December 18th, 2008


earlier today I went on to purchase Britney Spears concert tickets. I wanted at least the first upper level (floor seats are way too expensive and since I'll be driving 3 hours to see the show, I want decent seats).

I was disappointed to see that out of the huge list of tickets, most of them had a purchase quantity minimum of 2 tickets. I only need 1 ticket.

I called StubHub to see if they could easily and quickly help me locate which sections they had 1 ticket available for. the guy that answered the phone told me why some sellers have a minimum purchase of 2 tickets, and then looked up the information I wanted. seems good enough, until we get to the end of the call..

Me: "okay, great, I'll go back online later today to purchase the ticket you mentioned"
Him: "ok, do you need help buying it? I can call you back and help you purchase it" *obvious sales attempt since I'm sure he gets commission for selling tickets*
Me: "no thank you.. but thanks so much for your help"
Him: "yeah whatever, thanks for calling StubHub" *click* he hangs up before I can even say anything

and the thing is.. I WOULD have allowed him to call me back and get credit for the sale, except that 1) I'm not exactly sure when the money I have for the ticket is going to be in my account, and 2) I only have my cellphone and my minutes aren't free during this time of the day. I'm currently having to keep a tight watch on my minutes.

now I've worked in hard sales before and I realize it's frustrating when a sales opportunity slips between your fingers, but is that really enough reason to be so rude to a future customer, and especially one who hasn't even provoked it?

I'll be going through instead.

Pharmacy SUCK


So I'm on a trio of meds right now, to try and sort out my brain.

I had been going to the local Mart of Walls - so I could shop while they filled my scripts. Then I had an incident.

I see my dr every week and yes, I realise some of his scripts should be spaced out more, if you tell me that, I'll wait (especially since I'm not paying for them).

So I hit the day when I *thought* one script could be filled. I called the pharm and asked if it was ok for me to fill it that day, that I had 10 pills left and well, needed more. Plus, I had a new script.

I was told no prob, and went to get them filled.

No issues there.

But I take these meds at NIGHT, when managers have long left for the day. The poor guy I got on the phone could only tell me to call back the next day.

The reason for my call? I only got TEN of the pills I was refilling, when my script was for 15. Also, the other script was for 25 of a different pill, and I only got 18.

I counted them twice/thrice/etc that night when I turned the first bottle onto my bed - easiest way to count out what I needed, then decided to count the rest. So I opened the other bottle and counted them, too.

Alas, I was short 12 pills from two separate bottles.

I waited until the next day to call the Pharm Supervisor and he basically said that they only used these meds for me (had to special order one type), so they were dispensing what they had on hand for me. He pretty much accused me of losing 12 pills (Hi, I'd be in a coma right now) and said that was all he could do for me. I think it's awesome that he knows EXACTLY what each patient gets....

I did call the store manager, but never really heard back from him, despite him promising to check the security cams in the Pharm, etc.

I just go to a different pharm now, since I can't trust the others. And I had no real proof that my meds were missing - they have the pharm script, I only have the bottle (despite one bottle being WAY too small to carry the necessary dose I was prescribed).

What pisses me off is that I'm not paying for these, the local town's mental health branch is and they've now been charged for 12 pills I never got :-(

And when I told the Head Pharmacist that I didn't have enough pills to make it to my next dr's appointment, his response? "Well, you can always get your dr to prescribe more." HELLO DUMBASS, won't be seeing him for another WEEK, needed those extra pills to make it through the week....

But I just go to different places and they are more than competant.
[Cephalopods] Need love!


This happened a few weeks ago, at the ONE stupid comic book store in my college town. I thought I was over it, but I guess it's still eating at me a little bit...

I read this comic book called Scud: The Disposable Assassin. It's about a robot named Scud and all these whacky adventures he gets into. It's a really, really violent comic book. The writer/artist also ended the series very abruptly, with no ending.

Collapse )

Oh, so it's all fine and dandy when I want to buy that comic book for a man, but when I want to buy it for myself, suddenly, it's off limits? Do you think that just because I have a uterus I'm going to start bawling at the sight of some guy getting his face cut off? Would you feel more comfortable if I picked up some Betty and Veronica comic books? I'm surprised you even suggested Bone, because (GASP), people DIE in that comic book! Whatever, you sexist jackass. I'll go to the comic book store I used to work in my hometown and get Scud there. Where, they, you know, don't try and censor us helpless little girls from nasty, scary violence.
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