January 13th, 2009

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Time Warner Cable: Bad Service with a Good Ending

This October, I signed up for one of those "special deals" they plague college campuses with. It entailed free installation, plus free standard Cable and high speed internet (15 MB/S D/L) for a month. At the end of the month I called the woman, C*, who had hooked me up to downgrade to the quoted (in August) 2 MB/S D/L for $29.99/mo and cancel the TV, and thought all was well.

Nope. Collapse )

Here's where the Good Service happens: Collapse )

So overall opinion of Time Warner Cable, Cincinnati branch: Deceptive with the special offers, their special offers representatives are not to be trusted, and if you're patient enough on the phone with them plus keep an eye on your bill / service, you'll eventually get a good deal.

ETA: Edited to remove RL name of representative. Apologies.

Virgin makes assumptions

Okay, so for a flat fee a month I get my internet, phone line and TV from Virgin Media services. I also live in a shared house. Now I don't use the landline telephone, I have my mobile and I have e-mail. However my other three housemates use the phone for one reason or another.

I also pay by direct debit so every month the money goes out of my account and I bill my housemates for their share, I also elected to have the phone bill itemized and I'm glad I did. For the first few months this was fine until I got the bill for December, it was for over 400 hundred pounds. So I put the bill up on the kitchen notice board and think nothing of it, my housemates would mark up their calls, I would work it out, all good.

Saturday I turn on my computer to find it couldn't get online, no biggie, the housemate who has the modem and router in her room was out so it would be a simple matter of waiting till Sunday and troubleshooting the network.

So Sunday comes, I start fiddling around and after determining it's not our end I ring up Virgin and after fighting my way through several layers of automated messages I finally reach a rep.

He can't find the phone number on the system which is strange but I give him the account number. He tells me services have been revoked for non-payment of bills. Shocked I asked why as the amount isn't debited till the 23rd of January and end up being put through to customer services who tells me the account has gone over the credit limit set and as it was marked 'high risk' they immediately suspended services. They didn't even try to take payment, which if they had it would have been fine because I had enough money in my bank account. What's worse was that they didn't even e-mail or ring me to ask what was going on, they just cut me off.

After several minutes of back and forth they finally agreed to take payment then and there. Also since I paid in full (they tried to take just a part payment which is a bit pointless as I could clear the balance there and then) the internet was back up a few hours later. But after all that wouldn't it have been far easier just to e-mail or put a note with my online statement saying 'There is an issue with this months balance please contact us' or 'please pay manually this month as the amount is so big'. I always pay my bills on time, I always clear my credit card at the end of the month, just because I'm young doesn't mean I intend to screw the company over.