January 6th, 2009


I swear I think Elmer's hates me.  This only happens when I'm alone at the restaurant. 

Things Elmer's has done to me:
1. They gave my food away.  I was sitting there patiently waiting for my food and they came up to me and said: I'm sorry it'll be right up we gave away your food.

2. Along with number one, It took forever to get silverware.

3. They've forgotten me.  This is a different Elmer's in a different part of  the state.  I once sat there a good fifteen minutes waiting for my waitress to come take my order.  She came up and said she told someone about me and that she went on break.

4. Not really a bad service but a grrr: They got rid of the fabulous french toast they used to have ;).
1st Narcissus 2011

AT&T suck

AT&T is pissing me off.  Ever since I got this new phone, I constantly have issues with connecting to the internet and have called multiple times.  At this point they have me not putting any of my data from sync so I have to manually enter stuff I need as I need it.

So I get up this morning and am checking a couple things when it stops mid-page.  After two soft resets and no change I call in yet again today (it's been awhile since I just haven't been using it) and the drone on the other end tells me she's sending updates, and to do a soft reset while she does that.  I assume that means when I turn it back on, these "updates" will port to my phone.  Nope, she then tells me to connect to the internet and that she has a URL for me. 

I'm like, "you want me to go to this URL even though it's not connected?" 

Freaking lightbulb goes off, "it's not connecting?"  No shit dumbass, I told you I did two soft resets before I called and they didn't work.

So the next step in the script is check connection settings, I comment that I hate their script tree because we do the sames things every time and it's not the problem but I know she's got to do it and I'm thinking to myself and I just changed the settings mid-page?  I told her it lost the connection while I was connected at the beginning of the call.  So she decides she can skip that part of the script and the next one is to do a master reset.  Which I've done with them.  Multiple times.  And it deletes all data, so a sync is required before (they don't tell you that though, assholes).  So I get a little ticked off that she's asking me to do the same damned thing yet again (I may have gone c_s here, but I think I'm justified) with the caveat that I can't get to warranty without it. 

Me:  I've done a master reset multiple times with you guys...
her: (interrupting)  I understand but I can't send you to warranty without doing it
Me:  you're not going to send me to warranty, because it will work for a few hours and then next person I get when I call back will tell me no warranty without a master reset...
her:  (interrupting again, do they not teach the csr not to interrupt the tape or what?) I understand but I can't sent you to warranty without doing it
Me:  You.  Are.  NOT. Going. To. Send. Me. To. Warranty.  Anyway.  It's going to to work for a short time and then the next person I call will say the same thing.  I'm not doing this anymore.
her:  I understand but I can't send you to warranty without doing a master reset
Me:  Escalate me to a supervisor

Guess what, supervisor voice mail is all I get. 

No reliable internet connection and not allowed to use the data storage & planner functionality.  Why the hell do I have a PDA phone then?  At this point, it has less function than the RAZR that I replaced with it.  I'm so frustrated at this point I don't know what to do.

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Quebec's transportation system is not known for its outstanding and friendly service. In fact, many Montrealers can recall several instances when the STM/STL/RTL have been downright rude and horrid. I had the pleasure of experiencing their crummy service on New Years Eve.

I've just moved from Montreal to Laval and require a new bus/metro pass. Something that I wanted to inquire about before purchasing it (logical, right?). The entire time, her voice was SEETHING and annoyed.

Me: Hi, I'm just wondering, how does the Tran 3 work?
Her: Yes.
Me: The Tran 3? How does it work?
Her: Montreal. Laval. Longueuil.
Me: Alright, how mu-
Me: Okay, and how much is it?
Her: Put your card down and DON'T MOVE IT.
Me: *places her card down on the specified place*
Her: Don't. Touch. It.
(At this point, my hands aren't even near it, they're folded over my wallet as I wait....?)
Her: 87.00$
(Now, I know I'm supposed to pay 65$ since I pay the reduced tariff on it, but I was being charged the intermediate price - which I didn't understand why. I mean, I could be wrong but after I purchased it my friend told me it's really 65$)
Me: Oh, am I not eligible for a reduction price?
Her: Yes...87$.
Me: Alright *takes money out and counts it.*
Her: 87$
Me: ...*hands money.*

Just then, a presumably homeless man walks by and jumps over the queue without paying. She calls after him:

Her: Sir! Sir! You have to pay! (in a kind voice, of course)
Him: FUCK YOU. *flips her the bird.*


Another Tale of Banking Bad Service

This happened to my boyfriend, but as he doesn't have LJ and I'm lending him money, I'm going to post it anyway.

In October he received a letter from the bank stating that his overdraft had been reduced from £1000 to £500. Annoying, but it's happening to a lot of people. The last bank statement that arrived (December) had the new overdraft limit printed on it and showed that he was about £40 into said overdraft.

He pays all his bills by direct debit, so he was a bit mystified today when one company asked him where the heck their payment was (not in those words!). When he went to the bank to find out what was happening, he discovered that they had decided to cancel his overdraft altogether. Just like that. No letter like last time. When he asked if he could give them the £40 and close the account, they refused because that £40 was an 'unauthorised overdraft' and he has to pay penalty charges. The bank lady said she couldn't do anything, even though he explained that it was authorised at the time the money came out.

Luckily he has another account at a different bank, so has paid the late bill, and won't starve until the next pay day. The bank might not have done anything wrong technically, but he's going to write to the complaints department and see if the penalty charges can be waived.

(Edited because I can't spell.)

EDIT TO CLARFY: The US-UK divide causes confusion again! In the UK, people are allowed an overdraft of a certain amount that their bank agrees to, without penalty. It's basically credit. In my bf's case, his allowed overdraft as of the beginning of December was £500. He used £40 of it, meaning his account balance was -£40. Then at some point in mid to late December, the bank removed the overdraft facility entirely, didn't tell him, and want him to pay penalty fees because he didn't read their mind.