December 29th, 2008

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Summer 2007, my mother and I bought a swanky new [for us] town house, and we were going to move in once I finished my exams. Bell told us, since we pushed our moving date back so it would be easier for me during this time that they would move our phone line/internet over a few days beforehand. Sure that's fine, we mostly get telemarketer calls on the home phone, and I usually turn off the internets during study time to keep myself from getting distracted.

So, moving day. Mother gets stressed over new situations, so I went to go play video games and eat candy with my brother all day to stay out of everyones way. They started packing the car around 7, when I left. We weren't moving very far, 3 blocks away, so around 4, when I hadn't heard from my mother, I started to worry, so I called her cell phone and she started crying her eyes out.

Apparently, after I left, the main mover [the man in charge, drives the truck, knows how to pack everything] came into the house, looked around, and said that there wasn't enough space in the truck for our stuff, so he would go back to the next town where the company was and takeout a new truck. It's not very far, 30 minute drive there and back, and since it was Tuesday [or Wednesday. One of them], there wouldn't be much traffic. They all sat around from 7-ish until 12, when they were all finally like "Whaat?" when he never came back.
So, they called the company, and apparently the guy decided to quit. No one bothered to tell the kids who were on his crew [who couldn't be much older then me, I'd put the oldest at 21, and the youngest goes to my brother's school], and to apologize, they sent more young kids over who didn't really know what they were doing. None of them had a truckers license, and none of them could drive stick. So what would have been a 2 minute drive turned into 2 hours, and when they go to our place, they had no idea what they what they were doing. Our antique table was broken in half [on a hilarious note, one of the movers was challenged and said "Oh, well, it was old, anyway", which is what my brother once said]. Dishes were put in the my closet, the home computer went into the garage, couch was shoved in this half-meter wide hall. Huge disaster.

The next morning, the company called my mother's cell phone to apologize again, and they sent two experienced men over to move everything back to where it was, AND they took our table to fix it [and they did a really good job].

 Our next issue was with Bell. The end problem wasn't their fault, but they could have been a lot more helpful. I'm very computer challenged, and I always thought that the help desk was supposed to you know, be helpful for people like me. What was happening was, our phone and computers were plugged in [correctly], and noting was happening. Like, our home phones weren't working, and our computer would work, but the internet wouldn't. So it was a Bell problem.

Anyway, I called at 9 AM, and was on hold for a while, and then they asked what the problem was. I got out like, 2 words, and they bounced me over to India. I was then bounced around for a few hours, and then I complained and said I wanted to speak to whoever was in charge over there. After waiting on hold for half an hour, I finally got someone, and I told her what the problem was.
She was kind of silent for a minute, and then said "I don't know. I'm going to hang up." And she did. I wasted my day trying to fix our home phone line and internet, and they hung up on me. So I called Bell back, and by that time the help desk was closed. I was feeling very cranky.

So my mother called Bell and they sent someone over the next morning and fixed the problem. I should start being more aggressive, it might get something done

Also, unrelated to the above story, but.
I like to cosplay, and lucky for me I lived next store to a Fabric Land. A few months ago, I went pattern hunting there for a simple dress pattern that I could alter for a Gardevoir. I found the pattern I wanted, but the one's that they had out wasn't in my size [I'm a model, I fit sample size]. I asked the woman behind the counter [who was larger then me], if they had this pattern in a smaller size. She turned, sized me up, and said

"Why should I give you the smaller pattern? It would encourage you, look at how sickly skinny you are. It's unnatural, you inspire women to have eating problems to have your supposed 'perfect figure'. Come back when you gain some weight."

I know I look a few years older then I am, but I was 16. That's a really harsh and rude thing to say to someone who is like, half your age and still a child. I didn't do anymore of my pattern shopping there until it was closing down, when all their patterns were $.50 each.
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2 sucks

normally, I post in customers_suck but yesterday must have been the day for service sucks.

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ETA: Just to clarify, i have "moved the fuck on with my life", i just assumed that this was somewhere where you could rant about what you perceived to be bad service. whether you agree with me or not doesn't really matter. i thought both were bad service, so i came to bitch about it. move on with MY life? move on with yours (those who continue to argue).

2 for 2. I should have stayed home today.

First stop: AT&T store. I wanted a bluetooth headset for my iPhone. Not for making calls, but I wanted it to listen to radio station apps and my OTR programs when I'm in stores trying to ignore the stupidity surrounding me.

