January 4th, 2009

Chase Mastercard

I got my first credit card as a freshman in college - of course it had an atrocious interest rate (somewhere around 20 percent).

Six years later, I decided I'd like to get another credit card with better interest and stop using my first one. I considered the various offers in the mail until I found one from Chase Mastercard, which offered a 1.5 year introductory period with 0% financing and an 8.9% purchase APR after that. So all is going well until I log on to my computer today to discover that on 12/25/08 my interest rate was changed from 8.9% to 28.9 percent. (omg, was I pissed)

Now I understand that the economy sucks and times are hard and bla bla bla, but really? How is this not bait and switch? They are more than tripling my interest rate BEFORE MY INTRODUCTORY PERIOD IS OVER. I never ever would have opened this account if they had told me my interest rate would be that high.

I called and of course got nowhere with anyone. I want to pay off the balance and close the account but I've heard that closing a credit card is detrimental to ones credit score.

UGHHH I am furious.
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Poor old lady

I'm not posting this in co_workers_suck because it did not inconvenience me in any way. It was bad_service as related to me by a customer, and due to my knowledge of the personalities involved I am quite certain it is true. It went like this.

Me: That which does not kill me shall be the basis for my revenge
LOL: Little Old Lady
X: Another rep she had spoken to

Me: Hi this is [Big Company] how can I help you?
LOL: Can I speak to a manager please?
Me: x_x *works at home so literally cannot summon a manager* Well, I can submit a form and get one to call you... but is there anything I can do for you first?
LOL: Well... I didn't understand this bill...

So we went over the bill for a while. I thought that was what she wanted, although I was a bit puzzled about why she started asking for a manager. Then...

LOL: But dear, that's not really what I called about. I wanted to complain about the girl I spoke to before you. She was very mean to me!
Me: ? Oh... what happened ma'am?
LOL: She was so impatient with me! She kept repeating that I had been billed for nearly two months of service and then she SPELT nearly to me! I was crying when I hung up the phone with her!
Me: Oh, that's terrible. *sympathetic tone as I quickly check the call history. Two female names today... one I don't recognize but the other...* Was it X?
LOL:  Yes, that was her name!

Aside: X is someone I know, and in my team. She's a good person and a good rep in a lot of ways but... she can sometimes lack teamwork. And she can be impatient with the customers. When the customer is being unreasonable this can be a good thing, but she has particular trouble with customer who are old and confused, english as a second language or... well... stupid. While dealing with those customers is a challenge, making them FEEL stupid is counterproductive. end aside.

Me: Oh... *considers my options... as a member of my own team, I didn't want to be the one to report it directly as I HAD had a previous issue with X. So...* Would you like me to submit the form and get a manager to call you, so you can tell them about it?
LOL: Yes please! You've been very nice and so was Richard but X made me want to leave [Big Company].
Me: Well, I hope you'll be with us for a long time. :) So how should our manager reach you?

It was sad because I am dead sure this story was true. And spelling out "nearly" was completely unnecessary and rude. le sigh...