December 27th, 2008

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My work involves providing direct care for adults with developmental disabilities, and I often have to take my consumers (the adults I work with) to doctor's appointments. Usually, I'll get a call from my manager asking me to pick up so and so and take them to this appointment a day later. So I pick up the consumer and the required paperwork and take them to the doctor. On this particular day, I took my consumer to his Podiatrist, because staff were concerned about swelling in his feet.

I took this consumer to the doctor and as I walked in I told the receptionist that I had so and so for his appointment for doctor so and so.

She looks at me and goes, "Well, who are you?"

I was kind of set back by how snappy and rude she was, and I hold up my employee I.D that's around my neck and say, "I'm his direct care provider."

She looks at me and looks at my consumer and says "I don't see why you have to be here with him, he's a grown man."

And before I get to say anything she says, "His co-pay is going to be $30."

I told her that the company we're a part of should be billed for that. And she says, "When you made the appointment we told you that co-pays needed to be paid upfront."

I told her I didn't make the appointment, I was just asked to bring this consumer to his appointment.

She rolls her eyes and points at this sign on the counter that says, "All co-pays need to be made at the time of the appointment." And then she said, "If you're not going to pay the co-pay, you're going to have to leave." Her tone of voice is really stern and she started to raise her voice at me.

My consumer gets really anxious whenever people argue or when people raise their voices, and I see that he's starting to get upset so I just pull out my debit card and hand it over. She goes into another room and swipes my card and writes me a reciept for $30, so that I can take it to my work for a reimbursement.

She just points to the lobby, and says "Sit there."

The consumer I was with doesn't like sitting down, he stands and paces a little bit. The receptionist walks by, and goes "Have him SIT DOWN, PLEASE." I don't really understand why, there wasn't anyone else in the lobby.

45 minutes after the appointment was supposed to start, the doctor comes out for us. We're taken back to a really cramped room and the doctor seems annoyed that I'm there.

She tells me to have him take off his shoes and socks and sit in the chair. It's you know, one of those chairs in the doctors office that leans back and you put your feet up on. I

have my consumer take off his shoes and socks and I try to have him sit on the chair. The doctor had left and come back by now, and seemed irritated that it was taking him this long. I learned later that this consumer had been going to this doctor for years, so she knows that he has developmental disabilities, and she should know that anyway by me being there.

He doesn't understand how to sit in the chair. I'm trying to help him by saying "Sit here, now put your feet up here."

It's not working very well and the doctor was getting really agitated. She practically SCREAMED at him because he didn't understand how to sit in the chair.

I was like "Can you not yell? He doesn't understand, just give him some time to get how to sit in the chair."

And she huffs and says "I don't know why you can't just do your job!"

We tried for about 45 minutes to get him to sit in the chair, but he wasn't able to quite do it. He would sit on the end where your feet go, or sit sideways where your butt is actually supposed to go, but he wouldn't put his feet up because he was taught not to put his feet on the furniture at home. The doctor threw her hands up in the air and said that we'd have to reschedule because she has other things she needs to do. She didn't give us time to let him put his socks and shoes back on in the office, so we had to do it in the lobby. He was very shaken, after being yelled at and so I took him out to McDonald's for some ice cream.

I CANNOT BELIEVE THE NERVE OF THAT WOMAN. I was shaking because I was so upset, it took so much out of me to not just yell right back at her, but I knew it would have just made my consumer more upset.
I called and left a message with my manager about that doctor, and she called back saying she's going to discontinue services with that doctor for all of our consumers.
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The last post reminded me of this, and this is still going on.

On October 15th 2007, I bought an iPod video for my birthday, for about 450$, which included the Life Warranty in addition to the 80 gig iPod.
It has worked amazingly up until recently, and so I took it back to Best Buy, to get them to fix it. The cashier who took me was so pleasant and sweet, and asked what was wrong with it.
I told her: I have to hold the pause button for a few minutes to get it to pause/turn off, instead of just clicking it
Only one side of the earphones works (I've tried multiple earphones, and these earphones work on different things)
Only holds charge for 30-40 minutes
If I charge it all night, and have it off all day, it is already dead. (As in, I turn it off and lock it like that, then turn it on later)
At this point, it STILL TURNS ON, plugged in or not.
She says that is is okay, and she'll send it in to the Best Buy fixing team (why it isn't being sent to Apple is beyond me), and that it'll be in around 1-2 weeks from now. I thank her, and leave happy.

