January 2nd, 2009

cafe fiorello...what?

story time kiddies.

we went to fiorellos, in new orleans. i ordered a 3 piece chicken with potatoes and gravy. my friends each ordered a roast beef poboy.
ten minutes or so later the waitress comes out to say they're out of roast beef and would they like something else? they change their orders.
fully half an hour later out comes their food...but not mine. ten minutes. fifteen minutes. the waitress comes and tells me they're only just then putting my chicken in, because they thought my order had been cancelled with the roast beef poboys. huh? but they didnt cancel anything, just changed their orders. weird. but ok. ten minutes. fifteen minutes. twenty. my friends are done eating and my food hasn't yet arrived. now i no longer want it so i tell my waitress to forget it. ten minutes, fifteen....she comes back. "your chicken only has two minutes left on the timer and we're giving it to you to go and you wont be charged for it."
great but i'm ready to leave. i was ready to leave fifteen minutes ago.
and if my chicken still has two minutes on it, do they really fry their chicken for half an hour? wild.
but she wont take our check till they bring out that damned chicken i no longer want.
they bring me a box with my free three piece chicken and potatoes with gravy.
when i get home and look in the box.... it's two pieces of chicken with mac and cheese.

i give up.

i just dont even know what they could have been thinking.

top this off.....there were only two other tables seated..the rest of the place was empty. it's not even as if they were busy.


So, my husband and I are wandering the mall. We pass a dead sea kiosk, and of course the woman calls to us. We're both very polite, and we had nowhere to be so we decide to take a look, PLUS I am entranced by her accent! She uses the thing on me that makes my fingernails super shiny and I am suitable impressed. Then, she starts telling me that my nails are filthy and that my nail polish is a disgusting color. We are obviously getting annoyed at this point, so we try to leave. One problem though- she won't let go of my arm! We both stare at her hand on my arm, and she realizes that it's NOT okay so she lets go(whew!). But as we are walking away she starts YELLING that my husband is a horrible husband and abusive because he doesn't buy me stuff. What?

The funniest part was when my husbands friend came into work a few days later with a super shiny fingernail, telling a story about how he was almost convinced to buy the dead sea stuff for his wife who is divorcing him.


on line pharmacy little suckage

I have no insurance coverage for my medications so I have all my scrips filled on line. Mainly my seizure drugs, because $127 beats paying over $200 any day.

Well, I was just down to my last two days, and refilled my meds online on Monday. I got a FedEX tracking number for the Next Day Delivery, and went on my merry way.

I get to work to check the tracking number and FedEX tells me there is no such number. I go to my online pharmacy and try to check out what is going on. Lo and behold there is a NEW tracking number. I go back to FedEX and type in the number, and instead of the meds arriving Tuesday afternoon, they are supposed to arrive Friday afternoon. I called the online pharmacy, and couldnt get through to a human, so I used the Chat Link provided on the site. I asked what was going on, gave a break down on what I had noticed, and asked for a partial refund of the shipping fees ($33).

The gentleman on the chat told me that the pharmacy it was being filled at didnt have the full amount of one of the meds (Topamax) and had to send to another Pharmacy to get it, causing the delay. I Asked why was I not informed? I mean, these are some expensive and IMPORTANT meds. Without them I could Seize.

Me: pretty upset by this point
PM: pharmacy man

PM: well, Ma'am, we are not obligated to inform you of the status of your order by email. If you had check the order status before, you would have seen the other tracking number. It was completly out of our hands.
Me: I realize that. I am just asking a partial refund of the shipping fees, since I was told it was Next Day, PAID for next day, and I won't get it until Friday.
PM: I'm sorry Ma'am. But the policy of our Pharmacy is the day it is filled is the date used for the Next Day mail, and not the date the refill is requested. We can not refund you the shipping because it IS Next Day.
Me: So, Friday is Next Day service from Monday?
PM: no, Friday is Next Day from Wednesday, due to New Years day being a holiday.
Me: so, due to the Pharmacy's fault, I have to eat the shipping cost?
PM: If you like I can give you the link to our complaint department. But they will tell you the same thing I am.
Me: No thank you. You realize that I have only enough medication for today? That is why I requested the Next Day mail service.
PM: I am sorry about that, Ma'am, but it is not the Pharmacy's fault for your poor planning.
Me: . . . What?
PM: Is there anything else you need?
Me: no that was it.
PM: well then have a nice day and thank you for using Express Scrips.

Is this a valid Bad Service? I have never had a problem with them before, that is why it threw me for a loop.

