November 27th, 2008

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I went to Dayton for a business trip. I ate at a local restaurant and my bill came out to $15.15. The waitress assumed since I didn't leave the correct change and since I left $20, that I didn't want any change and that she was entitled to everything over. It's very possible that people don't have correct change on them. Leaps of logic (or lack thereof) FTL.

Unbelievable Arrogance!

This is a slightly older rant, but it still sticks in my craw.

So, I’d almost run out of my blood pressure medication and when I called to make an appointment, found out my doctor was on holidays. Now, I’ve been taking the same medication for several years and have been dealing with a particular pharmacy – LD,  at a particular location for about 12 years, BUT, it was not the only pharmacy I use. I also use one at my local grocery store if that happens to be more convenient, or another pharmacy nearer where I currently work.

I called the LD Pharmacy to see if they could advance me one weeks worth of my bp medication. The pharmacist has discretion on these matters and is allowed to advance medication should s/he see fit. When I identified myself, I was put on hold then the pharmacist came back on the line and coldly replied, “you need to see your doctor to get a prescription.” I explained that my doctor was on holidays, her office was closed and I couldn't see her until she returned from vacation.

“You need to see your doctor,” she insisted. Now, it’s not like I can get stoned on my medication, and I have no earthly idea what anyone would do with it if they got it from me doing a booming business selling it on the street for 5 cents a pill. I explained to her that I’ve been on exactly the same prescription for a long time and it’s important that I take it on a daily basis.

The pharmacist said, “It doesn’t look to me like you care if you take it regularly or not. There are huge gaps in your purchases. I don’t really think it matters to you if you go a week without your medication or not. You obviously don’t care. So, no, we won’t be advancing any of your medication to you without your doctor’s prescription.”

Now, I was thinking, WTF?????? Then I realized, this bonehead thought I don’t take my meds regularly because I don’t always buy it from LD Pharmacy! At this point I stopped being polite – because I was LIVID – and, boy, if I ever needed my bp medication, it was then. LOL!

I said, “I don’t know who you think you are, but your attitude stinks! Are you really that arrogant? The reason you’re seeing gaps in my purchases of my medication is because I don’t ALWAYS buy it from LD Pharmacy. Sometimes I get it at my grocery store and sometimes somewhere else.  I want to speak to the manager!”

The moron then proceeded to hang up on me. I called back and finally reached the pharmacy manager, explaining what had just happened. He was very nice and helpful and apologised for the moron’s behaviour. He said he knew I’ve been a customer there for years and of course they’d advance me the medication.

The best part? The moron no longer works there. I don’t know if she quit or was canned. Frankly, I don’t care.

Edited to clarify
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About a month ago my boyfriend bought me an early Christmas present of an eyeshadow set. It had been £30 but the store it was from had it on offer at half price so he ordered it before the price went back up.

Well, Home Delivery Network left a card saying they'd tried to deliver it. I checked the back of the card and it said that the box was on our 'back porch'. Which is odd, because we don't have a back porch. We have a concrete patio. That isn't covered. Well, it had been thrown over our 7ft fence onto said patio, where it was out in the rain. Luckily it wasn't damaged as it was packaged well, but I was livid so I wrote to the company he bought it from about it (although it was not their fault and I stated that I knew so in my letter), and HDN.

Two days later I got a phone call from a lovely man at the company who could not believe what the delivery driver had done and was apologising profusely, he said "keep the one you've got, and I'll send you another one". He also said that they would pass on their own complaint to HDN because it was "ridiculous behaviour".

I haven't heard back from HDN, but I have since had another package delivered by them treated in the same way. So I will be writing again.
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Big Lots fail

So me and my girlfriend are pretty poor college students (we're scraping pennies to pay tuition alone...) so we wanted a cheap Christmas tree. We have no car and the closest retail store is Big Lots. We go there and the cheapest six footer is $30, so we buy it. The box looks like it's been opened then taped shut, but it was the last one so we risked it. I haul the huge box nearly two miles home in hot Los Angeles weather.

We were going to set it up today.... and we were pretty shocked. The tree was advertised to come with lights. No lights at all. On the instructions there were three pieces to assemble. THERE WERE ONLY TWO PIECES IN THE BOX.

So, this means that:
-someone else bought this tree and returned it for the same reasons
-Big Lots taped it up and put it back on the shelf anyways

Okay, seriously... I know it's just Big Lots so I can't expect much, but really? It ruined our corny Christmas-y plans for this evening since we couldn't return it because the store was closed. And seriously, the fact that they taped it up and resold it disgusts me. Not to mention I get to haul it back there again.
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