December 20th, 2008

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I just posted this a comment, but I thought I'd post it here.

A friend of mine ordered the engagement ring he wanted to propose to his girlfriend over vacation. He had it sent UPS (it was just the ring she wanted, and sorta unique so it was easiest to just order it). They propped it between the screen and the door of his neighbors apartment-who were on vacation for a month. It wasnt until about 2 months after he planned to propose that he ended up with a knock on his door and his neighbors going "um...we got this...". It was a tiny box, too, soo...on the bright side, he ended up doing a better proposal after all and she was more surprised then she would've been.

Oh, and he did do a charge back and stuff, so he had to call and repay and such, but it was such a lame situation.
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I hope this post is "bad_service" enough...

This is my first time posting a story here, so I hope it's acceptable. I go to a pretty good University that's supposed to be relatively difficult to get least, so I've been told...and I live in a dorm across from a cafeteria/grocery store that while it's managers are not students, all the supervisors and employees are. Now I've been in school and gone to this particular place long enough to know that even though all these students are in college and should be competent enough, nothing ever goes right.

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Okay, I'm not typically one to blow the "this is America, speak English!" horn, but the other day it got a weeeee bit ridiculous.

In the morning, I went to Dunkin Donuts.

Me: Hi, I'll just get a large green tea.
Cashier: (She pulls an earl grey out of the display.) Okay that will be-
Me: I'm sorry, I wanted a green tea.
Cashier: Yes, green tea. (She continues making it.)
Me: Err, that's not the right one.
Cashier: (She looks at it and shows me.) Green tea.
Me: It says earl grey. (I go to point to the one I want but she's walked away. She grabs another cashier and they talk back and forth.)
Other cashier: This? (She points to the earl grey.)
Me: No, I asked for green tea. (She points at a different one, still the wrong box.) It's the one on the bottom on the right.
Cashier: Oh... that is not what you ordered. Next time you say that first.

I looked at the display... and the green tea was one of the only boxes that wasn't colored green.

Later that same day, I took my teenage brother to King of Prussia mall. We stopped for lunch at the food court and he asked me to grab him fries and a salad while he went to the bathroom. He is fatally allergic to peanuts, so whenever he goes somewhere new he has to find out what everything is cooked in.

(I order, and the cashier hasn't spoken much yet so I have no idea that English obviously isn't her first language. Then...)
Me: I'd also like some fries but could you tell me what they're cooked in first?
Cashier: (She gives me a confused look.) French fries?
Me: Yes. What are they cooked in? Like, what kind of oil?
Cashier: Yes.
Me: Excuse me?
Cashier: Yes. Oil.
Me: Oh, I know they're cooked in oil, but what kind?
Cashier: Oil. Fries are cooked in oil.
Me: I understand that. (Enunciating) What kind?
Cashier: (Enunciating) Cooked in oil.
Me: Yes. I get that. But I'm asking what type of oil. Is it vegetable, or peanut, or-
Cashier: Yes.
Me: What? They're cooked in peanut oil?
Cashier: Yes, maybe.
Me: Well could you please find out? It's a serious health issue and I'd really appreciate it.
Cashier: (She prepares a basket of fries and rings me up.) That will be $XX.XX.
Me: ...I still need to know what kind of oil these are cooked in or I don't want them. (The cashier holds up a finger and walks away. She talks with a guy in the kitchen area and he comes to the register.)
Cook: Veggie- vegetable oil.
Me: Oh, so it's not peanut oil?
Cook: No. No peanuts.

I guess he was right since my brother's still alive and kicking, but seriously? If you're going to be dealing with food I think you should have at least a minimal understanding of what you're talking about. Am I wrong here?
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Advice Please? (Not necessarily bad service, but definitely frustrating)

This may not be appropriate here, so I'll just write the general gist so that hopefully you guys can direct me to the correct community.

I checked my profile on my credit card company's website, and found out that my credit limit had been lowered, from $1250 to $750, making my available credit far, far less than it had been yesterday.  I always pay my bill on time, and have been paying way above the minimum payment for some time now, so I called the number on the back, and was told that my credit limit had been lowered, but the operator didn't know why.  She said it was all detailed in a letter that was on its way to me.  I asked if she would have any idea as to why, she said that lately, they've been doing it to a lot of people who haven't spent even close to their limit, which is the case with me, and that that might be the reason why.  I also asked if I could have my credit limit increased to the previous amount, and she said she couldn't do that.  She was very nice, so I'm not complaining about her service.  I have issue with not being told ahead of time that there would be $500 less available to me.

