December 10th, 2008

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So, previously I have posted about my landlord bad service. Since then: By the 22nd we still did not have a full set of keys for the house between us. We moved in on the 21st but one of my house mates had to climb into a window to let himself in and unlock the door, but that is three weeks after we started paying full rent. Illegal eviction. The boiler did not work and was not fixed until the 26th of October. We were burgled on the 21st of October and there was no mortice locks on the doors – a legal requirement. This made our insurance invalid. One of my house mates has become ill from the damp in her room (one wall is slick with wet each morning), and has been coughing and suffering the whole time we have been here. There is mould growing in the bathroom from the damp. We clean it off frequently, but even with the windows open all day to air it it appears. The landlord said he would pay us the three weeks we couldn't get in the house - which I think was the least he could do, really, and was going to tomorrow. Yesterday he told me he was only paying half rent as "we were in the house". Oh, we were? No. We wernt, we had no keys. I think it's time to find a solicitor now. I've been too lenient so far - what do you guys think?

Edit: I was ready to move out - but none of my roomies couldn't afford to, and if I left they'd be left out of pocket on the house and totally fucked with no money to get a new place til the landlord gave it back. That's why I didn't go before, much as I wanted to.

Edit2: I've texted him to ask when he will pay us the rent back. He is still insisting on half rent. Transcript: Me: We were not in the house for three weeks so expect the three weeks rent back - after yesterday you said we were not in there so could only pay half.
Him: Well gosh I would suggest for every legalistic point there is a counter point, that's how lawyers make money. Fortunately none of us are lwyers so how about half rent for September? I think that's pretty fair in all.
Me: After you rung me up after visiting the letting agency and shouted at me for telling them the issues, and then told me you'd only pay half. That's not fair at all - you wouldnt even let us in the house and the boiler was broken
. Him: I beg your pardon? I shouted at you? What and extraordinary idea i have been nothing but polite and helpful to you all. I suggest if we Are going down this route i will defer any payment til i seek advice. Me: Alright, I will also contact a solicitor and send the the photos of the house and the mice, the leak in the roof, the mould and damp damage, the boiler not being fixed, the illegal locks and the doctors note about *housemate* being sick from damp.
Him: How very dissapointing your attitude is, i will make your money available and you will im sure one day discover the cosy od alienating people who are well disposed to you for the sake of a few quid. And because you are in a rather legalistic lather i should point out that that is not a threat. Just an observation. And it really isnt about the money *findmealone*, I dont see why you should in bothering the shop though so if you mail me your account details I will make a transfer. Me: Thanks *landlord*, sorry is came to this. Will email you details.
Him: Well i appreciate the apology, its a start. I suggest you think about accepting the compromised amount (*NOTE: This is half rent for three weeks), it is a fair offer. Then we could put this behind us.
Me: It's fair to pay us for the time we couldnt get in the house. I thought it was not about the money? Sorry.

Him: On its not about the money, its your apology thats hollow without any compromise.
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This wasn't the worst service however, it did suck. I went to BK to get my Husband dinner on the way home. I order a double whopper with cheese large sized, with onion rings and a chocolate shake, a small chocolate shake on its own and an apple  juice.

After repeating myself, (not a big deal) he gets the order. we finally get to the window and rather then hi your total is xx.xx I get "xx.xx". Ok annoying, whatever however after I hand him my money I have change coming back. He is so into joking with his coworkers he sticks his hand out the window behind him. He doesn't bother to turn around a look at me as he is giving me my change, well after a minute or so of him standing there and just holding the change he turns and without a word hands it to me. I get the hubby's shake and wait. finally he comes over to the window and says they are out of onion rings, I asked if they could drop any (I worked at BK at one point it is possible to do) he says no they don't have any at all.  He asks if fries are all right (well yeah not like I have a choice.) so I get the bag of food, the apple juice and he tells me to have a good night. So I ask where my small shake is, he argues that I didn't order. When he looks at the screen he realizes I'm right so i finally get the shake and 7 minutes after pulling up to the window I get to leave. Not the worst service but really not that impressive.

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In celebration of the restoration of our lovely lovely comm, i bring you COPY PASTA! Originally posted over in customers_suck and now back where it belongs.

"I'm gonna be the first to took advantage of the nice miss kittylair's offer to allow BS posts to be placed here until things get fixed.

This is my update on my issues with a lying sales clerk yesterday at forever21. I'm not sure if editing my post over there will have any affect with the hacker so i'd just rather not take the chance

I went in this morning to the store to talk to the manager. I explained the situation to them, showed them the note i had taken yesterday that proves the store was indeed holding the dress for my sister. It turns out, the woman who had called my sister to tell her to come in to get the dress was the same woman i was currently talking to. She apologized and told me that the sales clerk would be written up for this and she would have to talk to the store manager to figure out what consequences would be doled out.

she also offered to call around and see if any area stores had the dress and to go pick it up for me herself. She also offered a discount. I thanked her and let her know that we had already gotten another dress from Macys and that we wouldn't need the forever21 dress anymore. i also let her know that as long as that employee was with the company, i would no longer shop at that store, nor would anyone else i know. (okay bluff because obviously i could come into the store and that employee be off for the day and i wouldnt know if she still works for the company or not but i just wanted to make very sure that i was completely unsatisfied with her and i would be unsatisfied with the store if the girl wasnt reprimanded.)

as far as i'm concerned, i got a perfectly reasonable and logical answer for the bad service i was given. I know a lot of stores would kiss the customer's ass while they are in the store and then forget about things after they leave but i feel like the manager was honestly sorry this all happened and was embarrassed at the crap service that occurred. I'm satisfied. =)"