December 13th, 2008

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Japanese food and soda - what?

Just tried a new restaurant in my small bum-fuck university town. It's a Japanese restaurant, run by Cantonese speaking people. It's an all-you-can-eat type affair, but most things don't have a menu price for it or a limit that you can order.

Example: Beef sashimi (1 time order)
Soda in cans

I order a can of coke to start, and then go with a ginger ale later. The waitress/owner informed me several times that the extra can of pop would cost more. I okay it, and then another waitress comes with a can of cola, and then informs me again that I have to pay extra for it. I say yes, but tell her I wanted a can of ginger ale - she comes back with it.

Really, I'm not going to dispute the fucking bill over a $2 can of soda. And I already told her it was ok. Don't send another employee over to nag me about the can of soda.

PS - New here, but a long time lurker. *unlurks*

*EDIT*: The first employee I spoke to was the owner, and I spoke to her in Cantonese. Also, the dining room is tiny, and you could hear everyone in the room in the food prep area.

This is minor bad service, but it's like being told multiple times that the company only takes cash. Minor, but it kills the service level - and it also is very silly, I would rather have the limit printed directly on the menu in bold.
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When did prepaid phones get so... complicated?

When I got this phone, last year at this time, the whole point was "Yay, I can put minutes on it when I need them, and not have to worry about using/going over a monthly minute limit!" I paid twenty dollars for the stupid thing.

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ETA: Sorry, I didn't realize it was sort of long. It's behind a cut now.

ETA2: Maybe I wasn't being clear in my letter. The bank asked me for an explanation in writing as to why I was contesting the charge. They're not the bad service, Virgin is. They gave me my $30.42 back provisonally until they can get the money back from Virgin, which they said probably wouldn't be a problem. I just hate VirginMobile. Sorry for being lazy and just using my letter as an explanation lol.
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Nosy cashier

I was at the grocery store today and when I had my wallet open to pull out my Safeway card and debit card, the cashier commented My you have a lot of cards, don't you. I think that is irresponsible of you in this economic climate.

My jaw dropped and I was struck speechless. I managed to recover and finish the transaction. I walked over to the service desk and asked to speak to a manager. When I told him what happened, he had that wait. WHUT? face that I am sure I made as well. He apologized and said he would speak to the cashier.

I am still speechless. Who the hell would make that kind of remark to a total stranger? Regardless of whether I had one credit card or one hundred.

and for the record, it consisted of a DL, two debit cards (brick and mortar account/ING account), two credit cards, one flex card and a bunch of store reward cards.

bank bad service.

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Update: Monday I called and spoke to a Tony, who told me that no, it's not supposed to be 2 weeks. He was VERY apologetic, canceled teh card that wasn't here yet, and had them fed ex a new one. That arrived today (it was supposed to be overnight but we had a nasty ice battle monday night).