December 3rd, 2008


There is an art to emails, mkay?

I'm the chair of the environmental committee at my place of work. I love it, but it's a lot of work since we are horribly non-green. This is an exchange of emails I've had with one recycling company. The responses are just so . . . terse.  This is more a WTF/eyebrow raiser -- I'm not sitting in my office crying or anything.

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I just left her a phone message as well. If she calls/emails back and is super nice I'll chalk this up to her having a bad day and delete this post.

I know, I'm nitpicky with emails. I really hate how some professionals treat emails as an excuse to ignore grammar and polite convention. You do not know me. Use a salutation. Sign it with your name (EVEN if your signature has your name in it). Follow up in a timely manner. Capitalize and use commas. Actually read the emails (I asked for a price list, so obviously I'm not looking for service gratis). Hell, make sense. I don't get how "expanding our program" means "we can't give you service" even though you do recycling for schools.

Just got a call . . . but not from *other person*. It was another person, super sweet, outlined about 15 different programs the company provides for schools. She was already typing up an email for me that answered all of my questions. She told me that other person had decided to "pass me along."