December 30th, 2008

River split

Grocery Store; Ask Next Time

I bought two twelve packs of soda for my boyfriend/his roommate. I spend a few nights a week and don't help with rent, it's the least I can do. I'm checking out and not paying attention to what she's doing, as I'm doing the whole debit card machine thing and trying not to pass out for various reasons. She says, "You know, the sodas are on sale, buy two get one free." I look up, smile, and say politely, "I know," and then get back to my PIN. I finish paying, and am almost out the door, when she yells, "Ma'am! Don't forget your soda!" I thought I had forgotten one at the checkstand, but I look in my cart and they're both there. She had charged me for another one. Rather than get a refund, which is an absolute pain with this sale (I worked at a different store, same chain, for two years), I got to go and get another soda. It just pissed me off because A) they didn't have the exact one I wanted in the first place (I had to get regular sprite instead of sprite zero, ugh.) and B) it's not actually free, you still have to pay CRV.

Long story short: Ask before adding another "free" item to my bill, kthx.
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poof!money - UPDATED

Okay, its been resolved:
She goes into the bank this morning to sort it out and it already HAS been -- my mother was told that the bank was on it first thing this morning. There was no explanation as to WHERE the money went or why for that night, but its back in her account now and she has receipts for everything now. Wish I knew exactly what had happened so that it might be prevented in the future, but at least its been taken care of now. Thanks everyone for the advice =)


This just happened tonight.

My grandmother sent each member of my family a check for Christmas, something she does every year. Mom gives everyone cash in the amount of the checks and then deposits the checks so nobody has to wait, which I've always thought is really awesome of her. So my mother goes through her bank [Wachovia] drive through on the way home from work today to deposit said checks into her account. She comes home, and a few hours later, checks her account online. This is where the fun begins. There is no deposit or anything related to the checks there, instead? $500 is missing. For the record, the checks totaled just over $50 -- so not nearly an amount that huge. She calls the bank and is informed that what they have on the transaction is this: she did not deposit anything, instead there is a hold for a WITHDRAW of $500. Not only that but she is also informed that this withdraw took place today at that branch [when she was there to deposit checks -- not withdraw any money at all.] The woman on the phone cannot tell her anything beyond that. My mother is fuming of course [no better way to piss her off than through money, heh], she just wants to know where her $500 has gone and why, and is repeatedly told that she withdrew it today/it is in the process of being withdrawn and that it was withdrawn through the teller and not the ATM [which she deposited through the teller and not the ATM today].

The woman informs her that she will have to go in and sort things out with the branch itself tomorrow -- which really sucks because tomorrow is her first day off in a LONG time and we were all going to spend it together.

So, my question now is does this sound like any kind of a scam going around? Or does it sound like an error that sometimes happens in banking? I cannot imagine how $500 just, disappears.

Edit: I told her that a mismatch at the drive thru could be a problem but she said that she was the last car there in the only open lane.

Oh, I also figured I should add another thing Wachovia did which WAS a scam:

Basically, my mother has been with Wachiovia for a long, long time with both a checking account and a savings account. She never found out/was informed when they moved over to free checking with no minimum balance. So, when she was informed every month that she had gone below the minimun balance of $1500 and was charged a fee for it, she thought that was the norm because she did have a minimum balance and monthly fees in the past. We went in to change some details on MY account and she asked the woman helping us about this monthly fee, and the woman looked at her like she had five heads. "Ma'am we've had free checking without a minimum balance for a long time now." The fees were in the system for some reason so she had every single one from the past three months refunded, but thats as far back as the records went unfortunately. This had been going on for over two years, too, so while she did get a good chunk of it back, she still lost hundreds of dollars in nonexistent fees. [Why she doesn't switch at this point is totally beyond me.]
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The weather doesn't excuse EVERYTHING, you know.

Well, Saturday we finally resolved the ongoing issue of The Second Package. (Honestly, I'm starting to think of it in capital letters, like a whodunit.)

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tl;dr = Fed Up gives us the runaround for WEEKS on a 3-day delivery that was mysteriously split up along the way, stops answering their phones, updates tracking information seemingly at random and ignores delivery instructions.