December 28th, 2008


Bad Bus Service

My family are over from Sydney for the holidays. As part of Perth's public transport the buses in and around the city are free. The buses that you use are the same as the buses that go outside the CBD area. (that part is important) So they've been using this quite a bit. We got on today and wanted to get off at a stop to see an attraction. They ask the bus driver where to get off and are told William St for this attraction. When we get off at William St (I've only been in Perth for a year and am still new to living close to the city, so I don't know where everything is) As we get off the bus driver tells us "No, this isn't the stop for 'attraction' get back on and I'll tell you where to get off"

Five minutes later we're outside the CBD. I'm trying to get my parents attention and they're telling me that she would have told us. By this point we're driving through suburban Perth. I go up and ask her what's going on and am told that 'Oh I thought you got off at William St!" We did, but you told us to get back on! She tells us that she's going to the airport and then coming back on a different route. So we stay on.

If it wasn't bad enough, she then stops the bus at a bus stop, gets OFF the bus and starts having a smoke! Now clearly she had to stop for a certain ammount of time (whether to be on time, or she had a mandated break) but NO explaination was given. Considering how much she has stuffed us around at this point, it wouldn't have hurt to say "I have to stop for 'this reason', we'll only be 10 minutes here." Nothing was said. To top it off, she told my father and grandfather (who'd had enough and went back to the hotel) to get off a stop early! So my 70 year old grandfather had to walk an extra half a km because of her incompetence. (if it had been just my dad it wouldn't have worried me, but my grandfather is having massive problems with his legs, so the extra walk would have really hurt him)

I work with this company through my own workplace so I'll be calling the depo tomorrow and putting in a complaint.

Amusing bad service...or at least, really really late service.

My dad wanted this boxed set of Western DVDs for Christmas last year, so my mother ordered it from around October 2007. She waited a few months and nothing came, so she contacted Amazon and they offered to send her another DVD. She waited a few months for that DVD to come and got nothing, so she told Amazon to just cancel the order and got her money back. Problem solved.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when we get a UPS package from Amazon. My mother, confused because she didn't order anything from them this year, opens it up to find the Western DVD set. At first she thinks that maybe she did try to order it again this year and just forgot about it, until she looks at the packing slip - which is from October 2007!

We're wondering if next year we'll get the second DVD they tried to ship out.

Long wait? you bet.

Tonight me and my mum and bro went out to the movies. Nope, that's not the bad service. The bad service was that after we bought our tickets, we thought, we had an hour and a half to kill, let's go and get a nice dinner at the restaurant located next to the cinema complex.
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tl:dr: restaurant takes an hour to discover the order for our food hasn't gone through, manager gives my mum grief over wanting her meal for free or some sort of discount for the total inconvenience (and FAIR ENOUGH for my mum too.)

But, on the plus side, we made it into the movie for the trailers.