January 8th, 2009

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Something we all love...banking.

HSBC...YOU SUCK MY NON-HAIRY BECAUSE I WAX IT ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ah-hem* I applied for a re-draw on my tax loan. It was a small amount and I could cover it but I thought rather than emptying my accounts, I'd just extend my payments a few months. I APPLIED FOR THIS MID-DECEMBER (this is important) and my final payment was Jan 2 on this loan.

They hound me for papers, my contract, ID copies, all of which THEY HAVE but some how need AGAIN with every phone call. I fax them over, get my school to write a letter etc etc. Then they tell me that my final payment did not clear because while my total account balance was more than enough to cover the payment, it was not in the proper PART of my account for them to take the money. Basically, I have this PowerVantage account where you have the same account number for a savings/chequing account but the accounts are kinda/sorta/not really separate. The TOTAL balance was more than enough, but the balances in each account were backwards and they would not take it from the other account. I transfer that and it's all sorted. I send them MORE papers (same ones, again) from the school and they tell me that they will get back to me on the re-draw once the payment is cleared.

They finally called me the other day. "Oh yes, we got your information and it's all ok and your final payment cleared. But that was the final payment, so the loan is closed now so you can not redraw." Not one of my finer moments, but I said fairly clearly into the phone "Wow, HSBC really are fucking assholes!" I APPLIED FOR THIS IN DECEMBER YOU DICKS AND YOU DRAGGED YOUR FEET AND NEVER DID WHAT YOU SHOULD DO IN TIME!!!!!!! You had the information. You had it ALL and you.... AURGH!

If you hear of an HSBC headquarters blowing up somewhere, I swear to god it is not me. Honest.

...with a dash of customer's suck

So I notice that my payment for my car insurance didn't come out...sometimes it takes a few days so I gave it until now. I call in and my agent says my insurance has not been renewed. I've been with them since 2002 and every June and December, they renew my policy, I get my cards and all is well.

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EDIT: Answering questions!

No I did not forward my mail, I contacted my insurance company directly. Since I moved in Dec of 2005, and needed to make sure they knew where to send the cards. And they did. The zipcode? Isn't any of my old ones.

My insurance card doesn't have my address on it. It has Progressive's.

Customer Service Dude was all "That's weird."

Mark, my agent for the past 6 years, wasn't contacted either. He was "Buh? Wha-?" *checks* "I don't know it wasn't taken out, call this number."

He didn't even know they were trying to verify my address.

The whole is MYSTERIOUS. Obviously: Skrulls.

WalMart dressing room possible suck

My boyfriend and I were shopping a couple weeks ago at walmart, and it was pretty busy.  I took a quick look through the clothing section., and found a cute shirt to try on, and we walked over to the change rooms. There was an older lady working, and she didn't seem to be in a very good mood. I went into the change room, and put the shirt on, and it showed a bit more boobage than I was used to. I wanted the boy's opinion, so I opened the door and asked him to come over. He stood in front of the open door, so i could get his opinion, when the emloyee started freaking out at him. In front of about 10 people, she yells "NO SIR, YOU CAN'T GO IN THE CHANGEROOM, PLEASE LEAVE NOW" as if he's some sex offender. The door is open, and she can see that we're not fooling around, or causing trouble or anything, and he's not even in the changeroom, he's standing in front of the doorway. Obviously if I don't know what something looks like on me, I'm not going to walk out of the changeroom into a group of complete strangers.

We were both obviously embarassed, because people are staring, so I just put the shirt back and left. I mean, she treated him like he was a sex offender, and people are staring at us because she freaked out.

I wrote to corporate and the manager of the store called my cell yesterday and left me a voicemail asking me to call him, and hopefully try and figure out who it was so it doesn't happen again.
I'm not saying that the lady should be fired or anything, but she could plainly see right into the changeroom, and it was obvious we weren't causing trouble.
Do you guys think We're wrong for being upset?

Do you think it's worth even calling the manager back? Have any of you ever had an issue with walmart before? Has your problem been resolved?


Edited to add that the other rooms were all empty, as I waited for the employee to come over from the clothing section, indicating that the fitting rooms weren't busy enough for her to stay in that area.  And I was in the first or second cubicle, so it's not like he would've had to walk past other full cubicles in order to get to mine.

