January 14th, 2009


Hello everyone :D My mom experienced what she thinks was bad service the other day, but I think she's a humongous sourpuss. I would like to know what you guys think.

So me and my mom went to Sonic the other day. An employee took our order, then told us we were going to have to move to a space closer to the restaurant. It was kind of eyebrow raising, but my mom moved to a different space and placed her order again with a different person. I don't know why she's pitching a fit, so I told her I'd post it here and get opinions. I think at the most it's a WTF. What do you guys think?
beautiful but deadly

It STILL baffles me...but gets major laughs...

Back a few years ago, I was stationed in Korea. There was this restaurant/bar/club on post that was run by this REALLY great guy. My friends and I went there often because for the most part, it was great and had awesome food. However, one night, we got the server from HELL. She was maybe middle aged and she just seemed annoyed that we were even ORDERING. We weren't being rude, obnoxious or anything like that. Hell, we hadn't even been drinking. Anyway, about an hour before they closed, we were finishing our meals and I asked the waitress for a refill on my lemonade. She turned around and grabbed a semi full glass from a table that had just cleared and poured it into my glass. Our mouths all dropped in disbelief. Afterward, all I could think about was what she probably did to our food. Thankfully, we never saw her again. Like I said, the place was run by a great guy!

Wal-Mart, I hate you

I went and dropped off a prescription today at a Wal-Mart pharmacy. The lady at the drop-off counter told me the wait would be an hour. I waited, for the whole hour, only to come to the pick-up desk and be told my medication wasn't in stock, but they'd be glad to order me some and have it in by next week.

The out-of-stock thing I didn't care about, but God, I'm in serious pain right now because my medication is for abdominal migraines. Couldn't they have at least paged me to let me know, instead of making me wait the whole hour before saying they were out?