January 5th, 2009


Customer Service?

I am uncertain how mean I actually was, my husband says I went way overboard, but I feel that the services I received was crap.

I went to the mall with my husband and 1 year old son this weekend. We went to a mall far from our house because it had the stores I needed to make returns to. As we were pulling into the parking lot I remember oh crap the stroller is in the closet at home. Since we did not have the stroller that is normally in the car we needed to do something. I remembered they rent strollers so we thought everything is good. We find the customer service office, and the sign to the office says "Customer Service: Gift Cards, Strollers, Information." As we walk into the office we see the cute car strollers in the hallway all attached to a locking mechanism. My husband thinks maybe there is a way to pay for the stroller and un-lock it without help, but I do not see the machine that accepts money, so I figure I will go into the office with the sign that says strollers and ask for assistance.

Script Form

Me: *waves* (carrying very heavy son)
CS: Customer Service Lady who appears to be in her 70s

CS: (Behind Desk)
Me: I was interested in renting a stroller. (Nothing but silence) How do I do so.
CS: With Money
Me: *Looking at her*
CS: Or a Credit Card. Its $5. (The tone was pretty snotty and I felt like she was implying I didn't want to pay or I didn't have the money).
Me: OK
CS: *nothing*
Me: What do I need do?
CS: There is a machine outside. (Snotty tone once again)
Me: Thanks *walking out* that was very helpful. (Snotty tone myself). I was kind of looking for assistance.

My husband was mad at me as he said what I said was uncalled for. She was an old woman after all. My husband and I then looked around for the machine, which was on the opposite side of the hallway then where the stroller we needed was. The machine was easy to use, but I just felt with my initial question, she could have offered more information then you rent a stroller with money. She could have said there is a machine that accepts money acros the hallway, and the instructions are on it. I mean the sign that said strollers pointed to the office she was in.

Maybe I was overly harsh, but I just thought customer service should have been nicer.

The stroller was very cute and my son loved playing with the steering wheel.
Oh Noes!

*Insert joke about 'old bags' here*

yuppiewannabe's post made me think to post our tale of suckiness from the other day, involving potential passive-agressive customer_suck from my partner:

On new year's day we were out of food and decided to check out our local ASDA Wal*Mart Super Centre. It was ok, but when we got to the check outs we were cursed with a rather rude older cashier. Now I understand it's new year's day and not the best day to be working, especially if there is late night/early start and hangovers involved, but she barely grunted a greeting and paid lip service to asking us if we wanted help packing (which we politely declined).

She didn't give us enough bags to pack our shopping ourselves (I noticed this happened with the people before us) and we had to ask her for some more, to which she rolled her eyes, took off another 2 bags (still not enough) and then started scanning super fast so all our stuff built up on the belt. My partner asked for some more bags and this time she only gave us 1, "Yeah, helpful" he said (so not like him, normally he tells me off for minor sarcasm) so she scanned the rest of the stuff before giving us any more. Thus it took us ages to pack and pay (normally we're super quick) and load the trolley, with her giving us evils the whole time. As we go to leave my partner says "Thank you for your stunning service. You've been wonderful!" Really sarcastically, which I still don't really agree with him doing, but it takes a lot for him to get riled.

To top it off, we think she stole a couple of items off the belt and hid them, because they were definitely in the trolley and on the belt, but not on the reciept or in the bags!

It's the first time we've ever encountered someone so rude and were quite shocked, but I was also shocked at my partner's sarcasm, as I wouldn't have said anything unless she'd gone into full-on personal attack mode. After this experience I'm not going to let myself forget to bring the reusable bags again!

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Dear Borders Cafe worker:
You don't make an americano by pour two shot of espresso in into a cup, and then running luke warm tap water from the sink in the cup.  Especially if there are dirty dishes in that sink.  That was disgusting, thanks.
scarlett and rhett

Bank of America...wtf

I went after work today to deposit my payroll check just like I do every monday. I went through the drivethrough and was told that there would be a hold put on my check for three business days. I asked why there would be a hold and the teller said he didn't really know. He gave me a print out of all the possible reasons that a hold could be placed, but I fit into none of the catagories.

I called the Bank of America service line. After about five minutes of fighting with the automated teller, I finally got through to an actual live person.

Her explaination for the hold..(this is great) "I'm sorry maam..we just pick random people and hold their checks. It's nothing you've done wrong, or nothing wrong with your account.

I explained to her that I thought that was silly, and I really needed my money deposited into my account. However, it was beyond her control. So, in three to five business days I might be able to buy groceries.