Dell Computers

Or, should I say, HELL computers.  I've been dealing with Dell for years (since the late 90s), and until recently, have always recommended them.  I've purchased several personal systems from them, and have set up two offices with their products.  I've been working with hardware for about 15 years, and I know what each component is, what it does, and what it's not supposed to do.

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Witnessed suck at the hell that is Wal*Mart

So, mom and I were grabbing some groceries, and everything was going swimmingly until we got to the meats section. There was a young man (employee) standing there, and he was stocking. We could tell right away he was not a happy camper. What came next, though, was uncalled for.

Being as we live close to the Canadian border, we sometimes get native French speakers who can't speak a lot of English. Now, this lady was very sweet and polite. She very quietly asked him "Where the noodles?" (Which I thought was adorable, because dawwwwww :B). He then proceeded to point and YELL at her "ONE. LANE ONE. ONE. DO YOU KNOW ONE? ONE."

Both mom and I were both like "WTF" at this point, because the lady looked very sad, and she seemed to have trouble understanding what exactly he was saying, as he was screaming at her. Mom went to get a manager, and I (thank you, French class) told her where to go, as nicely as I could. The poor thing was shaking, she was so upset.

We reported it, but the manager didn't seem to care very much. Fuck you, Wal*Mart.
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Dear Bill Payment Center Dude from my bank,

Thank you for NOT helping me with my major screw up and being more concerned with upselling me on your version of Quicken.  I wanted help with cancelling the payment (I went way too fast in bill pay and added an extra digit to the payment that needed to go out today.  Stupidity is my middle name) so that I wouldn't have a major FUBAR but that didn't happen.  The payment is still there, the money is still out of the account and I have no clue where to go next.

(If I call the company - ALlstate in this case - can I get them to refuse the payment?)

Good Service, Bad... Behaviour?

Not sure if this fits here or not, but it made me go O___o

Hope I'm not in the wrong here. :C

Today I received an item from eBay.

Feedback I gave was positive and:

"Seller lied about when item was shipped, but otherwise fast and good."

They replied to the feedback with:


Which they have now somehow changed to:


O_o And they e-mailed me this:

Seller: EXCUSE ME!!! I DO NOT lie - please explain your feedback as I take that very personally !!!

Me: The service was great, but you lied about dispatch.

You sent me a dispatch message on a SUNDAY.

You cannot dispatch anything on a sunday.

But it's a great item so thanks. :D

Seller: I sent you a label as that is the date I PRINTED YUOR POSTAGE LABEL - so I could post off on the Monday morning - how DARE you call me a liar - do you realize how imporant feedabck is and how INSULTING your feedback is !! How can you be so NASTY????? most people are pleased a seller communicates and has the manners to tell them their items is being parcelled and being ready to send off -- I can't believe yourt feedback - I am really stunned that you have called me a liar

Me: You sent me an incorrect dispatch e-mail, then.

Please cease being so childish and do not contact me again.

Also, please do not forget that I gave you POSITIVE feedback, and please stop being so insulting towards someone who has been nothing but civilised, thank you.

...God, some people are strange.

To clarify further - they never communicated with me. Instead, they gave me an automatic dispatched item message via e-mail, on a sunday, which was the same day that I ordered the item.

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Bad service of the "snooty 'tude" variety, and question

I'm not someone who buys "nice" things very often, if at all, so my question for you readers is this: is this typical "high-end" policy and if I plan to partronize classier joints in the future, do I need to be more prepared for these types of policies, or was is this place an anomoly?

To clarify at the outset: The bad_service I feel I received is not necessarily the fact that the employee I dealt with was enforcing store policy... but that the policies in place are bad service to begin with.

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TL;DR: I'm probably overreacting about uninformative jewlery boutique purchasing and "return" policies, and am out $20

ETA: Thanks for the insights (and the lulz, I'm looking at you, "chicken pox liquid"). I'm not going to attempt to do a charge-back since it seems to be an abuse of that system, and I now know to ask waaaaaay more questions. I'm going to ask around and see if someone I know shops there, and if so, see if they'll trade me real money for Bauble's money.