December 8th, 2008

bucky FU

Good thing I'm not a bridezilla, or this could get ugly.

We're getting married on December 20th, for reference.

A few months ago we perused the Men's Warehouse website for a suitable suit. We found one, he printed out the information, and brought it to the local branch. They didn't carry the suit he had seen online or any like it (?) and attempted to upsell him an $800 suit. No thanks. We ordered it online, and received it relatively fast. Hooray! He dropped it off at the local Men's Warehouse to be altered, paid the fee ($40) and was told to pick it up the following Monday.

He went to pick it up this Saturday, which was about 3 weeks after he had initially dropped it off. They lost it. They kept asking whether someone else came to get it, and then once he told them that it was for his own wedding they actually decided to help him instead of scrambling around. They refused to have it overnighted and shipped directly to us and then pay for outside alterations, but they did rush order it and will do same-day alterations on the 13th.

I got on his case a little about not going to get it sooner, but he told me that they hold everything for 3 months before sending it back, so I don't know. I have a feeling that if he had just gone when they told him it would've been fine, but I still don't think that excuses their behavior either way.

Store Smelt Of Death

This isn't so much bad "service" as just... Gross.

At about 8:30PM I went to my village's convenience store of a well-known UK chain. I go there a LOT, have done for years, and have never had a problem.

Background: I currently have an evil cold of doom, so I can barely smell anything.

When I got into the store, I was overwhelmed in the entrance by the extremely strong smell of some kind of air freshener. That was pretty odd, considering my cold, and it was like the shop has been drowned in the stuff.

I walked to the back of the store (tiny store, so not far at all) and it smelt like... Feces, rotting and death. I kid you not. I have never smelt anything so foul (and my cat recently had diarrhea). It filled the entire back and middle of the store. I had to hold my breath to get my shopping done.

I saw the manager, who I know by name and said, "[So-and-so], there is a horrible smell back there!" and she just... Laughed.

Whilst the cashier abandoned her post and spray more air freshener all over the store, which made absolutely zero difference.

My God it was gross.

On the topic of service, just a little slow and irritating. I put my stuff down and the cashier just stared at me for a minute before actually scanning the items. Then when I went to pay by card, she just stood there.. And stood there... And then asked, "Any cash back?" Uhm, no. Then there were no bags so she tried to shove the receipt at me whilst I was desperately trying to balance everything in my arms.

Annoying, but nothing worth crying over or complaining about.