So what I really would like to know is, can they do that?  I wasn't given any warning ahead of time, and while, yes, I have never really spent more than the new limit, I was planning on going abroad in March, and was counting on having access to the credit line I had before so that I could finance it.  I know it's not really nice or considerate, at least from my point of view, but what I really need is for someone to let me know how I should handle this, if there are any policies being broken here, and what I could do to get my credit line increased as quickly as possible.  I've never spent above my limit, and as I said, I've always paid my bill on time.  I just don't like that I wasn't informed of this before it happened.

Edit:  I just want to say thank you to everyone for your advice, news links, information, etc.  I feel much better about it now that I've had a day to think about it and while I still think it's absolutely ridiculous to do something like this, I will view it as an opportunity to pay off my balance, switch to a card with a better interest rate, and manage my finances even better than I've been striving to (although this time of year, it's difficult for everyone).

Sorry for the PSA, lol.  I just really want you guys to know how much you've helped.
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Out of stock? 12 days later? Now no one has it?

My mother collects a particular china pattern - A Christmas Story by Portmeirion.   They release new pieces every year, and discontinue pieces.   Some pieces are only available for that particular year.

So, this year, my mother sends me, at the end of November, a picture of which new piece she wants from the collection.   The catalog we generally use has a horribly designed web site, and can be a bit slow in updating when things are out of stock on the web page.  Plus, they don't offer gift wrap and shipping can be a little expensive. 

I do a little searching, and find .   Not only do they have a nice web site, they have the piece my mother wants, IN STOCK (according to the web site) - A four piece set of fruit/salad dishes.  Better yet, it is at a discounted price, they offer reasonable shipping, PLUS gift wrap.   I can have it all shipped directly to my mom, she'll have her dishes, and I'll be good daughter.

So, I order them on December 8th.  I get confirmation emails, all seems well, everything shows up as in stock.   TODAY, December 20th, (12 days later!) I get an email saying that the item is out of stock, plus its discontinued, and they are sorry for the inconvenience. 

Now, I could understand the web site lagging behind stock, as long as I'm notified in a timely matter (one day, maybe two, if its a weekend).   I could see them attempting to get stock, but they should have told me immediately that they were out of stock so I'd have the option to find the piece elsewhere.   Other sites did have the piece in stock back on the 8th, but either for not as cheap, or they didn't offer gift wrap.

Since they waited 12 days, my mom won't be getting the one present she asked for.  No one else has it in stock at this point and I can't even order it direct from the manufacturer in England - they are out of stock as well.  I'll have to find it on the secondary market, if I can, and pay a premium for it.   Luckily it isn't the only present I got for my mother - but it was the one she particularly asked for.


Oh for the love of....

(originally from Wednesday--I just found this comm today)

Ok, so I had an appointment with Planned Parenthood yesterday for an official result of my pregnancy. Or at least I was SUPPOSED to.

But when we got there (it was a tiny little shack, I kid you not,) the receptionist told me they didn't take my insurance, they had to have cash if I didn't have medicare, and the test would be $25. The only part of that information that matched what I'd been told when I originally set up the appointment by phone was the cost. It being a few days before payday, naturally I'm broke, right?

I decided to try my debit card ONCE for the amount, and if it didn't take that amount, I told her not to bother trying again. Well, this dimwit tried THREE times on my card, after I'd asked her only to do it once. So now I'm stuck with MORE fees to pay off thanks to her idiocy.

I'd made the appointment for yesterday at 5:30 because it's the only day I have off this week. I told her this, and she breezily suggests I come in on Friday. I tell her no, I'm WORKING Friday and their hours won't work at all for me. She tells me they close at 6:30 Friday night so that should work for me. I'm beginning to get angry at this point. I tell her that NO, those hours DO NOT work for me at all. That I get off work at 6:30 if not later thanks to the slave driver that is DISH network. Her next suggestion is that I go to the DOWNTOWN clinic which opens at 8am on Friday. I tell her that is impossible, it's farther than the clinic we're at now, and much LESS convenient. Plus- he doesn't get off work until 8am or later! She then goes back to the 6:30 appointment suggestion. I repeat my earlier statements multiple times and finally she says, "Well, you could always go to the FREE clinic. THEY base off income."

Lady, it's not my income that's the problem. It's the fact that you haven't mastered the art of listening AND comprehending!!!

I'm beginning to be very frustrated by the incompetence of most non-profit organization workers I've dealt with in the last few months. I'm not saying ALL non-profit workers are incompetent, mind you, just the ones I've personally dealt with.

(Edit to clear up a few things I noticed were unclear: the confirmation is for HR purposes, as I have to go up and down steep, unsafe stairs day in and day out. We have an elevator but per HR, I have to have a doctor's note confirming my pregnancy to use it.

Also-this PP was in Lakewood, CO.)
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