So, the headsets are right by the front door. I go in and start looking. None of them are at all comfortable, and I'm thinking that someone there might just be able to help me. I'm familiar with the technology, but I don't know if the headset will work with apps (if not, I don't want one... this is critical). I looked online and didn't find the answer.

About five minutes after screwing around with the infernal things, someone comes over, an assistant manager by his nametag, and I ask what I thought was a simple question: will these headsets relay audio from apps, I listen to radio stations on my phone, and from the iPod function?

The answer took about 90 seconds. He said "Bluetooth 2.1" at least five times and rambled on about stereo versus mono. I work in radio, I'm fairly familiar with audio modes. Finally, he said Apple "disabled that functionality" (yes, a direct quote) and concluded that it would not work. A simple "no, it won't" would have been sufficient.

I said "okay, thanks" and turned to leave. He put his hand on my arm (something that does freak me out) and attempted for two more minutes to sell me a headset by telling me all about the safety aspects and various other things, all the while throwing in technojargon and trying to impress me. Finally, I tell him I'm not interested, that I think people who use the damned things are obnoxious and that I'd never carry on a conversation with it, that I just wanted it for the listening part. I found the earbuds to be a little difficult to deal with.

Second stop: Wal-Mart. I walk into the store and grab a buggy at the front (I'm getting 10 items or so, but it was a bit much to try to carry around by hand). The greeter tells me as I walk in with an empty cart and empty hands "RETURNS ARE TO THE LEFT!" I nod and walk on by, not needing that particular service. I got about 10 feet by the little stand when I hear "SIR, TO THE LEFT!". I turned around and got a little customers_sucky with the person, telling her there was no reason to yell at me. I bypassed her because I had no reason to talk to her.

Then I came home. Where I should have stayed before this shopping day started.
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How NOT to request payment for an invoice

So like most folks with any accrued vacation time, I took last week off. I come in this morning to voicemail and a few missed calls. (I'm an admin assistant at a pretty big company).

A woman from a bus company my group used LAST December calls insisting on payment for an invoice plus incurred interest from the person I replaced. Oddly enough, the call log showed she called Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas (perfect times to call and expect a fast response). I had an out of office voicemail on my phone saying I'd be back Monday to which this woman responds "If you don't call me back by Monday, I'll take you to collections."

I promptly return the call and ask her why is this the first I've heard of the issue. Had there been any correspondence by letter, or phone, I as M's replacement (the contact person for the invoice) would have been the person they reached. She admits they only faxed the bill but did so repeatedly to a now defunct e-fax number. I give her my new fax number and ask her to send me the invoice, but I also make sure to bring this to the attention of the guy who does the budgeting for our group. He says "Go on and pay it, but we shouldn't have to pay interest." To which I agree.

I had a feeling the next part was going to involve some ahem, heated discussion and went to an office so as not to distract anyone else. I call the vendor back and explain we're more than happy to cut a check but will only pay the principal amount and she loses it, starts screaming at me that "If you're at a restaurant and eat, you have to pay the bill!" To which I say "Well if you send it to the wrong table, I shouldn't be faulted." She finally said "Fine, pay the principal, do what you want!" and hung up on me.

Great way to do business, really.

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So my tires are a bit low in the front. I went to the local gas station that I always go to, to put air in them. I haven't had to put air in any tires in about 2 years. When I looked at the nozzle to put on the tire to pump it, it looked funny. It was capped off but there was another hole that obviously would not be where the air comes out because the angle we'd have to be at is part of the equipment would have to be IN the tire.
There was no "out of service sign".
So I go inside to seek help from an employee... a woman who has worked there for over 10 years and i used to go there every morning to get a Surge soda on my way to my school bus stop.. she has always been known to be jekyll and hyde with her moods. So I asked her very politely if she could show me how to use it because it looks different (and no, there were no directions on it other than an arrow showing where to put the money in).

she snapped at me "no, i wouldn't know", there are 2 other people working there so i ask "well, can you see if someone else knows." she got nasty and snapped "NO! it's SELF-SERVE!". self serve or not.. you don't snap at someone like that. the store wasn't busy, and she was standing there with her arms folded and looked as if i was bothering her.

im quite sure she knows how to use it. working there over 10 years and the air pump has always been there... i doubt she hasn't used it at least once. even IF she didn't know how... just because it's "self serve" does not mean she couldn't help me. the gas pumps are self serve, if someone didn't know how to use the gas pumps she would need to show them. if there was no way anyone could help me, that would be fine... but she blew me off and snapped at me.