January 10th, 2009

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Question: Obviously, restaurants have posted closing times and you can walk in the minute before they close and be served. And you should be served with the same respect and efficiency at any time the restaurant is open.

A couple nights ago, my friend and I were hungry. She suggested a restaurant that was going to close in less than thirty minutes and I declined going there. I won't go inside a restaurant if they're closing in less than thirty minutes.

I was just thinking about this and wondering if anyone else had any kind of rule for themselves like that?

If a restaurant closes at ten, do you go in at 9.59? Not go in after 9.45? Opinions!

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Wal-Mart Suck

This happened about a week ago, but it's been lingering on my mind for the sheer WTFness.

I was at Wal-Mart checking out, and I had around 200 cash, and was going to pay the rest off with my debit card. It came to around 230 something, so I handed over what cash I had and started getting out my debit card.

Cashier: "Okay, you gave me 94 dollars cash, so you owe 130 something on your debit card."

Uh, what? I know I had around 200 because I had counted it before leaving the house, so I asked her to recount it. She did, and still said it was 94 dollars, which... Most of it was 20s. I don't know how you miscount that. So, I asked her to give me the money back so I could recount it myself, and she refused. By this time, there is a line behind me, and everyone is basically staring, which has me flustered, because I don't do well with confrontation, or with people staring at me. Both sends me to pieces.

So, I'm standing there, trying to get her to let me count the money myself, and she's refusing. By this time, another employee has noticed the commotion, and comes over to see what's going on. I blurt out the problem before my cashier can, and he takes the money from her to count it out in my hand. Sure enough, it comes out to 194 dollars.

At this point, the cashier I was with starts acting even more stupid, telling me that now I owe 40 something, while she hasn't even put the 194 in the cash register. By this time, I was so fed up and just wanting to get out of there that I was close to just giving her the 40 something, and walking out with over 200 in groceries. The other cashier must have figured out what I was wanting to do, so he moved her aside to do the transaction himself.

Finally, I get out of there, after about 15 minutes of standing at the register.

I don't know if the cashier was just really dumb, or trying to steal what she 'miscounted' but the whole thing was just... ridiculous.

Collection agency question.

First of all, I'm going to state that I know this is much more of a coworkers_suck than bad_service (although there does seem to be some bad service in there) but this was the first place I thought of in needing some quick advice (i.e. what's legally allowed). Suggestions of a better place to post this are entirely welcome.

So a couple of my coworkers owe money at various places, not my fault or problem. However, they gave them the number to this office to call. While I sit in the office all day and answer phones (among other things) they work outside the office, but with the department, so there is not another extension I could just give them. The problem is that these collection agencies keep calling and I can't simply go and fetch these people, it's already interrupting my work. Also, there's kinda a rule about personal calls. As in, not allowed. Anyway, anyone have a suggestion on something to tell them the next time they call? (Also, is it even legal to call a place of work?) Can I call it harassment if it's a place of business and not my residence/personal number? Is there something I can do, because this is getting obnoxious.

Thanks for your help!
Hat Wears YOU

Wetherspoons Woes

I went to a Wetherspoons pub with a few friends yesterday with the intention of eating much pub food and imbibing much cheap beer.

Long story short - my steak arrived well well overdone, and I was handed a normal knife (not a steak knife to cut it). I had a good go at the steak with the knife - with my friends all laughing at me, and with much frantic wiggling managed to prise a bit off - thinking it would be ok really, I just had the wrong knife.

Wrong - it was so so chewy that I couldn't even chew it enough to swallow a bit of it, just kept chewing and chewing and chewing and in the end spat it out in a napkin and went to find a member of staff.

He was very nice indeed, and sent it down to the kitchen and told me a manager would look at it. I was happy with this, then he came back again and said it was really busy, can he comp me a free dessert instead.
I wasn't happy with that - having paid £9 for a steak and being offered a £3 max dessert! I said so and he said he couldn't do much more without a manager - and he would ring down and have me meet her.
I went downstairs, saw a woman in the clothes he has described to be the manager pick up the phone, pull a face and hastily go into the back room. She didn't come out, and I waited for 10 mins counting the bottles on the bar. I gave up, then went back upstairs.
My friends were miffed at me for giving up, so came down with me for moral support (by then I was just sick of waiting around and not having fun with them!) and flagged down another member of staff, who was very nice and said the manager would come to our table ASAP and sort it out.

About 20 mins later a member of staff not matching the description of the manager came up and said she wouldn't recommend a new steak as they're all from the same batch, but offered money back, which I accepted.

Now, Is it wrong of me to still feel a bit miffed? I was promised a manager - and expected that. Thoughts? Should I write to the head office of Wetherspoons about the food?

Bad Cashier, Bad!

Perhaps this is just me being picky, but...

When you purchase; two *very* ripe avocado, cucumber, other assorted vegetables and a 2L bottle of pop......do you not assume the cashier (not even a new cashier--a veteran cashier) would bag the vegetables separately from the 2L to avoid squashing them?

I'd purchased the aforementioned yesterday and when I asked her if I could have the 2L bottle in a separate bag she said, "Are you serious?" to which I responded, "Are you serious?"--she blankly stared at me for a few moments until I reached over the counter and got the bag myself =(

The man in line behind me laughed, but the cashier looked hella pissed and I honestly have no idea why. The bags at this particular grocery store are free, and it's not like I asked her to individually wrap/bag every single item (although at that point I wanted to)...so I really don't understand why it was so weird that I didn't want to end up with guacamole before I'd even left the store.

P.S. And I definitely did not want guacamole, as that's not even what I was making >=O

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The first week of December I remembered we were getting pretty low on propane so I called Suburban Propane to order a delivery. We had just had a massive snow and my husband had plowed so our rather steep, long driveway was accessible.
The guy told me he could get me on the schedule in two weeks. Praying we didn't get any more snow, I agreed.
The 16th, no delivery. That evening about an inch fell. Should still be okay, I thought. The 17th, still no delivery. That evening we left for a two week vacation.
January 1st we arrived home to find our city in the midst of a -40 cold snap, our front door open, the propane bill immediately inside on the floor, and the entire house -40.

Thanks, Suburban Propane!

We're convinced it was them, but have no proof. There was some evidence that they had some small difficulties with our drive so I wonder if they did it on purpose in revenge not knowing the temp would plummet and we wouldn't be home for two weeks.

Quick edit: We live in Alaska and we, like the bulk of people up here, don't keep our doors locked.
Son of edit: Although I will definitely be locking the door when deliveries are expected from now on, that's for sure. They can hang the bill on the handle.
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