January 12th, 2009

Ticketmaster= Voldemort/Satan/Other most evil people or things

Ticketmaster fills me with unbridled rage, but most of us who enjoy concerts (and in my case, classic rock/metal concerts where I'm pretty much guaranteed that the band will sound good) just put up with it and buy tickets through it anyway.

Well I am about to write a letter to someone. This post is not that letter. No, this post is a furious rant. Please, if you don't like reading about annoying service and/or you don't think the following is real, do not read this. Please. I really, really hate flames.

Anyway. On to the bad service. So first off, my favourite band is playing in Toronto. Now Toronto is a fairly big city so a LOT of bands usually have one or two dates taking place in a large venue here, either at the Air Canada Centre or the Skydome, now named the Rogers Centre. This was at the Skydome. (this might be relevant if you are knowledgeable about whose fault various things are, so you can definitely correct me)

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Seating was also confusing on the tickets, but the people inside helped me find my seat... which I didn't really use because of standing and screaming and throwing horned salutes. BTW, the band was amazing. I felt I'd died and gone to rock n roll heaven.
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"you're too young to need them."

A post someone made here a few days ago reminded me of one of my very few bad service stories.

Note: this happened a bit over a year ago, I think. At the very least, it happened before pharmacists could refuse to fill prescriptions. Also, this gentleman was NOT a pharmacist.

Edited to add: This guy was probably about my age. He wasn't -that- much older than me.

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pharmacy "corporate" suck

So yesterday morning I put my prescription in on the easyfill system, which I always do for my re-fils, as the Kroger pharmacy takes a MINIMUM half hour to get my prescriptions ready if I put them in at the counter. (I have to be careful of when I put in for the refil because insurance is really funky about covering it, hence the waiting until the day i needed it to refil.)

The system tells me my file is found, and it'll be ready for pickup at 5:20. End up dawdling a bit at the house, get to the store at about 5:30-5:40ish. Go to the pharmacy, ask for my 'scrip.

"Oh, we couldn't fill it. We're out."


After getting a manager(who was quite nice, and actually got a little riled on my behalf at first) to ask if this was standard practice, and he went to talk to the techs... Apparently they don't bother to notify you if they're out of your particular prescription when you call/put in your refil until you try to pick it up, which is ridiculous on corporate's part.

At this point, I don't have enough time to get to another Kroger pharmacy before 6pm to pick it up.

Luckily, the walgreens across the street was still open and had the medication i needed(though a different brand generic...hopefully it won't affect me too much), so i transferred it and dashed across the street while my roommate finished shopping and met him back at the car.

Doctors who lecture

femme1996's post reminded me of a similar, but totally different, medical bad service. (This was 20-some years ago, and no, I didn't report the doctor, because I didn't realize at the time it was bad service. I wish now that I had, though, because he was later convicted of sexually abusing patients -- being rude isn't the same thing, but enough complaints might have brought him to the attention of the licensing authority sooner.)

I was in my early 20s and considering the possibility of becoming sexually active. I didn't want to go to my family doctor for the Pill, because he was also my parents' doctor and I was paranoid that he or his staff might mention it. Therefore, I looked in the phone book and chose an OB/GYN on the far side of town.

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Stop & Shop Security Suck?

 Relayed to me by a friend:

My friend is at Stop & Shop buying a few items. She picks out her items, and goes to checkout. She swipes her debit card, and enters her PIN and the machine won't take the PIN. She tries again, and once again it doesn't work. She is estranged from her mother, but they have a joint checking account (she is 20, and is considered a dependent of her mother in NYS). Her mother must have changed the PIN, right? She goes to leave, and is accosted by two security guards. They lead her to the back of the store, take down her information, take her mother's information, and she has to name where she got everything in her bag from. At no point in time did she try to steal anything, but they tried to charge her with shoplifting. She was banned from the store for life, and if she comes in again they'll call the police and have her arrested.

Was this legal? Or were they bored and just messing around with her?
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Bad service by a bouncer - and no more worries

Hi there! Long-lurker, first post, etc. Can't do the cut, it's been way too long for me and I don't remember how. Sorry! Now for the story...

Last Saturday I was with a group of friends at a local bar that plays almost exclusively 80's music. I went to use the restroom, and being female, there was a small wait. One girl ahead of me, one had just gone into the bathroom. The bouncer (watching restrooms to make sure there are no shenanigans) wanders away, and then the men's room opens up. I offer the room to the girl ahead of me, she declines, so I mosey on in.

No sooner had I sat down when there is a pounding at the door. Of course I cannot answer, being a tad occupied. So I finish, wash my hands, wipe down the seat and exit. The bouncer grabs my arm and yells into my ear "You f*** up one more time and you're out! That is a blatant ABC violation!" I start to apologize, saying I didn't realize that, and he cuts me off "I knocked on the door. Twice!"

I apologize, telling him I'd already sat down and that's why I didn't answer. Then I walk away. No biggie. I go back to my group and tell the story. Some of the girls work in other bars and they tell me it is NOT an ABC violation for me to enter the mens room. Entering with a drink is one thing, but I did not have one with me. A short while later, I see the bouncer exit the bar and try to point him out to the friends, see if they knew him. They didn't see him then, but he came back in and wanders back to the restrooms. He must've noticed them looking for him, because he comes back and stands by the door, eyeing us the whole time.

For those that might not know, here in Virginia ABC controls all liquor sales, in bars, stores, etc. It is indeed a violation to enter the restrooms with drinks. Before my run-in with the bouncer, a friend saw two girls entering the (single) restroom together, with their drinks. And nothing got said to them. Awhile later, I saw a girl going into the mens room, and I tried to tell her she'd get yelled at for it. Guess what? She didn't.

The next evening I called and spoke with a manager. Before I even told my story, she asked for a description of the bouncer. Then she told me I wouldn't have to worry about that anymore, as he has already been fired. She also informed me that although they stop men from entering the womens room, if women want to brave the mens room "then go for it. It's not an ABC violation."

I feel that justice had been served. The bouncer was also not nice to my friend who tried to open the (locked) liquor cabinet, thinking it was the entrance to the restroom (the doors all look the same). Though I don't wish joblessness on anyone right now, and it wasn't my complaint that made it happen, maybe the guy will pay more attention to what does violate ABC laws/codes/whatever.

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A friend and I just went to a Starbucks. I asked the barista for suggestion for a sugar free drink and he gave me one. I said I'd take it and asked that he please add a bunch of ice and blend it because I have a disorder that causes me to choke on thin liquids and I could aspirate it into my lungs. He looked at me and said "no". I don't even have the energy in me to argue. It took everything in my being not to cry. I am sick of having to have things catered to my disorder (dysphagia). I was so embarrassed but seriously was that WAYYYY out of line to ask?
Went back to Starbucks last night and got my sugar-free drink blended with ice. It can be done. The guy was just lazy.