December 25th, 2008

Just remembered this one...

My mom's friend works at a family pizza restaurant/game center that would normally be the type of place I'd avoid like the devil, but my family decided to go there one night when my mom's friend was working so we could say hello to her.

When we got there, I saw there was not much I wanted to order, and decided to inquire about the lasagna. The cashier, who acted like a snob the entire time (and we later found out that she has a bad reputation in the restaurant) told me in a very annoyed voice, "Um, that's a FAMILY lasagna, and you have to order it at least a day ahead of time." I later looked at the menu, and the exact wording on the menu was "order within 24 hours." Now, I realize that with her clarification they meant "order AT LEAST 24 hours ahead of time", but the actual wording on the menu implies the exact opposite: that you must order it 24 hours of less before you come to pick it up, which makes no sense at all.

Also, I was at the time going to school out of state, and I noticed that the restaurant had the same name as one of the pizza places in my school cafeteria, and also they used the same logo on their menu and all over the store. So I asked my mom's friend if they were owned by the same people, and she kept insisting that they were not a chain, they were locally owned and this was the only location. My family asked me if I was sure it was the same logo, and I said yes, I was positive. I looked it up online to be sure, and yeah, it's the same logo. The restaurant is locally owned but they use another pizza restaurant's (most likely copyrighted) logo on all their material. I'm assuming they found the logo on the internet and decided to use it for themselves since it had the same name as theirs. I'm pretty sure that ain't kosher.