This is where it goes to shit.
In exactly 5 days, we get a call from Best Buy, and an they tell me that they can't fix it unless we give them 150$. I ask why, and they said "It's water damage, and we don't cover that." I tell them politely that it's never been near water, ever. So, the lady says, in a really snappy attitude, that it might be condensation. So now, the atmosphere and it's changes it my fault. I tell them just to send it back, and I don't want to get it fixed, and she says "fine", and that's that.
A week ago, they call to say my iPod is back at Best Buy, and my mom and I go to pick it up. We get to Best Buy, and I'm excited to have my bb back. We get to the counter, and my mom asks the cashier to make sure it's working. She is polite and agrees, and when she plugs it in, nothing happens. I would understand if it wasn't plugged in, since the battery would have died by now, but it was plugged in, and not working. I try to keep a straight face, and I say "Well, can we send it back? I have the Life Warranty and they should either fix it or give me a new one." The girl looks at me, confused and says "We don't see life warranties here." By this time, I'm furious that I spent 250+$ on something that I don't have. I realize that this happens, buying something useless, but I don't have a job, and this 250 could have gone to something I needed, instead of something that doesn't exist.
The girl checks the computer screen, and says that, yes, it was working when we brought it in. Both I, and the original cashier wrote that down, and now Best Buy has broken my poor bb.

As well, I went to get a Christmas present for my cousin there, iTunes gift cards. My father and I ask multiple people in the store where to get them, and we find them, and get them. We get to the cash, and the girl is really rude with us and says "Uh, we can't activate those here anymore." Like, you can't have a sign or something at the desk where they give you them? I'm not going to be buying things at Best Buy anymore. ):

More Best Buy Fail!

Seems to be alot of it going around?

My husband received a laptop last year that was purchased AT Best Buy, and he was given a 5 year warranty on it. Said warranty also stated that aside from certain things like water damage, fire damage, etc, it would be fixed with no problem if there was an issue.
About a month ago, there was a huge issue - the fan stopped working, and simply turning it on for a few minutes would overheat it and cause it to shut itself off.

We go to the EXACT store it was purchased at, and we're thrown back and forth between the customer service desk, a desk at the computer section, and then after AN HOUR of being told the other people would have to help us, we're sent to Geek Squad. The girl standing at the Geek Squad desk asked what was wrong, and we told her. However she cuts us off mid-sentence, and in a very rude tone with a disgusted look on her face, asks what 'pirated software and music' we put on it that 'would've broke it'. Note that she never plugged the laptop into anything to run diagnostics, it's sitting cold and unused on the desk at this point - she's just shooting her mouth off. My husband simply said "... excuse me?", and she sighed and started typing things into a computer. She said they'll call us to let us know when to pick it up, took a look at the warranty we have (that DOES cover this fan situation). I actually turned to her at that point (since it was very late November), and said "Happy Holidays!". She mouthed "screw you" at me, looking directly at me, and went back to work. We were late for an appointment at the time, so we didn't bother complaining about her to anyone.

We get a call just before Christmas saying that they're going to start work on it, and that it'll cost $400 to replace this fan. Whether or not that was way overcharged I don't know, as I don't know computer parts, but regardless we didn't have $400 to fix the laptop at that time, so we told them to just send it back to the store. The next day it's back in the store (so evidently they just let it sit for almost a month?), so we go down to pick it up.
Now, my husband is one of those people who put bumperstickers/logo stickers all over the top of his laptop. When we saw the laptop, every single sticker had SEVERE water damage/fading on them, and there were tons of scratches all over the laptop itself, none of which had been there before. We speak up about it, and the guy at the desk tells us "you brought it in like that". Um, no... so we tell him to try turning it on - he did, and it refused to even turn on at this point. He had another guy look it over, who abruptly told us "you should keep it away from water, you know... now it's busted" (he said those exact words). Well there had been NO water damage AT ALL before we brought it in.
We ask for a manager immediately, and he tells us that he has no way to knowing if it was brought in with water damage or not, so he has to assume that it was. We ask to see that first geeksquad cashier if possible (I had written her name down on the receipt - I always do that, have since issues I had a year ago with a cashier somewhere), and we were informed that she had been let go a week prior.
We never yelled or raised our voices ONCE - we were VERY careful about that, and even kept it to near-whisper to not bother other customers for them. However when my husband stated he was going to call those "higher up" about this, we weren't just asked to leave, but they made us stand there until a security guy came over to escort us TO OUR CAR. We were asked to not do business at their store again.

Oh, we'll be dealing with this for sure - because this is ridiculous.
We're getting the laptop fixed elsewhere since he uses it for work (and ironically, to fix the damage the water caused AND get the fan fixed, we're only being charged $150). And we'll never be returning to that Best Buy (or any Best Buy) for quite some time.

