November 30th, 2008

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I bought myself an electric toothbrush. Since my sonicare bit the dust 6 months ago, I've missed it and I love how around Christmas time the price falls dramatically (£39.99 instead of £99.99, woot!) so you don't feel nauseous at having spent so much money for a toothbrush. (note how this never seems to happen when buying shoes...)

It was bought from Argos, yesterday, by my ex and he came back here today to drop it off. Of course, as soon as I had the box I wanted to open, charge it up and brush tartar away! It was already partially charged. That's strange. I couldn't help thinking as I examined it, that it wasn't new in that case. The other side, green rubber, shows black marks. The ex suggests a display model and as I am about to answer that this might be the case I look at the top. You know, the pointy, futuristic, bit and notice the base, where the head attaches, has marks. The kind you get when you use the brush. Toothpaste & spittle rim. EW, ew, ewwwwwwwww. Unclean, unclean!!!

It seems pointless to return it. I can't go as I have an essay due tomorrow, and nary a word written, plus it's a bit mean to make the ex go back. With the price being so low, I don't envision these babies lasting until I get time to go to the store on Wednesday night. I decide that if I gently wipe it douse it in bleach it should be OK. I comment that they just gave it a new head and didn't bother to clean it, which sucked when I start playing around with that. Yeah the base of the head is dirty, the same kind of dirty and the bristles bent slightly. And we're back to my stomach turning and chanting unclean in the corner as I rub my hands vigorously.

I know it's only a bit of spit but eww, no, bad! I don't know how the person who took the return didn't notice this, I can only hope that it was the case and that they are not a) a grotty person or b)didn't give a rat's ass.


It's been taken back and a new, and shrink wrapped, one given in place. Huzzah. I do still think I might write to head office about this one, apparently, according to the person who returned it, they weren't apologetic/concerned/etc.

Now the problem lies that I can't find my adapter and toothbrushes always have 2 prong plugs. Oops!
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Bad service? In MY Comcast?!

We all know that Comcast is lousy in both actual service and customer service, and I've refrained from posting about my experience because it'd be beating a dead horse, but the little thing that happened yesterday just pushed me over the lj-posting precipice.

I was living in a campus apartment last year and had our cable and internet in my name. I moved rooms after the first trimester and contacted Comcast to try to get the service switched to my former roommate's name. They told me they'd send me an e-mail with the form to do it, I could fill it out, mail it in ,and it'd be done.

6 months after the fact with a call to Comcast CS every two weeks where they'd promise to send out the e-mail immediately (but never did), my mother was told at a Comcast service center that they "haven't done the e-mail thing in over a year." And no, they couldn't mail the form, it had to be done in-center. So, my very ex-roommate and I went the next week to the service center to get it straightened out.... and the service center had disappeared.

Finally, we gave up, since she was good about giving me the money she owed, and I continued to pay the bill until ex-roomie moved out in June, when I canceled the service. Frustrating? Sure.

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from Comcast with an attachment that claimed it was a change-of-account-holder form.


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So, my friends, Wesley and Eric, and I are hungry at, like, 8:30-8:45ish. We agree on BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings, in case you don't know). We head over to the one near my house. We leave the house between then and 9, and it can't be more than 15 minutes away. We arrive at BW3, and when we head in, we're told we should seat ourselves. As we walked in, I noticed that closing time is Midnight, because we were out rather late and weren't sure that places would be open. We order our drinks and our food, and after recieving our drinks, we have to wait a long while for our food. We're getting hungry, but not really annoyed, and we don't blame it on our waiter, who's been perfectly nice. However, after waiting for, like, 20 minutes, we still don't have our food, and there couldn't be more than 5 other groups at the place. The waiter finally comes and tells us that when you order the flatbread, it takes, like, 20 minutes to cook.

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Bus Bad Service

So, due to my car being in the shop (which is a totally different bad service), I had to take a bus home for Thanksgiving Break. The bus for going from Syracuse to Binghamton was an hour late, so I almost got screwed out of getting home. That wasn’t that big of a deal because I did manage to get home. However, on the return trip, we’re waiting at the bus stop, and 25 minutes late, the bus pulls up on the opposite side of the street. My mother runs over to see if it’s the bus to Binghamton, and it is. My dad runs across the road and I wait for 4 cars to pass and then I jogged across the road because my shoes do have any grip to them for the terrible weather we’re dealing with. Here’s where the bad service starts. The bus driver starts reading me the riot act for not running across the road and how if we’re late and don’t miss the connection, then it’s my fault. He yells at me for a good 5 minutes before I start to talk to another passenger and ignore him. Then we hit a town about 10 minutes away, and there was an accident and the highway was closed. He started trying to figure out how to get around, making calls, and in between, telling me about how this is my fault and if he was just two minutes ahead then it wouldn’t have been a problem, and this is why I need to run to meet buses, etc. I’d like to point out AGAIN that he was 25 minutes late. And my waiting for traffic because I didn’t want to get hit by a car for maybe a minute equaled the entire bus ride being delayed being my fault. Even after I started to cry because he was making me feel so awful, he continued to yell at me for it. I feel like I should send a letter to the company or something.

Oh, side note? My connection from Binghamton to Syracuse was 5 hours late.