had been going by the mall and calling, asking if they had Underworld for the PS2(some of you may already know what's going on), to no avail. She called today just to check if they had any they said they were still sold out.

After we got lunch, we went to another GameStop that's across from our workplace just to check since we had time. My best friend asked them if they had the game and the guy just looked at us with a puzzling look and went, "...It's not even out yet." What? :| We ask if he was sure, and he checked in the system, telling us it wouldn't be out until February 16.

So the guys at the mall have been lying to us saying they were sold out of the PS2 version. I don't know if they didn't want to own up to their mistake of preordering the wrong one or they really are that clueless.

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This is a suck that was passed on to me from an employee. Hospital/Medical Center names have been changed.

One of my employees got a call from his sister at about 7:30 this morning letting him know that his wife possibly had a stroke and was being rushed by ambulance to the hospital. He asked me to find coverage for him and left work at Oh Please medical center (where we work) to go home and change before going to Lion Hospital in his area, where she was most likely brought.

When he got home at 8:15 am, the ambulance was JUST getting there. We're talking a 45 minute wait for this woman who had just possibly had a stroke. My employee asked if the ambulance company could please bring his wife to Oh Please (we get our hospital co-pay waived) and was told no, she had to be brought to Lion hospital because it was closer. By this time, the wife (who had a few small strokes about 2 years ago) was feeling okay enough to stand, sit, talk, so my employee drove her to Oh Please for himself.

WTF, ambulance company?

Burger King Bad Service

My parents and I went to BK today. I ordered a combo and asked for the burger to be plain. The whole time I was ordering, the cashier was very short with me. She kept sighing and fidgeting, and when I mentioned to her that I wanted it to be plain, I'm pretty sure she rolled her eyes at me. I thought maybe from her attitude that she hadn't heard me, so I said, "I'm sorry, am I speaking too quietly? I wanted it plain... without the sauce or veggies, if that's okay." She just nodded silently. The only thing she said to me during the whole transaction was to ask what I wanted for drink.

Then, while I waiting to pay, a coworker came around and said, "Guess what I had done today?" and stuck his tongue out to show her his tongue ring. This got them both involved in a conversation, and she didn't so much as look in my direction while she was putting my card through. Her demeanor towards her coworker was the complete opposite of how she was acting with me. She was very cheerful when speaking to her coworker, but when she looked at me, her smile disappeared and she gave me back my card and went to get my food without saying anything. There was an annoyed look on her face the whole time she was dealing with me.

Once I had gotten my food, I went over to the place where you get straws and ketchup to check my burger. I always do this, just in case. I'd like to note that most places will put a sticker on your wrapper if your burger is done specially, but since there was none on mine, that was another clue for me to check. As it turned out, my burger had the sauce and veggies on it. I returned to the counter, where the girl who had served me was just standing there chatting with a few of her coworkers. I said, "Excuse me, there's a problem with my burger." and caught her eye while holding up the wrapped burger. She looked directly at me, rolled her eyes, and then turned her back on me and ignored me while continuing her talk with her coworkers! My jaw dropped.

Another girl who had been part of the group quickly came over to me and exchanged my burger for me. I thought it was kind of weird that the only thing she said to me was "What kind of burger was it?", and she sounded exasperated as she said it. Mix-ups don't happen very often, but on the rare occasion that they do, I'm used to employees apologizing as they give me my re-made burger, like, "Sorry about the mix-up" or "sorry about the wait", but she just handed it to me and then walked away to re-join the group.

My mom was waiting for me outside and I'd already been a few minutes by that point, so I just left. But I wasn't too impressed by the service that I'd had. I realize it wasn't the worst service ever, but being blatantly ignored, and having someone roll their eyes at you for their company's mix-up, is annoying.

EDIT: Nevermind, fixed!