December 31st, 2008


oh, walmart.

This is a bad service suck that happened a couple days ago, that still has me shaking my head. It involves a wee bit of customer_suck on my part, but trust me, it was an accident.

So, my husband is prowling the electronic section at Walmart, and since that section is jampacked, I decide not to try to bring my buggy up and down the aisles and block people from looking at DVDs and games and whatnot, so I'm standing and waiting in the aisle across the way. To my back is a wall of candles/incense/potpourri. I'm a candle junkie, so I'm looking at them, and notice they have JELLY BELLY CANDLES. Yesssss. So I decide I want one, and pick up a jar candle to smell if it does, indeed, smell like juicy pear.

SMASH. As I'm holding the candle, it slips out of my hand and shatters on the floor. That's my bit of customer suck, but obviously, it was an accident, and I immediately looked around for an employee instead of like, trying to run off and pretend it never happened. I count 5 employees, all staring at me. Not one of them moves to help, or get help, or anything. I'm in flip flops (stupid heat wave in December), and there is glass all over my feet so I can't move yet or I'll make it even worse. I am calling out to other shoppers to avoid the glass, and the 5 employees are still just...standing there.

Finally, I call out to the closest one, "Can you help me?" He mutters and walks off, and comes back a minute later with what looks like a manager and a broom/dustpan. They start sweeping up the glass, and the entire time, I'm apologizing, letting them know I'll pay for the broken candle, I'm still letting other customers know to avoid the mess. The employee and manager completely ignore me. I'm talking no eye contact, no grunts, nothing. I'm so embarassed at this point (the other employees were still staring), that my eyes are welling up and I again apologize profusely and am again completely ignored. No "it's okay", "accidents happen", "screw off", absolutely nothing. Finally I carefully take my shoes off, shake off the glass shards, and walk off because I realize they have no intention of acknowledging me at all.

I should have found another manager, and my husband keeps telling me I need to call or go up there and mention the incident to someone, because the whole thing was just messed up. I was apologetic, willing to pay for what I broke, helpful...and still, I was ignored and embarassed. Ugh.

Dominos, phones and houses oh my

This is maybe more an absurdity than a suck.  I seem to live in a neighborhood where nobody has a landline. Everyone just uses their cells. The local Dominos is one of the few places that deliver to my neighborhood so they get a lot of calls from us. From our cell phones. Here's the issue. Once you've called from your phone to have food delivered to a particular address, you can NEVER USE THAT PHONE FOR ANOTHER ADDRESS! Not only that but that is the ONLY phone that address can use! So, lets say you're teenage daughter is babysitting and calls for pizza for her and the kids. She uses her cell phone. All is well. Until she tries to order pizza from home and is told that that number is now permanently connected to another address and can only order for that address. Likewise, if the woman who lives at that address should try to order pizza, she will be told it can ONLY be ordered from the babysitters phone. She can no longer use her own phone to order from her own house.

Likewise if a friend comes by and decides they'd like pizza, if they happen to order from their phone you will never be able to order from your own phone again. Every time you want something from Dominos you will have to find your friend and have them call and order for you.

I had guests from out of state recently and stopped them just in of them had her phone out and said "do you have the number for dominos? I'm going to get us some pizza!" I yelled "NO!!!!" because right now mine is the only phone in the house allowed to order for our house and if it's cancelled that's it.

Is it me or is this a really stupid policy? 

Time Warner vs Viacom

If many of you do not know, Time Warner Cable is dropping all 18 Viacom channels as of 12:01am eastern time. - Story here.

“Ultimately, however, if Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV and the rest of our programming is discontinued — over less than a penny per day — we believe viewers will see this behavior by their cable company as outrageous,” it said.

So I am asking you guys: Is this considered bad service, and if so who is responsible for the bad service, Viacom or Time Warner Cable?

I am also frustrated that as a Time Warner customer, I have not received any notification about this except for banners that keep running on all the Viacom channels, and they do not provide enough information n the matter.

Sorry if this isn't allowed, I figured it was very relevant.
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apparently it's cool to make fun of people who can't help the way they are.

Dear Random Cashier,

Please do not walk around the store screaming and carrying like a mentally challenged person. It'd be fine if you were, but when you are clearly just MIMICKING and MOCKING actual mental conditions, as the second after you're done yelling and making a scene you start talking's pretty disgusting. My mother and I really do not want to watch you behave this way while we're trying to get our groceries rung up.

