trixie firecracker (hayden) wrote in bad_service,
trixie firecracker

this happened at last night.

around ten, my friends went to denny's and a while later, my boyfriend and i decided to join them. we showed up a little before eleven and went straight to the table. we were there for about 20 minutes before the server finally showed up to tell friend1 that her pancake puppies would be out soon and after the notice, he dropped off the receipt. didn't say a single word to my boyfriend and i. he asked friend2 if he needed a coffee refill, friend2 said yes, and i asked if i could get a water. server ignored me. when he came back to the table with the coffee, he said "when there are clean glasses, i'll bring you some water." maybe twenty more minutes later, i finally get my water! yay! and friend1 gets her pancake puppies.

but we still hadn't been greeted. no menus or silverware. that server also didn't stop by our table once after that, but we saw him stopping by his other tables.

the table next to us had a different server and by this time (about an hour after boyfriend and i showed up) two more people had joined our table, so finally, someone grabbed the other server's attention and asked if he could get our server's attention because we'd all really like to get some food. the second server decided to go ahead and take the table over and did a much, much better job.

one more person showed up (making this eight people trying to squeeze into a six-top) and the second server was in the back, so we asked our original server if we could move tables. he said, in a snappish tone, "yeah, but make sure you bring all the trash to the new table." um like you don't have to clean the table anyway

we left a pretty good tip to the second server and let the manager know how our service was. maybe it was our fault for not letting anyone know that we'd shown up, but when i worked as a server, i checked my tables frequently and if someone new showed up, i noticed and immediately greeted them. my friends told me that this sort of thing happens a lot at this particular denny's. sometimes they'll get really good service, but usually, it's not good at all.
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