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How about another UPS update?  You can catch previous episodes right here

The latest is this:  They don't know where it is, they don't know why the driver didn't scan the box back in on Monday (the 29th) when it 'returned' to the warehouse and don't understand why there hasn't been any update since the 29th.

When I called the local hub on Wednesday, I asked them if the box was there and if it was to hold it and I'd pick it up today.  Well, since they weren't delivering that day (New Years Eve) she couldn't tell me.  (If the driver had done his job and re-scanned it, they'd know)

I called the 800 number today after seeing that an exception had been placed on this whole fiasco to find out that the shipper had put a tracer on it.  Sweet...good to know they are on top of things.  Bad thing is that the tracer/investigation could take upwards to 2 freakin' weeks.

God only knows where it is now.  This is beyond ridiculous.  It only weighs 24 pounds for crying out loud.  After thinking about the dimensions of the box, I'm wondering if someone thought it might be electronics - like a flatscreen tv or something.  I just hope the shipper can get his money reimbursed to him from UPS.  This ramp was handmade and wasn't cheap.  He was going to refund my shipping charges but I told him to hold off until they figure out what they're doing.

bad service or unfair expectations?

I'm basically looking for an opinion. I live in New Orleans, and I do photography. One of the bands I regularly do shoots for work in a bar down on Bourbon st. Since we've become friends, myself and my entire family have become regulars at the bar, and its not exaggeration to say that we spend well over $100 a weekend between us. We also provide a lot of free promotion for the band and the bar.
Over New Years this normally free club instituted a cover charge....$10 at the start of the evening, then $20, and then all the way up to $40. The explanation for this was that it was because there were a lot of tourists in town who don't tip or buy at the bar, and it ensures that the bar makes its money.  When we arrived we were somewhat taken aback at being told that we, who are there several nights a week either working or buying or both, and who do tip and do buy from the bar, were being told we had to pay a total of $50 to get in. The band and staff were also horrified, and literally took us in hand and pulled us past the wristband boy, telling him "they're regulars and she works here! why are you charging them?"
The following night there was still a cover, and I was there to take photos, and this time the owner said that she didnt care if i was there to work, or if i spent $600 a night in there, i still had to pay the cover.
She didn't care that i was doing photos for her marquee, or that i was providing promotion for her, or that i was working for the band. pay up or get out.
i was highly insulted. HIGHLY insulted that a cover put in place to net money from the tourists would also apply to people who work there and also spend there on a regular basis.
do they suck? or do i just have unrealistic and unfair expectations?

The crazy Shell lady...

I've decided this is bad_service because these are things you just don't do in front of a customer.

I was at a Shell gas station a few nights ago buying coffee. There were two employees, one mopping and one ringing people through, and about 3 or 4 people in line. That's a bit of a big line-up, I'll agree, but it was going down pretty fast. I heard the cashier telling the man in front of me about something she had screwed up and fixed and it took a while to get to me (I was the last person in line) but nothing could prepare me for how psycho this lady would become....

I handed her my cash just as her co-worker came up beside her speak with her. Umm, script format to make it easier.

Me: *hides*
Lady: Two-faced psychotic Shell cashier
Co-worker: The poor innocent man...

*Enter Co-worker, mop in hand*

Co-worker: Hey, I...
Lady: Jesus Christ! You couldn't have put the f#$%in' mop down for two seconds top help me?! *rant rant rant about putting the mop down, lots of profanity*
Me: 0_0
*Lady turns back to till for a second, then looks back at Co-worker*
Lady: *rant rant rant again, more profanity*
Me: 0_0'....
Lady: *hands me my change* Sorry about that, have a good night!

What? What was that? Looking back I should have said something, that poor man. Swearing at a co-worker? No. Swearing at a co-worker in front of a customer? Also no. In what world is that ok? Sure, I've been frustrated with co-workers for not jumping on till where I work but never EVER would I react that way. This is all beside the fact that I did not hear her ask for help while I was in the store and I'm inclined to believe that she hadn't (nothing she said indicated that she had asked for assistance and he had declined). I'm contacting Shell as soon as I can about this, I can not imagine being required to work with that woman and I don't think anyone else should have to either.


Slytherin Binny

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I work at Blockbuster. After work one night I stopped at the local grocery store to pick up something to eat. I was still in uniform because I'm way too lazy to bring a change of clothes to work when I don't plan on going anywhere important after.

The old man at the checkout decides that a good conversation starter would be: "Oh you work at Blockbuster? We got this Red Box thing. Between us and Netflix we're putting you out of business hehehehe"

So basically "lol you're gonna lose your job" WUT? He thinks good customer service is to remind me that my company is going under and that I might be out of a job soon? Well gee thanks!