December 16th, 2008

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Hospital Bad Service

Long time lurker, first time poster.. you all know how that works... anyways one of the below bad service posts made me think I should post my hospital nightmare... and afterwards nightmare as well... gotta love the health system down here - free but damn... it goes into a bit of TMI so I'll put it behind a cut...
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Sorry if that was extremely long winded and made no sense sometimes - it's like 2am and I'm tired...
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It was my little brother Sparks' eighteenth birthday at the beginning of November. A few years ago I bought him a katana on a display stand, and he loved it to bits, so this year I thought I'd get him a claymore (we're Scottish). There aren't many reputable places that sell good quality weapons in the UK, so I went to the same place I bought the katana - WeaponsGalore as I'd bought a few more things from them and always been really happy with their past service. I picked out a replica of the claymore from the movie Highlander.

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