Inspired by all the "Geek Squad sucks!" posts

Except the bad_service wasn't from Best Buy. They actually saved my ass. Imagine that. 

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tl, dr: HP "troubleshooting" = "That computer is dead. Buy a new one."  Refuse to give me a refund, claiming they had provided troubleshooting.  I go around in circles for the better part of an hour until they finally agree to give me a refund, which I've yet to actually verify, and in the end, Best Buy not only troubleshoots my problem over the phone, they replace the part in a half hour. 

Edited for a typo. 

I've been holding on to this one

As someone that has worked in retail and customer service, I've always tried to remain professional and for obvious reasons I try not to be the subject of C_S LJ community.

Here goes:

In April of 2008, my fiance Scott, my son, and I attended the home opener for the Chicago Fire football match (Chicago Fire is a "soccer" team). Anyway, we were walking around looking for some Fire scarves. Unfortunately all of the stores were sold out. As we were walking around looking for said scarf, we came upon a bank booth. The booth was giving away the scarf my fiance wanted. We approached the young ladies to inquiry about the scarves and we were told that in order to get one we would need to open a checking account with as little as $25. So I said what the heck. I really didn't need another checking account but if it got me the scarf, I wouldn't need to hear my fiance whine about it.

Even though it was the beginning of April, it was a rather cold and windy day. And in football (soccer) matches are hardly ever called off because of rain. So we were a little bit cold and wet. Stuff was flying off the booth's table and the young ladies constantly picking up the brochures. I sit there and fill out the paperwork. And the young lady begins to data enter the information on the computer. Everything is going fine and then it happens: the computer crashes. She has to reenter the information again, and again it crashes. Now, this in itself isn't the bad_service, as it wasn't her fault that computer didn't want to work. So instead of having me wait again she took my information and handed over the scarf to me. We all walk away.

Good and fine...until....I hear.


I turn around and it's the "branch manager" running towards us. He then proceeds to tell me that I have to give back the scarf since I didn't open up an account with them. I assured him that I did:

Branch Manager: No, you didn't, since the computer didn't issue you an account number.

Me: Well *Jennifer* tried entering the information 3x and something happened. She has all my information.

Branch Manager: I'm sorry but you have to give the scarf back.

So, I look at my fiance Scott and he just has that look on his face (and he looked like he really wanted to kill this guy). I hand over the scarf and we continue to walk to our seats.

Seriously. I was really embarrassed that he did this in front of a a lot of people. I really didn't want anything to do with the bank after the incident. If the "branch manager" does this in stadium what will he do in a small bank? I was going to email the young woman that was helping me open the account to tell her not to bother that I don't want to business with them.

In the end, it all worked out well as she contacted me the next business day to get my account started. She also mailed me TWO scarves to make up for the rudeness of the branch manager.
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Inspired by all the Best Buy hate, this happened a while back and I considered posting it then, but figured that the ire would pass. It didn't. It's been over a year and when I think about it it still pisses me off.

I'm from a fairly small city, where you can't turn around without bumping into someone you know. At least two or three guys I went to high school with work at Best Buy. I went in to buy a computer after my laptop suffered a horrible death at the hands (paws) of a kitten and a mug of hot chocolate - the computer I was buying was around a grand, I can't remember exactly how much, but I digress.

The guy checking me out is one of the ones I went to school with. He looks at me, looks at the computer (I also had a new graphics card to go with it and the upgrade to a bigger monitor, and a wireless adapter - I was spending around $1500 in the store) and goes, "Are you SURE about all this? Can you afford it? Because you CAN'T just return it later if you decide you can't afford it."

I was so embarrassed that I didn't say anything. I mean, sure, my family is not the richest family ever, but that's none of his damn business. Looking back on it, I wish I'd spoken to a manager. I'd considered it, but the guy I'd gone to school with would have known it was me, and we still have friends in common. At the time, I was meek about things like that. If it happened today, I guarantee I would've said "Manager. Now." rather than "Uh... yeah."

So there's my Best Buy suck. Not as bad as destroyed computers or empty Zunes, but it still bothers me occasionally.

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Inspired by the bad doc tale below

Quick backstory.  My BF was laid off, lost his insurance.  This actually all started in November 2007.  He woke up one day with sore knees, over the next several weeks his knees swelled to the size of softballs and it was nearly impossible for him to walk.  He also began experiencing frank hematuria, general muscle weakness, fatigue, irritability, and loss of appetite.  He lost so much weight he became emaciated (~130 lbs) and was pretty much just a rotten bastard to be around.  He couldn't work, hell he could barely walk.  Long story short he applied for and received medicaid.  WooHoo!  The safety net has worked and he's on his way to finding out what is wrong.

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