January 11th, 2009

Oh, that's there for your protection

Backstory: My husband and I use a rewards credit card basically as a debit - put all our purchases on it, pay it off at the end of the month. Except he misplaced his somewhere in the house, so he is using mine before he gets his replacement. Saturday morning, I had to go to work and he had to go to class, and we both needed gas for the cars.

I drive up, pump my gas, and he pulls up just behind me. I pass him the card and take off. A few minutes later, I get a call from him on my cell phone.

Him: So, your card wouldn't work at the pump. Apparently, it's a security thing - you can't swipe it at two different pumps right in a row.

Me: Shoot, I was worried about that. Do you need me to come back, do you have your debit card?

Him: No, it's okay, I went inside and they swiped it there.

Me: Wait...it's a fraud protection thing, and you went in with a card with a woman's name on it, and they let you use it? Did they let you because the last name matched your ID?

Him: No, they didn't ask for my ID or look at the card. They just swiped it.

Now...I'm glad he got gas, but more than a little annoyed at the clerk. If a system is in place for customer protection, what the heck good is it if you aren't checking the cards or IDs? I'm debating calling the manager about it.
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Figaro's Pizza

My roommate and I decided we wanted a pizza tonight after leaving a movie. So we called as we were leaving the theater. My roommate called, placed the order, was told we could pick it up in 15 minutes.
We arrived at the place less than 15 minutes later to find....a dark, closed store. We checked the phone number on the door. Yep, that was the one we called. We checked the store hours. "7 Days a Week/ Open to 10 P.M."
My roommate calls and is informed that this particular location no longer stays open on Sunday evenings, so their calls are forwarded to another location that does their deliveries. Great...except we were picking up and this location was easily 20 minutes away and we didn't meet the minimum amount for delivery.
My roommate tells the guy on the phone that they need to tell people who are calling for the other store about the location change. The guy informs her that they are supposed to. At least he apologized, but seriously? Taking calls from another store and not informing the customer they need to go to another location to pick it up?
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Comic store complaint

 Okay, so this is a suck about the comic book store in my town. It will be known as 3 Clubs.

Things to know:

I am female.

I am a giant nerd.

The guy who runs the comic shop is a jack ass.

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EDIT: Please note:

- This is the only comic book store in my small town.
- If I got a subscription, my comics would take about 3 months to get to me, and I don't know if I could wait that long.