And yes, I'm aware it was 7:40 in the morning and we were two of the only seven or so customers anywhere in the area of you, but still. It is unnecessary to walk around faking as if you are mentally challenged when you aren't. That is an absolutely disgusting way to behave, and I personally think you need to have bit more respect for people with said conditions.

Also, when you stop your little mimicry, don't walk up to the bag turnstyle like you're going to help us with our groceries only to spin it around a few times and paw at all the bags. If you're not going to help me with my bags, don't grab at them so you end up seeing everything inside them. It's really annoying and you're keeping me from getting to them myself.

Oh, and dear Manager standing no more than six feet from Random Cashier,

Thanks for completely ignoring her and her behavior. You clearly heard it, as she was yelling and we were standing further from her than you were and heard her just fine.

Next time you have a cashier behaving in such a deplorable way, turn around and put her on a lane before she causes herself some real problems being overheard by the wrong customers.

Edit to Clairfy: I was being a bit obtuse. So the yelling this cashier was was in a voice people typically associate with people who have some form of mental retardation. The type of voice that a person with that condition would always talk in, not only when have tics/fits/etc.

Sorry I wasn't clear on that...but yes, this person was faking, because as I realized when it eventually registered what she was saying during this mimicry, she was talking about something stupid she did, and she felt that warranted this sort of behavior.

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i actually don't run across much bad service in my life, but this kind of irritated me.

i was checking out at wegman's (my favorite grocery store ever) and i set my very full/heavy hand basket down on the belt, placed a divider between my things and those of the guy ahead of me, and start perusing the impulse buy packs of gum. keep in mind, there are two customers ahead of me: one mid-transaction, and one with just a few items waiting to pay. so, i was minding my own business and trying to pick out some gum when the following exchange took place.

cashier: "MA'AM!"
me: *startled, looks up*
cashier: "i need you to actually TAKE your items OUT of the basket."

now, i work in retail, and it annoys me to no end when customers stand there and expect me to unpack their baskets for them. however, the two customers ahead of me still had items on the belt, and there was very little room for my stuff. i was waiting to unpack my things until he'd finished up with the first customer and moved the second customer's things ahead a bit. he then moved the belt up a little way, and i began unpacking my basket.

cashier: "THEEEEEERE you go! THAAAAT's right!"

he said this in THE most patronizing tone i've ever heard. when it was my turn to ring out, i swiped my shopper's club card and my debit, and he asked me if i wanted cash back. i said no, and he rolled his eyes and finished my transaction, shoving my receipt at me. aside from "no," i didn't say anything to the guy (mostly because i had just worked 9 1/2 hours and was exhausted), but it kinda pissed me off that he, regardless of his mood, spoke to a customer that way when i suck it up and am cheerful at my job regardless of mine.
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Logic? Who needs that?

Just a quickie, and an alert to anyone who uses Chase for their credit cards and whatnot:

I'm one of the few people left on Earth who manually pays my monthly bill rather than have it automatically withdrawn... so I attempted to sign on today to pay before I leave on a trip tomorrow only to find the website down. I either couldn't get the website to load, and the few times I actually saw a page pop up it would say my account was inactive.

When I called the 800 number to see if I could pay over the phone, I casually asked the woman when the site would be back up. "Sometime between January 1st and the 2nd," she tells me. Oh well, technology sucks. That's a strangely long time for a major financial website to be down but that's beside the point. When I ask to make my payment over the phone she informs me it will cost me $14.95 to make the payment through her, or $9.95 to make the payment through the phone's computer menus.

WTF? Why in the hell would I pay that much to make a payment when it can be done free online? I ask her why I should have to pay... in order to make a payment... when I have no power over the website being down beyond the 1st of the month when my payment is due. She grudgingly puts me on hold for 5 minutes and finally tells me that they can "waive the fee, but just this one time."

Oh gee, thank you.

Just a heads up to anyone else who may need to make a payment tonight... don't listen to their bullshit about charging you, ask nicely and you can get them to waive the fee. They probably make a good bit of money through the people who are too dumb/too scared to speak up about it. :|

And I really hope the entire Chase site isn't down until January 2nd. That's insane.