January 18th, 2009

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Bad church service

This didn't happen to me, it happened to a coworker but she was so upset by it she needed to vent to me and now I'm so upset I've got to vent to you folks.

Some back story:
My coworker (CW) goes to the same church as her ex-husband (XH) and his family. CW and XH actually met through a church event. CW and XH have a 11 year old son, they divorced when KID was 4 yrs. XH stopped paying child-support when KID was 7 years old. CW was upset about this and took XH to court. Through mediation it was decided that until XH paid all back support due to CW then his visitation was at CW's discretion.

On to the story:
About 2 months ago CW's mother-in-law (MIL) had some friends visiting from out of town and wanted XH to bring KID over to meet them. Problem was XH isn't in charge of KID and CW had already made plans she couldn't easily break. Now MIL is mad at CW. About 1 month ago the church got a new pastor (NP) and since MIL is on some church committees she's been going on and on to NP about CW.

Last Sunday, CW and KID are at church when NP asks them, XH and MIL to come up to the podium. CW doesn't know why but they do and the pastor says, "Everyone we need to pray for this family. Pray that they can end the strife in their hearts and come together for the good of the child. Pray that they can learn to function as a family putting no one's selfish impulses before their group harmony. Now let us bow our heads."

CW is shocked, grabs KID's hand, go to their pew, grabs their coats and leaves. Now she's mad at MIL and NP* and is embarassed to go back to the church today.
*MIL didn't even tell XH that this was going to happen (according to XH which CW is willing to believe but I'm not sure I do.)

TLDR: New pastor takes the word of a gossiping mother-in-law and without consulting my coworker or her ex-husband decides to ambush-prayer/air their private business in front of the whole congregation.
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Not sure if this is really bad service...

But is it appropriate for a nurse at a place where patients come first - not the doctor speaking with you, the nurse - to press when you mention an unrelated health issue?

The other day, I went to the clinic for some vaccine shots. The nurse asked some general questions, and one of them had an embarrassing answer. I don't want to go into detail, but let's just say I have some "female problems". I unfortunately could not dodge the question, so I had to answer. (Which might have been, in all fairness, my mistake - I suppose I could have said "I'd rather discuss that with the doctor" or something.)

Instead of nodding, the nurse (or assistant, I wasn't really sure which) kept prying about it. 

Nurse: Really?

Me: Yes.

Nurse: ... really?

Me: *Forced smile* Yeah, it's... odd, I know.

Nurse: ... really. That's so SAD!

She just couldn't get over it, and kept pressing the issue as we walked to the room I was to wait in.

I wasn't that bothered at the time - my mind wasn't really on my weird bodily quirks, it was on the fact that I was about to get possibly up to five vaccine shots. But it later occurred to me that it was weird that she just didn't drop it... I mean, I know something like that's bound to raise questions in one's head. I'm an office assistant, things clients have told me have made me want to ask all sorts of questions. But because I'm not even the one dealing with them at that moment, it's not my place. And I don't think it was hers either.

Am I wrong, though? And did I open myself up to it by answering the question, as opposed to at least trying to say "I'd rather not answer that"?

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cellphones... ugh.

I almost never go to the mall, especially on a Saturday. Against my better judgment I decided to go yesterday to pick up some boots.
My hubby wanted to look at desk calendars so we stopped at one of those awesome kiosks which now have 50% off ones.
Throughout the 10 minutes that we poked at the merchandise the cashier ignored us. mind you, the merch is behind her and she is absolutely ignoring every kid with grabby hands and every other person looking at the stuff. Hubby finally finds the calendar he was looking for and plants himself in front of the cashier. she continues to ignore us and talk into her cell phone. she then says "ugh, i hate customers who interrupt me!"
you are at a place of business, im assuming you are being paid to do this job however inane and boring but that gives you no right to complain about customers IN FRONT OF THEM!! I'm not asking for you to be ms sunshine and have a whole chat with me, i would really just like to be acknowledged!

Never thought I would even want to post to a place like this

So, a bit of backstory.  Hubby and I both have computers.  As everyone knows, computers get viruses and such, needing to go in and get cleaned up.  Hubby took his in, turns out the motherboard was bad, so he asked our computer specialists to get a new one.  The lady who owns the store told him, two weeks.  Turned out to be about five weeks.  In fact, he got a reconditioned tower from her, so he could continue to check email and such.  That is, in fact the tower I'm using right now.
I took my tower in to have them check why old compie was so slow.  Well, first it IS old.  It did have some viruses, and the memory was low.  I told her, go ahead, get the memory thingie.  Now, I took it in on monday, for virus scanning.  It wasn't done until friday.  she had said, it will be done wensday. 
She said, I'll get the memory thingie on wensday, install it, and you can pick it up at that time. 
Since I work nights, I waited until friday, it wasn't done.  Finally picked it up, only to find that not only were there some very strange icons on my comp, but I had no start menu. 
Almost two hundred bucks, and I can't use the damn thing.  have to take it back and have her tell me, A.  why do I have this walmart music thing and itunes?  I didn't install them, don't want them.  Why do I have aol?  I'm on dsl, don't want.  Where is my start menu and what is this crap wallpaper on my computer? 
Did you, in fact, delete all my stuff?  I'm not complaining, but why put on all this other crap?

When we first started taking our computers to her, she was fantastic.  She would get the towers done in the time specified, our towers would be virus free and all was well.

Lately, every time we take anything in, it takes twice to three times longer, and something is always wrong.  In fact, she left a rather important disc in hubby's comp one time.  I'd say, she's been getting way too much work, and is getting sloppy.  I would love to just tell her, either cut down on the work, or get another tech in. 

That, or we might have to find another place to take our computers when they get wonky.

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Dear Pizza Place,

We understand you are under new management. We normally LOVE your place because you always offer prompt service with good food. We ordered our pizza 7:00 pm. After an hour, we called back and asked where our food was. You yammered something about how the delivery guy had to go home for a second and he'll be right out in a few minutes to send us our food. Ok...a little hungry but whatever here. Thirty minutes go by. We call you again. Another few minutes and he'll be right there. We call again, same story. After another hour (we got distracted by guests popping over uninvited) we call AGAIN and cancel our order because we are now starving and decide to order some place else. We are about to go to bed when the blaring of rap music from a van pulls up in front of our house. Seriously loud 'call-the-cops' type noise and you pound on our door. We open it. It's pizza guy. All you say is, that'll be $11.50. We check the time, it's almost midnight and we canceled the order two hours ago. Sorry. We don't want stone cold pizza.

Unsincerely yours,