December 15th, 2008

Thank you for informing the whole store!

For the past few years, my family's been having lice problems. (Likely from my having two little brothers who go to a bad school district.) My family has been.. well, less than good at keeping it in check. (they don't know what they're doing. At all.) So it keeps coming back.

I haven't had a hair cut in a few years, because I'm ashamed of how I keep getting it. Now, though, it'd been many, many months of me apparently not having it. So I finally worked up the courage to go get a well needed hair cut, instead of a home chop.

It wasn't more than five minutes in to the chair that the lady found one. While, yes, I understand that lice are disgusting, women tend to be afraid of bugs, and..well, yeah. But she didn't need to rip the cloak and such off of my neck so fast that I felt like I got burned, back away from me in a horrified manner, and then say, loud enough for everyone to hear, that they do not cut hair for people with lice.

Really, I enjoyed all of her coworkers and customers staring at me as if I am some abomination.

Eight years ago, when my mother had lice, her barber had been kind enough to lean down, pull the bug out of her hair, and inform her in a hushed tone what was wrong (showing her the bug). She also didn't leave my mother with a chunk of hair missing from an unfinished cut, and had the kindness to at least even the hair out before asking her to leave.

I don't know. It really hurt. I know how to take care of my hair and to get rid of them, but my family just won't do it right, and I keep getting it back. I really thought I was rid of it, at least for this once. It wouldn't hurt as much if she'd just told me so in a professional manner.

(First post to this community, so I hope I haven't done anything wrong.)
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More medical bad service

The recent medical bad service posts have reminded me of this one - it still annoys me to this day, so I thought I'd post.

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I was admitted to a different hospital a couple years later for something else and that whole experience was great with quiet rooms, nice and helpful medical professionals, a quick check-in process, etc. I had to share a room in that one, but even with a roommate it was far quieter and more pleasant than that other hospital.
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I'm *not* just looking.

This crap about selectively offering service to customers really bothers me. I realize that I'm wearing jeans, a T-shirt, a leather jacket, and my hair is in a ponytail instead of elegantly coiffed, but I'm still a customer in your store.

So you're upscale. Your merchandise costs hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars. But I came in to buy something for my mother, and I know damn well how much it costs. I saw you glance at me and then find anything else to do. Are you assuming I'm just in here because of them purdy dekorashuns? There is no reason three of you need to hover around the woman in the nice sweater and slacks, especially when she's made it clear she's only looking. I stood around for about ten minutes waiting for someone to acknowledge my presence. Screw that, mom will be happy with something else.

I don't think I should have to change the way I dress to get service. For crying out loud you're in a mall. Do you think you're only going to get the elite in your establishment? I could be a billionaire and I would still wear what was comfortable. Holy crap didn't you ever see Pretty Woman? I mean I'm not a hooker, and I'm not wearing thigh-highs, but it's the same idea (although I'd kill to be that tall). You never know who is in your store for what, and because you ignored me you lost a $200 sale. In this economy? Good job.

I wasn't aware my money had a different value because of the way I dress. Screw you.


dear Ikea,

Why on earth are all* of your phone lines closed while your stores are open? And why can't I get in touch with anyone at the home shopping phone number, even though the line is supposed to be open from 8am-10pm (or 10am-9pm, depending which store I call)?

I just want to enjoy your inexpensive but attractive products. :(

some love but also deep frustration,


*I'm in Canada, there are only eleven Ikeas and I phoned them all.

eta: I finally got through to a real live human being, who told me that there was some kind of general meeting for the Ikea phone people so the phone lines were closed, but he put me through to the super sekrit line which allowed me to speak to another real live person who could answer my questions. huzzah!
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